EU Parliament Votes for Sanctions vs Poland, Hungary as They Deal With 1.5 Million Refugees

The European Union has decided to impose economic sanctions on its two member states, Poland and Hungary, even as the two countries deal with the influx of over 1.5 Million Ukrainian refugees in the last 2 weeks. European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of these sanctions on Poland and Hungary in the middle of the unfolding humanitarian crisis.

In a press release, European Parliament stated that it was high time for the Commission to protect the EU budget from violations of rule of law. It also mentions that EU funds must be protected from countries that undermine the EU’s “liberal democratic values”. As per European Union laws introduced in January 2021, EU member countries that bend the rule of law are not eligible to receive funds from the EU.

478 MEP (Members of European Parliament) voted in favour of these sanctions, while 155 voted against.

“EU laws are above national laws, even above the constitution of respective member states”

In October 2021, Poland’s top court had rejected the supremacy of EU laws over some judicial matters. A constitutional tribunal in Poland had stated that some EU treaty articles were incompatible with Poland’s constitution.

The European Commission had taken major objection to the Poland top court’s ruling and had stated, “EU law has primacy over national law, including constitutional provisions. All rulings by the European Court of Justice are binding on all member states’ authorities, including national courts.”

As per European Union, Poland and Hungary are not respecting these common EU laws, and are accused of curbing the freedom of courts, media and academics. In addition, they are accused of depriving LGBTQ+ people and migrants of their rights. The two countries had appealed against these European laws in the European Court of Justice but their plea was dismissed in February earlier this year.

With Billions of Euros at stake, this decision is bad news for both Poland and Hungary, particularly for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban who faces an election next month.

While the timing of this decision is just a coincidence, since the process was in the works since last year, still the decision to rob these countries of funds in the middle of a refugee crisis has been met with widespread derision. During the ongoing war in Ukraine, Poland has taken close to 1.5 million refugees, while Hungary has received nearly a quarter of a million refugees.

Source: Opindia

Notes From Poland:

The European Parliament has, by a large majority, adopted a resolution calling on the European Commission to begin action to withhold funds from member states that fail to respect the rule of law. The document names Hungary and Poland as particular violators.

The resolution was condemned by Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, which unsuccessfully proposed an amendment calling for the rule-of-law mechanism not to be applied due to the war in Ukraine and the pandemic. It also called on the EU to immediately release Covid recovery funds that have been blocked over rule-of-law concerns.

The parliament declared that it was now “high time” for the European Commission to “react to the ongoing violations of the rule of law in some EU member states, which pose a danger to the European Union’s financial interests”.

  1. GERALD GOLD says

    Pol-Exit & Hung-Exit!

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  2. Sally Snyder says

    As shown in this article, Vladimir Putin has long made his views on NATO expansion very clear:

    What exactly has the West done since 1990 to prove to Russia that it can be trusted? Putin has been warning the world for 15 years that Ukraine is his “red line in the sand”.

  3. Juan says

    So much for “democracy” and people’s sovereignty. The EU is evil.

  4. ken says


  5. Chacko Kurian says

    When the Soviet empire disintegrated, Poland, Hungary etc rushed into the waiting embrace of the EU and US. I guess they had little choice, they desperately needed the bank loans and investments to build anew. Now in perennial debt to the banking mafiosi and beholden to the EU/US, how are they going to save themselves? Did they realise that the death embrace of EU and US means trading away their sovereignty? Not to mention going along with the woke culture, accepting refugees created as a result of the illegal NATO/US wars which is unacceptable for many of the citizens in those countries. They should revolt and join Russia, China etc in a new trading block and stop looking at Russia through a myopic vision of the old Soviet Union. Lenin and Stalin are gone, but their heirs live on in the Western countries. But that is going to be very difficult, Shylock will demand his pond of flesh.

    1. Chacko Kurian says

      ***pound of flesh****

    2. GMC says

      I agree, the war was a great chance for some ukies to get out of Dodge and try to find a real country to move to and find work and a new life. Poland and Hungary might just be the start of their journey towards a more prosperous county — that will have the real meat and potatoes – if there is any country like that left in the EU.
      It would be interesting to see a map of just where, all these Ukie refugees have come from. Until then, Russia will be the bad guy , in order to transfer all the Internal problems of the EU and the Americas onto. This is a Western psychological war on the populaces , as much as a War to clean out the “Nazis”in Ukraine and the Covid scam altogether.

      1. Chacko Kurian says

        Pity these countries, out of the tyranny of bolshevism into the jaws of the pitiless bankers.
        This might interest you:

        The western nations, heavily indebted to the zionist bankers via the Federal Reserve Bank are their slaves now, and carry out their bidding.

  6. William White says

    All because of cock sucking.

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