Europe-From-Lisbon-to-Vladivostok Man Says Russia Is a Distinct Civilization

Confident words! Now we just need a little real confidence

Putin, who once called for a Europe from Lisbon on the Atlantic to Vladivostok on the Pacific, now says Russia is a distinct civilization, ie distinct from the West and Europe:

President Vladimir Putin has compared his multi-ethnic and multi-faith nation to an entire civilization, saying that if Russia is to maintain its independent status, it has to develop its own cutting-edge technologies.

In an interview that aired on Sunday, Putin told the Rossiya-1 channel that Russia was “more than merely a country, but truly a distinct civilization.” Being “a multi-ethnic country with many traditions, cultures and faiths,” the nation has to maintain its status and power by nurturing modern tech, he said.

The interview was recorded in late September, but has only now been made public. It focused on Russia’s need to lead the research into technologies such as artificial intelligence and advanced genetics to maintain a competitive edge and defend its independence.

Those are confident-sounding words. Too bad there was not more of that confidence on display during the coronavirus spook when it instead fell on Lukashenko’s Belarus to show what this distinct (East) Slavic/Orthodox/Eastern civilization was all about:

Meanwhile under Civilization Man:




  1. cechas vodobenikov says

    Russian scientists have produced more than 25% of all published studies….Heiddigger observed that “it is not Russianism that will destroy Europe, but amerikanism…” that he described as “putrefaction”…of course Putin is correct…”in our arrogance we are European; in our acts and development we are Asian”. A Chekov

  2. Josep says

    ie distinct from the West and Europe

    Found this comment somewhere:

    Some words have undergone changes in definition. Regardless, “the West” isn’t synonymous with “Europe”.

    Of course Russia is a European nation, which competes in the European zone of major athletic competitions – UEFA et al. Where’s the movement in Russia to changeover to Asia?

    Historical disagreements aside, are Russians more closely related to Poles or Chinese?

    Upon further follow-up questioning, Russians en masse are more likely to reasonably believe that Europeans have different characteristics among themselves – Russians included in this continent grouping.

    All these points aren’t intended to dispute the geographical Eurasian predicament of Russia.

    Make of it what you will.

  3. bob says

    Yes,suck it up folks thats Russia,authoritarian Putin Russia for you,imposing covid lockdown,even though Putin like to describe it as ‘ none working’ or some such Orwellian drivel,not that he seems to even care much,he’s obviously far to important to bother with covid,nooooo,he’d rather be bombing innocent Syrian civilians out of their homes,yup, that’s far more exciting for Vlad,you know killing civilians, who he likes to call terrorists, and spitting it back into the face of the west,waaaay to go Vlad,what a hero!

    I’d like to think those video images would disabuse some who visit this site of the marvels of the Putin system,but it won’t,unfortunately they’ll still think Putin is great and that this site has lost the plot,no for once this site is just been honest,that modern Russia under Putin is just another failing authoritarian regime working itself slowly but surely into oblivion

    Its sad that so many look to Putin,he’s nothing but a jumped up former ‘B’ grade KGB officer who came to power under very suspicious circumstances,remember the Moscow bombings in 1999??

    1. Jozo Magoc says

      This looks like CIA/ MOSSAD indoctrinated fool!

      1. cechas vodobenikov says

        u give her too much credit

      2. bob says

        …as opposed to what exactly?????

        Useful idiots of the Kremlin type

        You people need to wake up

    2. Jamie Tran says

      You are watching too much Fox News.

      1. bob says

        Jamie your obviously twelve

  4. Udo Bauer says

    There is nothing difficult here. Vlad is simply declaring that Russia can no longer use any Western product of any kind, in particular Western totalitarian tech and apps and meds, and must have its own of everything due to sanctions and Russophobia and the West’s persecution of Orthodoxy and the weaponization of biowarfare. Yes, there once was a vision of Vladivostock to Lisbon. It’s long dead. They know theyre on their own now, with some Far East help. That’s not his fault Marko. One can move there and be a Russian but otherwise those paying attention to latest announcements know they are sealing themselves off now from the West progressively in every way. They’re done with all Western BS.

    1. Josep says

      Yes, there once was a vision of Vladivostock to Lisbon. It’s long dead.

      How different do you suppose it’d be if Europe decoupled itself from the USA and NATO?

    2. bob says

      Well vlad can go and try and make his own Russian stuff,i hope it doesn’t turn out like all that other stuff the Soviet made,you know thats the stuff left rusting and rotting all over Russia

      Good let Russia cut itself off,it’ll end up like North Korea,what a dump,full of stupid people

      1. Jamie Tran says

        Calling someone else stupid to deflect one’s own stupidity is called “projecting”. Trump uses it a lot.

        1. cechas vodobenikov says

          “the functional illiteracy and ignorance of amerikans has made us an international joke”. Morris Berman

      2. cechas vodobenikov says

        sure Homer…DPRK=99% literacy
        u duraks—69% US university graduates not English proficient (US Dept of Education)

        1. bob says

          USA biggest economy in the world

          DPRK?????? =Basket case


    3. Digby says

      Just to be sure we’re not putting words in Putin’s mouth, does the original RT article make any single mention of the Western war against Russia as a deciding factor?

    4. joey n says

      I believe it’s been said many times before by other people around here, but much of Europe is occupied by the USA and NATO, and their foreign policies as a result are in lockstep with that of the USA.

      Not that you’re wrong or anything, but would it change a thing if Europe decoupled itself from the Anglo-American axis (USA and Britain) and NATO and had its own independent foreign policy? After all, it is said that Britain started WWI in order to prevent an economic alliance between Germany and Russia.

