EU Has Moved Sputnik V Approval Process to a Purely Political Plane

It's not looking at vaccine's efficacy and safety, but whether Russia's testing process was sufficiently ethical

EU has turned a technical decision into another opportunity to stand in moral judgment of retrograde Russia

In my essays of the past month dealing with Covid, I pointed to the EU’s going slow in approving the Russian Sputnik V vaccine for use in Europe. I said there was “no way in hell” that von der Leyen would allow its approval.

The justice of my analysis was supported this past week by the announcement of a new dimension to the approvals process of Sputnik V: one that violates directly the maxim of our day to “follow the science” and shifts the approval process to a purely political plane.  I refer to an article in The Financial Times of 7 April entitled “EU regulator to probe ethical standards of Sputnik vaccine trials.”

The European Medicines Agency will now examine whether Sputnik V trials met ‘good clinical practice’ – not in its technical dimension but in its ‘ethical’ dimension. In particular, the EMA is questioning whether military servicemen and state employees who took part in trials did so under pressure from their superiors. It is crystal clear that the intention of EU regulators is to disqualify Sputnik V on the basis of spurious denunciations that have been solicited for this purpose.

All of these machinations come at a particularly interesting moment when Europe, already far short of vaccines to raise the general level of vaccinated population to herd immunity by autumn, has just suffered another blow to its ambitions by the revelations of rare and deadly blood clots associated with administration of the Astra Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, compelling authorities to limit their use to specific age bands.

Source: Gilbert Doctorow

  1. Ronnie says

    Let the peasants eat cake or die as planned ?

    Never confuse incompetence for conspiracy. Sometimes it just a fart festival for low IQ , low achievement politicians

    Primary colour man suits for virtue signalling chunky cougars. Or old men on a promise……big bucks after retirement and all the silly chicks money can by.

    Call me a cynic if you wish but all the daily the bull shit and staged drama has become nauseating to nth degree.

    PS… the semi nude bathroom selfie’s really are a primer for , “nutcases.”
    All the leading actors in something stupid or dramatic, photography themselves looking up into their cell phone. The bathroom or the “can,” provides privacy for duck lip posing.

  2. yuri says

    EU is an amerikan corporation

  3. Ultrafart the Brave says

    The greater fools are the European populations for allowing this insanity to be inflicted upon them by an unelected beauracracy that treats them like dog-sh#t.

    No different to just about every loyal “democratic” member of Team America ®.

  4. jm74 says

    For the EU/Uk an organization that fantasized Novichok and then corrupted a watchdog organization the OPCW who try to politicize Sputnik V is what science fiction is all about. One can assume that the EU/UK citizens are not well informed or they are not concerned that their governments are altering their DNA. Would hate to be the recipients when the population eventually wakes up and retaliates.

  5. saoirse52 says

    I wouldn’t like to be a politician, or ayone else, who participated in this attempted culling of humanity. When the full story breaks, in the very near future, and the populace realises what these psychopaths were attempting to do with this scamdemic……MANY MANY HEADS WILL ROLL !

  6. Raptar Driver says

    All vaccines are scams, some more deadly than others.

  7. yuri says

    western europe OBESE USA has most covid deaths per capita….many nations now restrict or ban Pfizer, astra Zeneca, Johnson/johnson, modern poison—40+ nations now use Russian/Chinese vaccines

  8. GMC says

    Politics, money, shareholders, and the NWO agenda is way before Humanity and helping the peasants through a Governmental induced Pandemic. $ame game happened in 08 and the same game will be played with the fake Alien scam. Spread the word – folks – Doc Doctorow will continue to write about it. I’m sure.

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