Esper Threatens “Overwhelming Military Force” Against Syrians, Russians If They Make a Move for Syria’s Oil Fields

US to “respond with overwhelming military force” against anyone who “threatens the safety” of its forces illegally occupying another nation’s land:

That includes the armed forces of that very nation and its military allies:

Funny how that works. You can put your forces on top of someone else’s natural resources, and when they come to take them back you murder them claiming it’s necessary for “the safety of our forces ther”. That is if you are the Empire.

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  2. […] the Pentagon is warning that anyone attempting to contest it will be shot on sight. It remains to be seen whether the US Deep State would be willing to engage […]

  3. […] the Pentagon is warning that anyone attempting to contest it will be shot on sight. It remains to be seen whether the US Deep State would be willing to engage […]

  4. […] the Pentagon is warning that anyone attempting to contest it will be shot on sight. It remains to be seen whether the US Deep State would be willing to […]

  5. […] the Pentagon is warning that anyone attempting to contest it will be shot on sight. It remains to be seen whether the US Deep State would be willing to […]

  6. […] the Pentagon is warning that anyone attempting to contest it will be shot on sight. It remains to be seen whether the US Deep State would be willing to […]

  7. […] the Pentagon is warning that anyone attempting to contest it will be shot on sight. It remains to be seen whether the US Deep State would be willing to […]

  8. […] the Pentagon is warning that anyone attempting to contest it will be shot on sight. It remains to be seen whether the US Deep State would be willing to engage […]

  9. LS says

    Again, I cannot wait to see the Chinese and/or the Russians hand the US it’s ass on the battlefield or the ocean. The sooner, the better.

    1. AriusArmenian says

      That moment is coming. Even now before it the ongoing shift to the coalescing multifarious East that has checkmated the West is obvious. The zero-sum game of the US and its Anglosphere and EU vassals continues to weaken before the patient Russian/Chinese/Iranian strategy of win/win.

      1. TexasHunter says

        The day you think the USA has been Trumped. Is the same day your wishes get blown to oblivion. President Trump will continue to make the USA the best. Better than any other Presidents

        1. jm74 says

          Having another wet dream?

        2. Séamus Ó Néill says

          Trump, like every American president before him, is a lying thieving war-criminal of no moral, political or honourable standing in the world. America is the “Cloud cuckoo land” in the western Atlantic, the land of perpetual lies, theft and genocide, an amoral place where everything is reversed, evil is good, lies are truth, corruption is honesty etc etc. Does anyone, even in drugged-up, dumbed–down America believe any of this “mittyesque” fantasy fairy-tale anymore. Please don’t insult us anymore, even our schoolchildren are laughing !

        3. JustPassingThrough says

          “President Trump will continue to make the USA the best.”
          what has he done so far?

        4. Mary E says

          Someone is delusional……

        5. James Willy says

          Hope donald is removed soon so the civil war can start in yankystan. Then maybe they will be too over whelmed to keep terrorizing the rest of the planet. Would be excellent time for payback to yankys too in the homeland.

    2. Nick Rhynes says

      I would not hold your breath. The russkies know their place and it’s not on a battlefield vs. the superior US.

      China would be more interesting but probably only because we haven’t seen them fight since the 50’s. Of course, that’s also a handicap for them and the US would probably swiftly dispose of them as well.

      Currently, no matter how much you may not like it, the US military is without peer.

      1. Mayday says

        USA got her A handed to her in both Korea and Vietnam…sure the
        Russians and Chinese played a role…but that’s the point.

      2. Mayday says

        US military without peer??
        Care to.give any examples of your
        alleged USA military excellence since 1945?? Slapping around third world nations doesn’t count.

        1. Mario García says

          He probably means it has no peer in wasting money. 750 billion, more than the next 10 countries combined. And yet, Patriot missile defense is a joke compared to the superior S-400. Go figure.

      3. Andrew Nathan-Nahu says

        Call them out there nothing but criminals, enough talking crap, sooner or later, @ least this way they’ll see it coming, none of that sly sneaky shit,

      4. JustPassingThrough says

        fixed it for you.

      5. Mikhail Garchenko says

        …oh, sure, with a “military” like THIS:
        Turn off your TV set FOR A YEAR AT LEAST, and get better info, kid… 😉

      6. Canosin says

        utterly bs
        this lgtbq army is ridiculous when it cones to real fight with real soldiers…..

