EU Blocks Fertilizer to 3rd World, Lambasts Russia for a Blockade That Doesn’t Exist

Von der Leyen excelling in the hypocrisy Olympics as always

EU’s Ursula von der Leyen (the winner of Anti-Empire’s Most Supportive Wife of 2021 Award) informs us that “the Kremlin is again using food as a weapon”:

The statement is in reference to Ukraine’s grain (mainly produced by big agricultural companies, domestic and foreign alike).

The statement is a curious one for multiple reasons. First of all, a Russian naval blockade can not actually block Ukrainian grain from getting out. Ukraine isn’t an island and has railways. Even with a naval blockade grain could get out, but it would take longer, and the process would strain transloading yards between Ukraine and its neighbors where cargo has to switch onto narrow-gauge cars.

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  1. Yuno says

    I strongly refute the notion that DEAR LEADER is subjecting her citizen/serfs to ‘double speak’ – as the ill-chosen term “hypocrisy” implies! Is the evil “Marko” entity toying with our minds once again?

    This message from Brussels is easy to parse…. once the voluntary compliance with the LANGUAGE -MASKING UP PROGRAM is dropped. Simply by breathing the heady oxygen supply of non-mind controlled thinking – one reaches firm understanding of what is being said here.

    The really real Holodomor actually taking place – before thine unseeing yeux – is that which will strip “Uropeans” of their food source, basic energy needs, and most certainly the physical inputs required to think, resist, & act in self defense…
    all the while gaslighting them into believing that the evil “Russian” entity out there somewhere is behind it all.

    Meanswhile – over at the “HAMMER&SICKLE RANCH” – an exact repetition of the same scamarama will be taking place – as the mind controlled serf/citizens of the ‘shining city on the Muscovy’ are induced to believe that by ritual sacrifice of their male offspring to the gods of “Slavic Unity” or sumptin…

    humanity will be saved from evil. Which is true – kinda – since the “humanity” which survives this live-action holocaust will be those “66.000” hooish *male* virgins (see Yuval Hariri for full details)who inherit an orb ‘cleansed’ of ‘polluted shells’ =

    long & short, this is all going down right in front of you, and only the dialectic distortions of ‘this 0r that’ thinking you’ve been trained to accept are preventing you from activating a timely and necessary attitude of self-preservation and resistance to MAJOR EVIL & MADNESS.

    Enough of this strange and disconcerting counternarrative! Please return to your feeding stations and…. imbibe!

    1. Uturn says

      So much blah, blah, blah by commentators on both dies- only Yuno tells the naked truth.

  2. YakovKedmi says

    Ursula is merely picking a low-hanging fruit by blaming Russia. She cannot come on stage and say there is a concerted effort to block the production of fertilizer.

    The government of Europe wants to block fertilizer use in Europe.
    The government of Canada wants to block fertilizer use in Canada.
    The government of the United States wants to block fertilizer use in the U.S.
    The government of Australia wants to do the same.

    How is the food situation in Serbia ? any shortages ? rationings ?

    1. Sam says

      there’s plenty of food and fertilizer except the price of both has increased,particularly fertilizer

      1. YakovKedmi says

        V.V. jacked up the price of food & fertilizer in brotherly Serbia ?!
        The government of Hungary is infamously friendly towards Russia, nonetheless Vladimir jacked up the price of food there, too.
        Bosnia, Croatia, Rumania, Poland are no friends of Russia, how are food prices there ? (or, does the hand of Putin reach everywhere ? he must have a large number of and long arms)

        And who is chasing farmers from their lands in Holland ? super-secret Putin agents ?

        btw, if Ursula wants to draw parallel between the activities of Kaganovich in Ukraine and what is happening today, the “Dutch” government’s behaviour is lot closer (even if on a smaller scale) than what is happening in the shipping lanes on the Black sea.

        It was the English (government & people) who caused potato famine in Irish land when there was a good potato crop.

        1. Blackledge says

          Could you please tell me more about how the English caused the potato famine in Ireland? My understanding was that a fungus in the soil caused it, or some such natural phenomena. Any and all source material is gratefully appreciated.

          1. TZVI says

            The English did not cause the Potato crop failure, but they DID ship out the grain that did not fail, and did so for many years, ensuring the poor would have no food.

            While grain was imported into Ireland, it was often fed to the English Lord’s cattle instead of distributed to the poor…uncountable numbers of tenants of the English Lords were evicted, many more offered paltry sums to leave. No fishing from the ocean for protein for the Irish “tenants”, no access to their own land. Roughly one MILLION died, and over 2 million emigrated…it was a depopulation agenda…sound familiar?

            Sinead O’Connor said it best “I wont talk about the Famine cause there really never was one”.

            1. Blackledge says

              Sounds very familiar, yes. Thank you for the proper education.

  3. Sam says

    I’d say the incompetence of the government here is the reason fertilizer and food is more expensive. Serbia is extremely fertile for a small country; we used to produce our own fertilizer unti those production plants got shut down years ago. Rural areas are have very poor infastructure and there is fewer people to produce food. In saying that no one will stop you if you want to buy a house with a well and woodland and have food for yourself. But to make a living out of it is very difficult.

  4. peterinanz says
    1. Yuno says

      Damn straight – “interesting” – what we are witness to here is some ‘mission creep,’ whereby what starts as a sort of genial/innocuous level of contribution on the “soft” Waggerman blog – all about Rus & KovidKapers – starts spreading in an “aisle 7 broken water main” type fashion into the marches of Markoland with extremely interesting “interpretations” of police action politics!

