EU Seeks to Bribe Belarusians With €3 Billion Promise If They Topple Europe’s Most Liberal Leader

Ursula von der Leyen with an irresistible offer — embrace tyranny, and get a €3 Billion loan


Belarus, May 9th, 2020

EU chief Ursula von der Leyen on Friday warned Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko “it is time to change course” as her executive held out the promise of a three-billion-euro support package if he leaves power.

The European Commission president said the EU’s message was twofold: one of support to the Belarusian people — and a warning to Lukashenko.

“No amount of repression, brutality or coercion will bring any legitimacy to your authoritarian regime. So far, you have blatantly ignored the democratic choice of the Belarusian people. It is time to change course,” she said. [Big words for an unelected lockdown fascist.]

“When — and we believe it is a case of when, not if — Belarus starts its peaceful democratic transition, the EU will be there to accompany it.”

A commission spokeswoman said von der Leyen had written to Belarus’s opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and other opposition figures “expressing her respect and admiration for the courage and strength of the people of Belarus.”

“The president conveyed the EU stands ready to engage in all possible ways to accompany a peaceful democratic transition in Belarus, and outlined in her letter the EU’s comprehensive plan of economic support to a democratic Belarus of up to three billion euros ($3.7 billion),” spokeswoman Ana Pisonero said.

The announced investment package is a mix of grants and loans aimed at helping “a future, democratic Belarus to stabilize its economy, reform its institutions to make them more democratic and support economic reforms that increase the country’s resilience, growth potential and job creation.”

“The EU will activate this plan once Belarus embarks on a democratic transition,” Pisonero said.

Source: The Moscow Times

  1. ken says

    A democratic Belarus…. roflmao.

    Those poor folks in Belarus,,, missing out on all the lockdowns and idiotic mandates. In democratic Britain you get cited for shaking hands! Arrested for hugging,,, walking in the park. It’s so free that a million ‘free’ people in London just protested all those freedoms! And their ‘free’ press never mentioned it.

    Yessiree,,, freedom for sure!

    So, Belarus,,, I would be very careful taking any bribe for any Western nation.

    And the Moscow Times sounds like a CNN spin off.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Yupp.. Belarus is in dire need of gay marriage, LGBTQRXYZ & of course transgenderism to be the new normal …I feel so sorry, for Belorussian people missing on that ?

  2. GMC says

    Yep, all those ” Democratic” loans, grants and incentives, did wonders for those Ukies – didn’t it. Millions left the country because of all that democratic money , that the democratic Kyiv Government put in their own pockets.

  3. jimbogoofball says

    Hows that little puke they grabbed from the plane last week? Hope he is in a 2×4 foot cold cell alone. Hopefully the temperature in the cell is around + 1 centigrade. With extremely loud pounding rap 24/7. Hope he like it there. Hopefully he dies in there after a few months. POS.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Let just say, that even I wouldn’t wish my enemies to be in his shoes now …

      1. jimbogoofball says

        I made an exception for this POS. I hope he is already in hell. Waiting to get to the real hell after he finally dies here. And I hope that does not take too long.

        1. Mr Reynard says

          Nahh.. Too quick ? Make it last, & let him speak as well to his “freedom fighting mates” how Luka is treating him ?
          “Pour encourager les autres”?

  4. kkk says

    EU is a one big shit hole

  5. Juan says

    I’d risk living under “dictator” Lukashenko any time, over being under the totalitarian liberticidal boot of “democratic” eurocraps.

    1. jimbogoofball says

      I think I will email Mister Lukashenko and ask for citizenship there. I would love to join his country. They could hire me to do jobs like rooting out that little puke they arrested last week. It would be such an honor to be involved in taking out sht like him. I would work for free to do that job for Lukashenko.

  6. Mark says

    The EU doesn’t believe any of the democracy hand-jive – when it wants something these days, it just buys it, the way it issued a multi-billion ‘loan’ to Ecuador so its new leader would cough up Julian Assange. Works a treat, because you don’t have to pay the locals any more than they were already used to working for, and in a couple of years the big corporations own everything while the people can never pay back their loans. Then it’s time to ask the government if maybe it wouldn’t like to host a US Patriot missile battalion…

  7. Ronnie says

    Two Panadol for the ladies headache.

  8. Philippe CLAUDE says

    EU knows how to bribe. It’s part of it’s “culture” including arrogance & stupidity.
    Just watch EU’boss, Ursula smtg, she is the perfect example of this failure.

  9. yuri says

    Moscow times=CIA funded
    did not mention that van lay-ed bent over for trump–now the senile veggie Biden

  10. PJ London says

    Lucky Belarus, they can be as prosperous as Ukraine and maybe Greece as united as Belgium and Britain and as happy as the Cypriots who are now impoverished by EU stealing the money from the banks.

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