      7. Dunkenstein says

        All 3 of the nations discussed will go out of the way to avoid war with each other.

        China would go bankrupt if it couldn’t sell its cheap stuff to the west.

        1. Mary E says

          That the US corporations have ordered made in China, rather than in the US….traitors

        2. Lloyd Cross says

          Western Corperations Hiring Slave Labour, is Where you get your Cheap Stuff.???

      8. Séamus Ó Néill says

        Remind us again, how many wars have the Americans won ? …..oh yes, you won in Grenada, against, no armed forces, 30 part-time policemen and about 100 malnourished chickens and geese, certainly one for the history books, and the grandchildren gathered around your knees !

        1. RedBaron9495 says

          They even awarded medals for that little charade…..just like they did against mighty Panama!!!

      9. Gerald says

        Those Ruskies.
        Have more nuclear warheads than the US. You seem to forget that its generals have made it clear in the past that they can use those weapons as a defensive measure and in fact, have designed systems to do exactly that!!IAll it would need is just one landing on a populated city and that would be the end of the current presidency due to oil reserves barely the size of the ones in Louisiana

        1. RedBaron9495 says

          …and far more modern too,!
          They brought in array of different nukes and missiles systems over the last 5 years.

        2. Mary E says

          A much easier way to bring the US to its knees would be for Iran to just shut down the straits the oil tankers use to get oil from the Mideast …. that would be the end of the bullying…

      10. Gary Baigent says

        Hasn’t won a war/battle for a number of decades.

      11. LS says

        Russia or China vs. a steaming pile of ‘diversity’?
        My money, like all of my investments, is on Russia/China.

    3. CHUCKMAN says

      You might want to think that through a little more.

      Such a war would be terrible.

      1. James Willy says

        That excuse is getting really worn out. It would be nice if Russia installed a man who would retaliate each and every time the exceptional ones provoke them (daily). This poohtin guy is useless. Just allows the provacations to go on and on without doing anything. I agree with LS. Retaliate NOW. Today. That is what I would do. EVERY TIME.

        1. thomas malthaus says

          President Putin will need to pick his spots and carry a big stick.

          I don’t know if he has the ultimate power. In Russia, I think that’s brokered among a few leaders.

        2. JustPassingThrough says

          “That is what I would do. EVERY TIME”
          wow, my hero. lol
          what you’d do every time is wet your leg.

        3. Mary E says

          Well, Russia stopped the US in its tracks once and it will do that again…all without a war! Russia has more of what it takes …the US only knows brute force…

    4. Dunkenstein says

      What is it about the Chinese or the Russkies you like so much?

      1. LS says

        They have not been shitting all over white people since 1954.

  10. thomas malthaus says
  11. SonicRoad Limited says

    Everyone here is an idiot. Yes the US is corrupt, there’s no argument here. Seeing it daily play out with the trump supporters rationalizing every mistake he makes and never being called out they’ve turned to the Obama supporters who Obama could do no wrong. But seeing how the CIA owns our major media assets by their own admittance it’s confusing how other people like centrist democrats and new-cons don’t see the manipulation daily. But as corrupt as we are so are China and Russia .Russia became the USSR by exploiting sovereign nations around it and swallowing their governments. If they were in our position they’d be doing the same thing because they have. As it stands now they are doing what we do on a smaller scale with Both trying to assert their dominance over their smaller weaker neighbors and they do it by force. Russia is in Syria for 1 reason only. To protect their investments and assets So let’s not make it seem like they are a force for good. Second China would never go to war with the west because its 1 dimensional economy is dependent on the west as it does 1 thing and 1 thing only . Manufacture products cheap. So they’d be going to war against their best customers. Even if they won their economy would collapse due to eliminating their customers. The West with Europe and the US is more the 70% of China’s economy. Third any war of that magnitude would end in a nuclear winter with life nearly extinct. So we shouldn’t be rooting but for the anti war side because that’s the only option where we all survive. All others no one survives. As for past wars those are lessons learned as this USMilitary is not the same one that went to Vietnam or Korea. The US is the most advanced military in the world and it’s also battle tested and hardened given we’ve been at war for 20 years. Make no mistake that if war were to break out you’d see what the difference is with Russia’s and China’s defense budget and the US $1.4 trillion defense budget. I know they seem well matched but there’s a reason why they haven’t provoked the US even when we send carriers through the sea of China in a show of force. What a waste all of it as $1.4trillion gets you to death faster when it could serve the people better

    1. Mayday says

      “battle tested”..”hardened”
      Umm…Remind us .. where
      and when..the battles that

      1. Mayday says

        You mean massacres
        like the 1991 Iraq Highway of Death?

