EU Delegation Threatens Bosnian Serb Bosnia With Invasion by 6000 EU Troops

Tell me more about the threat of a "Russian invasion"...

There is a crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina arising from the fact that for decades the Empire (in this case the dirty work is subcontracted out to Europeans) has been illegally and unilaterally abrogating the 1995 Dayton peace settlement by gradually chipping away at the autonomy of Bosnian Serbs and Croats explicitly spelled out in that peace treaty.

Finally, the Bosnian Serbs have declared that in response they are withdrawing from all institutions of the central state. (The Croats attempted a similar revolt in 2001 from a weaker position.)

So the Imperial Brussels dispatched its “Delegation of the European Parliament for Cooperation with BiH and Kosovo” which happens to be a German-Austrian team to Sarajevo. (Naturally, they’re both from the neocon “Green” party.)

The Serbs refused to meet with the Germans saying they won’t talk to anyone who is trying to get them sanctioned. (The EU Parliament had already voted in a resolution calling for sanctions against them ahead of the trip.)

So the Austrian-German tag-team threatened a lightning invasion of the Bosnian Serbs:

“I am aware of how many young people have left the country because there is fear of a new war. Luckily, the RS does not have access to such weapons as it had in the Balkan wars. These are intelligence data that we have not only from the EU but also from NATO. Artillery is no longer available to the RS. Also, there is the presence of international forces. I know they were reduced, but we have guarantees from the generals that they can bring up to 6,000 troops within 24 hours to seven days from the first moment.” 

What is up with Austrians and their constant invasions of Bosnia?

Actually, the Bosnian Serbs elaborated ahead of their resolution that if attacked militarily they will not defend themselves militarily (they’re going Gandhi) so the threats by the Germanic Gaia-worshippers are particularly psychotic.

Mass murder of Bosnian-Herzegovian Serbs by Austrians, 1914. In the town of Trebinje 79 of its most prominent citizens were massacred for…being prominent.
  1. Chris Herz says

    1914 all over again.

    1. Drapetomaniac says

      Please kill yourself.

  2. Raptar Driver says

    Serbians not defending themselves?
    I would like to believe that they are planning a cauldron.
    Another question, does the EU have 6,000 troops or any for that matter?

  3. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

    Amerikastan wants to fight Russia and Russia’s friends to the last proxy, Georgian or Ukrainian or “Kosovan”. That’s all there is to it.

  4. Don Jones says

    What are the ultimate goals of the German-Austrian EU delegation? Are they attempting to subjugate all Europe for Klaus Schwab and the WEF?

    1. Drapetomaniac says

      A small blob of neurons from hunter-gatherer alpha-male tribal ancestors inherited by Schwaboid descendants driving them to be the first world-wide alpha-male.

      Nothing to worry about, just nature bringing mankind’s civilization back to the animal world after a failed attempt to escape from it.

    2. Helga Weber says

      I would say “yes”

  5. Maiasta says

    “Srbe na vrbe!” The butthurt Germanic battlecry that has never gone away.

    We’re on the brink of unprecedented civilizational changes, and these MEPs are still living out WW I and WW II.

  6. Helga Weber says

    I hope it is the beginning of the break up of the EU, would be nice…..

  7. nnn says

    Nazi spirit is strong in Germany and Austria

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Nazi ?? Is that short for Askhe-Nazis ??

  8. L Garou says

    Gosh, the UN/US/NATO is still in Bosnia and Kosovo 25 years after their
    ‘temporary humanitarian interventionism’ tar baby. Who’d a thunk it..
    Can you say Camp Bondsteel?

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