EU Foreign Ministers Call for Independent Investigation Into Tanker Attacks

What a novel idea!

Nearly a week after the Thursday attacks against a pair of tankers in the Gulf of Oman, foreign ministers from the European Union are finally making a suggestion that no one else has: an independent investigation.

Within hours of the incident, the US had declared Iran the guilty party, and Britain has joined in echoing them. Other foreign ministers were calling to see the full evidence, with Luxembourg’s FM adding that the “main task of foreign ministers is to avoid war,” and others saying it would be hasty to draw conclusions without a proper investigation. 

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini blamed the US for mounting tensions with Iran, and the union’s leadership clearly is not on board with taking any direct stand on the tankers, especially to the extent that it might lead to a war.

The British representative reiterated that her government is “almost certain” of Iranian guilt. She added that Britain stands ready to act to ensure the waterway remains open.


  1. Séamus Ó Néill says

    Britain doesn’t need proof , they were masters of genocide, butchery, torture, and war…..they are psychopathic satanic bast++ds, thrived on it and loved every minute of it. They’re only a small third world country now but they long for the blood, guts and gore !….all demonic beings do !

  2. thomas malthaus says

    Where do you find an independent body?

  3. Muriel Kuri says

    Another ‘highly likely’ by the bootlicking neocons in Britain. No proof is EVER needed.

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