      And if Russia were to seal itself off from the West, then what would become of projects like Nord Stream II, which the USA is trying to sabotage?

      Peter the Great was said to have borrowed a lot of elements from Europe, such as western-style Arabic numerals. He even drew inspiration from Latin letters and contributed to standard Cyrillic letters looking like they do today (e.g. the Cyrillic letter Я resembling Latin letter R). Various literary works from Europe even made their way to Russia and are still read there today. Will these be affected in the event that Russia seals itself off from the West?

      Of course, I could be conflating ‘Europe’ with ‘the West’, but the questions remain.

  5. Tom Verso says

    The great world historian and classical scholar Arnold J Toynbee is magnum opus 12 volume “A Study of History” posited in vol I published in 1934, that there was a clear documentable factual (not ideological) historical distinction between what he called “Western Civilization” and “Orthodox Christian Civilization”. Both were outgrowths of the collapsed Hellenic (Greco-Roman) Civilizations circa 500 AD.

    In his 1972 revision of “A Study” he reclassified, based on newly emerging data, breaking out Russia from the more general Orthodox Civilization; treating Russia as a distinct civilization beginning circa 1000 AD. In this revised classification, Belarus would be part of the Orthodox Civilization distinct from Russia.

    Note: For Toynbee the word “Civilization” was not an ideological term. It was empirical, in that it denoted complex multinational societies which had distinguishing factual characteristics from other multinational Civilizations.

  6. Adreng says

    Putin is confident, but, unlike Lukashenko, he is not an idiot.

    After the reckless mass gatherings, the number of COVID-19 infections in Belarus is increasing rapidly.

    Sweden, the ideal of anti-empire writers, has been on the top of COVID-19 deaths per population in the past week.

    In the beginning, I had the impression that anti-empire is a serious anti-imperialist site. But it seems they have completely lost their senses. Now, they are almost exclusively writing about evidence-free fringe theories about how harmless COVID-19 allegedly is and how the US, Russia, China, the EU, Israel, and Iran all harmoniously work together in deceiving their populations in saying it is not harmless.

    I suppose only a very small part of the original readership of anti-empire is interested in such nonsense. It is sad that a project that seemed interesting has been ruined this way.

    1. glib1 says

      With the repo crisis unraveling the western economic system, the Gods decided that it was time to send down to Earth a terrible pandemic, so terrible that 0.005% of the world population has died from it. We have to submit to our elites, because they are backed directly by God.

    2. bob says

      I’m afraid you’re wrong

      The vast majority of sites like this perpetuate this kind so called nonsense

      If you want the premium stuff though,just go to RT International,especially their web platform,its absolutely full of anti western BS propaganda

      You wouldn’t know Russia currently has the second highest covid infection rate with nearly 300 thousand by going to RT International,but Putin said everything was under control,so not to worry!

      It baffles me why so called anti imperialist come to sites like this,sites who promote the Kremlin perspective,which certainly isn’t anti imperialism its pro kremlin propaganda

      1. Udo Bauer says

        Russia’s “infection rate” is the product of the world’s most massive honest testing. This has allowed a nationwide monitoring and treatment of all the infected, which in turn has produced by far the lowest death rate per infection of northern countries. It also recognizes that Covid was widespread before January. It neither denies deaths (Belarus) nor fakes and overcounts them (most of West). But you can stay loyal to the West at your leisure; you’ll get your reward soon.

        1. Jamie Tran says

          Thanks for your accurate assessment. A lot of people have thrown dispassionate reason out the window with evil empire propaganda coming out of the US. They have to prop up those military budgets, I guess.

        2. bob says

          The death rate is a lie,trust me I’ve watched the kremlin all my life,and thats what they do,lie!

          Honestly,honesty isn’t something one should use in the same sentence when discussing the Russian state,its built on lies,cheating and despotic autocratic and authoritarian rule,that it,that’s Russia,in a nut shell,a terrible place run by terrible people,so terrible they even had to call one of those despots terrible,😂😂😂😂😂

          But it’s not the death rate which bothers me,no its the relentlessly negative reporting from propaganda outfits like RT International that pumps out this smug,’oh we don’t have a covid problem,because we’re actually Russians’,yeah alright I’ll get on my knees because not only are Russians superior at lying,they also saved us from the Nazis,even though they started the second world war by invading and petitioning eastern Europe,but now they’ve shown their superiority at beating covid,even though all the honest reporting coming out of Russia demonstrates the same useless abilities as those in the west,but no,lets not discuss that,because we’re talking about mighty Russia!

          talk about a sense of the indispensable nation, yup Russia,it saves the world 😴😴😴😴😴

          Yeah,I’ll get me coat! Because i can’t stand talking with pro kremlin cretins

          1. Jamie Tran says

            Bye, Bob.

            1. bob says

              Oh dear the Putin fan club is in town and don’t ya just hate it when you get the truth!

            2. cechas vodobenikov says

              “amerikans are ignorant and unteachable”. George Santayana
              obviously u r amerikan….CIA….

            3. bob says

              Says the person incapable of spelling American correctly !

          2. cechas vodobenikov says

            excellent projection Betty…CIA
            “amerikans cannot think except by means of slogans—they identify garbage as quality. the stupidity and ignorance of ameriakans has long been a topic of hilarity in Europe”. Paul Fussell

            1. bob says

              Obviously from your replies its you my friend who can’t think as you seem incapable of doing so unless by quoting from some else 😂😂😂😂

    3. cechas vodobenikov says

      the exaggerated emphasis on c19 that pervades anti empire coverage lends credence to your argument

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