  12. Undecider says

    Syrian forces should block all roads.

  13. CHUCKMAN says

    America’s arrogance and contempt for rule of law are going to catch up with it.

    This kind of behavior in the end is against all countries’ interests.

    In their quiet privacy, even America’s allies must find this disturbing.

    Of course, what is driving this is behind-the-scenes pressure from Israel, a country with absolutely no regard for the rule of law.

    Weakening Syria by taking the ol fields is its consolation prize for losing the long proxy war.

    Trump is responding, again, to his reelection needs and to nothing else.

    He doesn’t have a foreign policy. He has only an immense drive to be reelected no matter what is required.

  14. jm74 says

    Securing the oil fields would be an asset to the US/NATO when they finally attack Russia.

    Lavrov made a bid mistake in appeasing Kerry and going along with ‘moderate rebels’; allowed the US to establish themselves in Syria. Syria will have to attack the US otherwise they may as well turn over their territory and admit defeat.

  15. Peter Jennings says

    The USMIC is heading for a show-down. They tried their very best in Ukraine but because it is on Russia own border, the Russian admin have so far resisted turning the area into a wasteland. Syria, on the other hand, is already a wasteland so the USMIC may just get their wish in Syria. Turning to international criminal acts to secure an illegal foothold in
    both countries, and others, is against everything the UN stands for.
    It’s time the UN reigned in its dog and stuck a muzzle on it.

    One way or another the US will be leaving Syria and Iraq and it will be decades before an american word is again trusted anywhere in the ME. To prevent ‘Iranian influence’ in the area the US have reduced it to a bombsite and handed Iran a great opportunity.

    As time goes by, the Russian and Syrian admins will gain more and more control. When these admins decide the time has come to evict the usurpers, everyone in the region, possibly the Kurds themselves will want some payback.

  16. DarkEyes says

    That is always the problem with new secretaries for war department.
    As freshman secretary he needs to make the world trimble of his “strong words” and “impressive diplomacy”.

    I must admit he does not impress me at all. It is entirely hot air and propaganda.
    He must have heavily invested in war-industry of US. A stakeholder of MIC, probably.

    1. Nick Rhynes says

      He’s entirely unimpressive because he’s si,ply tRump’s mouthpiece, spewing whatever nonsensical policies tRump and his self-serving cronies decide. He sets no plicy himself and most like likely has very little input at all.

  17. Mikhail Garchenko says

    …sooner or later they will go to home, all this is more “bla-blah-blah”, just as a stupid dog, barking behind a fence. Just wait and watch. 😛

  18. thomas malthaus says

    Interesting that Esper’s dictum supersedes the president. Which side would the president take in a crisis involving nuclear weapons?

    Assuming a higher power, then I can presume either Jacob Rothschild or Benjamin Netanyahu.

    May not be as ridiculous as it sounds.

  19. Pablo Rivera says

    More sooner than later US forces will get a bleeding nose, and I bet they will cry for a settlement…

    1. James Willy says

      Exactly. And the poohtin will most likely grant them a cease fire too. I mean just look at his past history of this. Every time the anglos start loosing, it’s cease fire time. Just like clock work. Look at poohtins record of it.

      1. JustPassingThrough says

        and more crap.
        willy get your head out of your a**.

  20. John Rourke says

    Possession is nine-tenths of the law.

    1. Mayday says

      Yeah… that’s what the Nazis said until the Red Army kicked the crap out of their Third Reich.

      1. Stephan Williams says

        Your comment is so far from the truth to be risible. Learn some friggin REAL history. Geez….

        1. Mayday says

          Clever… astute
          Now polish your nose and run along!!

          1. Stephan Williams says

            I suppose you think your comment clever.

            There are so many reasons why the Germans were defeated on the Eastern Front. For example: without the billions and billions of dollars in American military and industrial “aid” gifted by the boatload to the CCCP, their military would have been annihilated – abandoned and left to die in the mud without supplies.

