European Country Is Paying Foreign Mercenaries to Fight Russians in Ukraine

Ex-SAS and British paras are signing up

Editor’s note: Paying PMCs to shoot at Russians, that’s called a war, right?

A crack team of SAS veterans is joining Ukraine’s bloody fight against the Russian invasion, the Daily Mirror can reveal.

Retired UK special forces soldiers have volunteered for missions deep inside Ukraine to back up the country’s defence.

It is believed ex-Paratroopers may at some point join the special forces teams in Ukraine, along with other UK military specialists.

The veterans, aged between 40 and 60, have had meetings to discuss signing up for the dangerous mission, backing up Ukrainians in combat.

Key to their operation is among them there are highly-trained snipers and experts in the use of anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles.

Snipers will also help in taking out Russian forward air spotters and Moscow’s special forces who are guiding in airstrikes on troops and local communities.

It is believed the operation is not being paid for by the British government but will be funded by a country in Europe, still to be named, via a private military company.

The plan is a way of backing Ukraine militarily but without officially sending serving troops into battle against Vladimir Putin ’s forces.

More than a dozen of the veterans have already arrived in Ukraine and another dozen will travel there this week.

Among them are warrant officers, sergeants and corporals who have fought all over the world but no Army officers have signed up yet.

Lithuania, is it you?

It follows Ukraine’s President Zelensky announcing an international call to arms for people to go to Ukraine and help defend his homeland.

So far, according to official Ukrainian figures, his troops have killed 5,300 Russian troops in ferocious battles for cities throughout the country.

The ex-SAS team have fought all over Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere globally.

One ex-SAS man told the Daily Mirror: “This has had to happen very quickly as the situation in Ukraine is now desperate and they need urgent help.

“A lot of ex-parachute regiment colleagues are also very keen to go. Many people are very keen to go and it has had to be organised very quickly.

“It is legal as none of the men going out are still serving and Ukraine has invited people to go in and help the fight militarily.

“It means some of the most experienced veterans in the world will assist Ukraine and link up with Ukraine’s force headquarters.

“And we do know that Putin has a great deal of respect of the SAS.”

Sources confirmed all of the SAS veterans heading for Ukraine are experts in the use of Javelin and Stinger missiles.

President Zelensky appealed to people to help his country take up arms on social media.

He said: “The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is addressing all citizens of the world, friends of Ukraine, peace and democracy.

“Anyone who wants to join the defence of Ukraine, Europe and the world can come.”

Source: The Daily Mirror

  1. ken says

    “Sources confirmed all of the SAS veterans heading for Ukraine are experts in the use of Javelin and Stinger missiles.”

    What sources? Be pretty poor examples of SAS if they weren’t!

    “So far, according to official Ukrainian figures, his troops have killed 5,300 Russian troops” Most alleged Russians I have seen so far in pics is about 12.

    Those Ruskies must be seriously poorly trained and equipped! Did Putin give them guns?

    “The veterans, aged between 40 and 60, have had meetings to discuss signing up”

    Discussions? 60 years old!

    “More than a dozen of the veterans have already arrived in Ukraine and another dozen will travel there this week.”

    Russians are probably already running for Russia in fear of those Grandpa’s.

    I don’t know what the Daily Mirror considers ‘reporting’ but I have seen better from 5th grade school reporters.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      But…But… According to my unnamed sources, the Russian Army is defeated & the Ukrainian Flag is flying on to of the Kremlin in Moscow ??

      1. BNAI BRITH says

        Ask yourself why the Ukraine brouhaha is happening NOW??? (it was always slated for late 2024-5)
        How about the judge ordering all Big Pharmas being order by the courts to REVEAL the VAX contents by summer 2022?? They applied to keep it sealed for 75 yrs and Judge said NOPE! so Bingo!
        big War distraction and Covid is a distant memory
        Oddly, like before 911, JEWS are fleeing NYC. They are ready to set off a “dirty bomb” FF in the subway or heavy traffick area to coincide with PURIM and “justify” an attack on Russia- blaming this false flag on Putin to get The Big War started. Freemasonic “The Plan” has always included USSR-USA cancelling each other out. Recall, Russia- USA- EU must be eliminated from the intl scene so ISRAEL will be top global superpower, using CHINA as its next slush fund / footstool to replace America. Then they’ll unveil their EVILgelical AntiChrist Messiah who saves the world (whats left of it).
        Get ready! Any time from March 15 to April 5 is PRIME TIME.

    2. Geraldo says

      they will **** their pants when the Chechen head hunters turn up.

    3. Robespierre says

      The Russian army has bearely been in Ukriane. The mass of the fighting is done by Ukrainian born, Russian speaking, ethnic Russians from Lugansl and Donestk. They never wanted to be part of the pro Bandera Poroshenko regime installed by USA in 2014. They were promised a political referendum and this was never implemented. Then the Ukrainian’s set the Asov Ultra Nationalist Battalion against them – shelling their towns and cities. The Asov battalion were formed from basis of an Ultra Nationalist football gang (Ultras) and are blatantly Neo-Fascist (hate all non-Ukrainian speaking Ukrainians). The West goes on about its liberal values being defended in Ukraine – that is total BS, Ukraine is a wildly corrupt, politically repressive, autocratic dictatorship ( all opposition is banned, all media state controlled), that has engaged in ethnic cleansing since 2014.

  2. jim says

    So until Putin does what he promised the planet a few weeks ago and attacks uk and the leadership there he has no right to whine. It is getting to the point that Putin is looking like a masocist and is enjoying his losses.Putin promised to target the leadership. And so far has REFUSED to do that. Heres what happens then. Putin is guilty of deriliction of duty.

    1. Eddy says

      Sounds to me, like your counting your chickens before the eggs have hatched. It’s not over, until the Fat Lady sings mate.

    1. Eddy says

      Dontcha just LOVE that Western freedom and democracy ???? L.O.L.

  3. ty ty says

    ISIS, Nazi’s, and Brit Suicide mission

  4. XSFRGR says

    Having done Merc. Work in Africa I can’t fault these guys, but they need to understand that if they are killed their bodies will be left to rot, and if they are maimed they will have to live with it (or not). Either way their employer wont give a shit.

    1. Phuck Phidel says

      I’m doubting that any Tier 1 trooper, past or present would sign up for this kind of fool’s errand. More disinformation from Ze and Co.

  5. Eyes of Horus says

    It was reported in other sources that Putin hired 4000 mercenaries to come in to kill Zelinsky. Could this hiring be to counter Putin’s mercenaries?

    1. Geraldo says

      Chechen hunter squads are looking for war criminals for trial

  6. Chinook says

    The US and NATO should give Russia a binding written guarantee that its security won’t be violated and the war will end. But the US and NATO won’t.

  7. Geraldo says

    let them come they will all die or abandon their posts when they realise they will be fighting for or with suicidal Nazi vermin.

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