EU Threatens Action vs Hungary for Banning Globalist-Backed LGBTTQQIAAP Ideology From Children’s Materials

Western states and institutions sponsor LGBTTQQIAAP ideology (including across borders) but the Hungarian state is not allowed to erect barriers?

Why should children be educated by the state (the EU and foreign states in this case) and not the parents??

The European Union’s chief executive on Wednesday threatened legal action against Hungary for legislation that restricts young people’s access to information about LGBTQ issues.

Last week, the Hungarian parliament approved the controversial bill, which has to be signed by the president to take effect.

“This Hungarian bill is a shame,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in a news conference.

“This bill clearly discriminates against people based on their sexual orientation. It goes against the fundamental values of the European Union: human dignity, equality and respect for human rights,” von der Leyen said. “I will use all the powers of the Commission to ensure that the rights of all EU citizens are guaranteed. Whoever they are and wherever they live within the European Union.”

What has Hungary said about the bill?

Hungary’s right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview with German news agency dpa that the bill was aimed at protecting children.

On Tuesday, Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said the law would allow “parents to educate their kids regarding sexual orientation until the age of 18.”

“This law does not say anything regarding [the] sexual orientation of adults,” he said.

Orban, speaking to dpa, argued that Hungary was in fact a safe country for the LGBTQ community nowadays.

“In communist Hungary, homosexual people were persecuted. Today the state not only guarantees the rights of homosexuals but actively protects them,” Orban said.

On the other hand, critics of the bill say it conflates pedophilia with non-heterosexuality, fearing that its vague wording can be used to persecute members of the LGBTQ community.

What has been the reaction?

The issue surrounding the Hungarian law has courted particular attention in the past day owing to the Euro 2020 football competition.

Europe’s football governing body, UEFA, denied a request by Munich to light its stadium in LGBTQ rainbow colors for the Germany-Hungary Euro 2020 match on Wednesday.

However, several stadiums around Germany will be illuminated in rainbow colors in protest of the Hungarian law and UEFA’s decision. 

A joint statement initiated by Belgium and signed by 14 EU member states, including Germany, France, Spain and Italy, voiced “grave concern” at the law.

“Stigmatizing LGBTIQ persons constitutes a clear breach of their fundamental right to dignity, as provided for in the EU Charter and international law,” the statement read.

Source: Deutsche Welle

  1. Juan says

    The right of homosexuals to proselitize their lifestyles trumps children’s and families’ rights. How is this so hard to understand? /s

    1. Terry G says

      It is just like blacks right to ‘proselitize’ about equality. Nobody is forcing you to be black or gay. Knowledge is good.

  2. ken says

    Look at all those sicko’s!

    “Stigmatizing LGBTIQ persons constitutes a clear breach of their fundamental right to dignity,…”

    Popping someones rear doesn’t sound to dignified to me but hey,,, doesn’t matter if its moral, right or wrong,,, it’s LEGAL! and now dignified!

    Just like it’s legal to bomb nations into the stone age.
    Just like it’s legal to kill babies in the womb.
    Just like it’s legal to lockdown nations.
    Just like it’s legal to force vaccinate.
    Just like it’s legal to mutilate children that have been convinced to be a different sex.

    For sure the inmates run the asylum.

    1. Terry G says

      Just like it’s legal to love who you wish.
      Just like it’s legal to live your free from discrimination.
      Just like it’s legal to express who you are.
      Just like it’s legal to inform children about the realities of life.

      All these freedoms make life better for all.

  3. XSFRGR says

    A few years ago I was at a gun show in Houston, Texas. In the close environment I was standing near a father, and his young daughter as they talked. The conversation went something like this:

    Daughter, “Can I have a tattoo?”

    Dad, “Not until you become an adult, and then you can do what you like.”

    Daughter, “CAN I BE GAY ?”

    Dad, somewhat is shock, “Why would you want to be gay?”

    Daughter, “BECAUSE GAY IS COOL !”

    Gay propaganda works, and it’s constantly spread by the state, politicians, and schools. Hungary is right in banning gay propaganda because GAY IS ABSOLUTELY NOT “COOL”.

    1. Terry G says

      You would rather it was considered bad to be gay…. Why would you want that given it is predetermined and not chosen ? That child cannot become gay, she will just respect those people that are.

      1. Zhonghua says

        You fag lovers make me sick, keep shoving this disgusting garbage in our faces make people like me despise it even more! Homosexuality is a mental disorder and people like you that go out of their way to defend and normalize it are even worse!

        1. Terry G says

          Gays don’t have a problem…………….. you do.

  4. speciem libertatis says

    sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed for a whole lot less of what they are doing now with this mental disease called LGBTIQFH

    1. Terry G says

      The ‘mental disease’ is hating on your fellow man.

  5. Terry G says

    ”EU Threatens Action vs Hungary for Banning Globalist-Backed LGBTTQQIAAP Ideology From Children’s Materials”
    Your Nazi slip is showing. There is nothing wrong in informing young people about the presence of, and about the lives of gays. Our media, and daily lives are full of reference to gay life, it is only natural to inform children about it in a factual way. We might even avoid a few suicides and a lot of bullying by informing children.

  6. Terry G says

    Pantomime for children;

    Pantomime for children;

    How the far-right can use hate to turn our lives upside down. Its behind you!

    1. camael says

      Hope a Bestiality movies and life shows, will be also available from kindergarten.

  7. Terry G says

    Hungary, is totally US controlled, via their far right-links back to the US. Why do you think they spend all their time attacking the EU?
    You think Steve Bannon created ‘The movement’ alone? Of course it I CIA backed, do you think the US don’t fund all Nazi parties in Europe? The CIA have been backing far-right parties as a means of imperial control for 60 years. From Guatemala to the Ukraine. 

  8. Oilman says

    Congrats Hungary! Protect your children against the LBGTQBVWAYUIOLMV movements.

    1. Studio 54 says

      Protect your children from what…… Information about your friends & family ?

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