            There are a thousand reasons for Germany’s defeat – the effectiveness of Soviet military strategy was not one on them.

            1. Mayday says

              “The Red Army was “the main engine of Nazism’s destruction,” writes British historian and journalist Max Hastings in “Inferno: The World at War, 1939-1945.” The Soviet Union paid the harshest price: though the numbers are not exact, an estimated 26 million Soviet citizens died during World War II, including as many as 11 million soldiers. At the same time, the Germans suffered three-quarters of their wartime losses fighting the Red Army.

              “It was the Western Allies’ extreme good fortune that the Russians, and not themselves, paid almost the entire ‘butcher’s bill’ for [defeating Nazi Germany], accepting 95 per cent of the military casualties of the three major powers of the Grand Alliance,” writes Hastings.”


              “Our Soviet allies barely held on alone for three years against Hitler, yet conventional wisdom is that we won the war because we equipped Soviets to die for us. This is propaganda – the USSR bore more than 90% of its own wartime industrial burden. The U.S. War Department publicly admitted it in a 1945 pamphlet: “Lend-lease provided only 10% of British war equipment, and certainly a lesser proportion of Soviet materiel.”


        2. RedBaron9495 says

          There are a great many serious students of WW2 in the West who understand very clearly that the Nazis were defeated by the (Soviets) Russians long before the invasion of Normandy.

          (Soviets) Russia faced and defeated 200+ German divisions; whilst the Western Allies were met by 11 depleted divisions during Summer 1944.

      2. John Rourke says

        point I’m making is… if the US is holding the area..Syria and/or Russia will not be be kicking them out anytime soon..Russia works in diplomacy and the long game..They will not risk NATO jumping into the mix..They have to wait until the US decides to’s not moral or right..but that’s the game.

    2. DarkEyes says


  21. JustPassingThrough says

    you can’t take this guy seriously.
    another sock-puppet working for the demise of the empire.

  22. thomas malthaus says
    Rescinding the funds earmarked for The White Helmets might be a good start.

    1. DarkEyes says

      They are also in great care of the Queen of England, so to speak.
      They just planned to offer them (WHs) a bonus of millions of USDs.
      Sorry, no way with W-Helmets stopping their soup. The UK loves them.

  23. RedBaron9495 says

    Americans do not even fight unless they have overwhelming superiority in both numbers and fire-power, so there is no way to know just how good US infantry is because they no longer have the belly for an equal fight.
    Heck, even with such insane advantages they’ve still managed to lose most wars every single time since WW2.

    One advantage Americans have is experience, they have been fighting wars for the last 18 years. But this is also a double edged sword. They have been fighting farmers such as the Taliban, been fighting people that can’t even afford a proper pair of shoes to go into combat. …they don’t have the belly for an equal fight.

    The U.S enemy these past 18 years only has small arms to fight with. So their tactics and experience has evolved around smashing the poor local farmer that has picked up an AK47 and if there are 20 Taliban fighters, the Americans call in Close Air Support, anything from Helicopter Gunships to Bombers because they don’t know or don’t want to risk assaulting a position as grunts.
    Have the Americans prepared for a war with Russia, where not a single American aircraft will get back in one piece over the battlefield? My guess is they have not.

    In this scenario, Air Superiority will be a fantasy and they would have to go toe to toe with the Russian Military which most likely has and is fully preparing for a showdown with USA on Russia’s home soil.
    I believe the Russian military is fully capable of defending themselves against a NATO/ USA offensive and to go further, I believe that Russia would smash USA so badly, that it would be an end to the NATO alliance once and for good. I also believe that NATO (USA) knows this and therefore all the West can muster, is scamming the poor Ukrainians NeoNazis or Jihadi Islamic Terrorist groups to fight for them, while they fight on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.
    Bloody pathetic !

    1. Mayday says

      Excellent comment.
      Spot on!

  24. Mary E says

    Now US is threatening Russia (as well as Syria) if they think of going in to save Syria’s oil for Syria! Best not to do that, US…Russia has now been challenged and it will not be surprising if Russia and Iran (joining Syrian forces)eventually go into the oil field area to help return the area to its rightful owner….the US has just got to be taught a lesson!!or 2

  25. Blacktick says

    It sure is funny how the West is hated. But people from all these other places are literally dying to get in for a better life. It’s just funny how no one is drying to get into the East

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