      Our man Stan has this to say – for instance – on his 2 cents space…

      “for 8 years people of greater Donbass region were systemically killed by thousands including over 100 children by Ukrainian artillery shelling just for their desire to keep their language, respect their heroes and traditions? A rhetorical question…”

      giving us a good intro into the kind of headspace wherein….
      Russian-speaking Ukrainians getting killed by chauvinist Ukes some years back now requires…by way of ‘justice’

      Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainians to be frozen, rendered homeless, or outright killed by chauvinist Rus artillery so that embittered western Russophiles humiliated by the defeat of their heroes on the battle front can vicariously celebrate the “V” victory which has so tantalizingly been outside their grasp for the past year.

      It’s a weird headspace… in a weird world of competing, completely mind-controlled morons battling it out for supremacy in the ‘information space’ allotted to them by the really real puppetmasters running this toxic theatre.

      And “Stan” is indeed – “the Man!” From genial Kovid-dissident to hard line Duginesque style ethno-supremacist rhetoric with a cherry-topping of genocidal madness. And the witless readers slurp it all up with nary a questioning glance. What’s not to love?

      1. Blackledge says

        “Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainians to be frozen, rendered homeless, or outright killed by chauvinist Rus artillery so that embittered western Russophiles humiliated by the defeat of their heroes on the battle front can vicariously celebrate the “V” victory which has so tantalizingly been outside their grasp for the past year.”

        OH so true, every word.

      2. peterinanz says

        “…competing….morons battling it out for supremacy in the ‘information space’ ..”
        I hear you.

        I am not sure they are morons, though. Most of the audience is, of course, especially those “…. embittered western Russophiles humiliated by the defeat of their heroes on the battle front….” but most of the content creator aren’t, IMHO.
        There is plenty of grift there. A man has to pay his bills sort of thing.

        A question. Although I don’t, really, agree with some elements of your approach, I do with a lot, so…..are there anywhere on the Net people with similar approach? Places where one can go for a little common sense on daily basis to offset the onslaught of the Clownworld, just a little? Pure mental/spiritual hygiene, if you will, nothing more.

        1. Yuno says

          the 64,000,000,000 ruble question.
          Where o where doth ‘free debate and dialogue reign’ anymore?

          Looks like Marko is going for the ‘substack paywall approach.’ Since he ignored my entreaties to find a payment method I could use… prolly exit time for this jack tar. U ask the same question I have – and I’m all out of ideas.

        2. YakovKedmi says

          You people, too, may open a WordPress account, and talk among yourselves every morning

          1. Yuno says

            “YOU PEEPLE” say – THANX ….for your adroit and penetrating suggestion.
            But … and it’s baffling that this could have escaped one as ‘adroit & penetrating’ as thyself,

            the purpose of being on line, for those few of us refuseniks sullenly unwilling to subscribe to any “team” at all – is – and I know this is in COMPLETE CONTRAST to the prevailing motive of circle-jerkers looking for safe spaces in which commiseration with ‘those of their own kind’ is the soothing remedy to ugly realities,

            to trade ideas, sharpen(or keep sharpened)wits, debate with intent of XCHANGE rather than attempted ‘conquest’ … and generally carry on with the aplomb of ‘the gentleman of ideas’ in spite of and in the midst of a sea of raging wankers seeking revenge for untold woundings.

            talking mongst oneselves is mere mumbling mon liege.

            Next contestant pls.

            1. peterinanz says

              “….to trade ideas, sharpen(or keep sharpened)wits, debate with intent of XCHANGE rather than attempted ‘conquest’ … and generally carry on with the aplomb of ‘the gentleman of ideas’….”
              Something like that, for a starter, though.
              Ideally, it would be a place to create working solution(s) of how to deal with what’s, obviously, coming. Specifically, how to live under this new, coming, paradigm. I define it as the combo of CBDC, Universal Digital ID and Social Credit. Austerity with high-tech panopticon. The later in particular.
              The rest, iMHO, is distraction and infotainment.

            2. Yuno says

              Just to cut to the chase…
              “create working solution(s) of how to deal with what’s, obviously, coming'”

              once I started, back a dozen years ago – to detail the (very obvious -to those outside it) DEATH OF THE WEST by small cuts

              the focus quickly and quite ‘organically’ changed from detailing the background to this ‘culture war’ to the death to details about the personal manner in which I was addressing your ‘platform’ as stated above.

              Since I was creating ‘mobile, fluid working/living arrangements’ based upon what I was busy learning about olde-tyme ‘transhumant’ \- DEFININTELY NOT to be confused with the ‘transhumanist’ agenda now at the fore of the culture wars’ agenda!)lifestyles at that very time being dumped by the descendants of those same wise folks – who were intent upon slurping up ‘western lifestyle’ and values in parallel to my dumping of same,

              I started with talking about(somewhat ironically)the culture of those last pesky ‘turcoman’ tribes beyond the Caspian…. who performed the same role for the (western weapon buying)Russkie imperialists of the day as the “red indian savages) of the west did for the “Anglo” imperialists of same.

              That same ethnic melange which be fighting now on the Ukie side against their imposed ‘homeland’ of Mudda Rus…. Bashkirs, Tatars, and other tribal groups from Russia’s ‘wild east’ were the last to carry the banner of ‘free livin’ lifestyle I’ve come to appreciate(and somewhat ‘live’) as the only ‘antidote’ to ‘lockdown-mania’ preparatory to the ‘mass euthanasia in store for the dopey stay-behinds in Jonestown.

              Not a big audience for that kind of barking mad rebel-hollerin…. let me tellz ya! It’s been on ‘pause’ for some many moons now. I got all tuckered out from being laughed at/spit upon… for bein ‘spot on.’

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