Erdogan Thunders That Turkey Will Never Stop Buying Iranian Oil — But It Has Already Done So

Except for small clandestine amounts Turks stopped importing Iranian oil after May waiver-end proclaimed by imperial capital

Editor’s note: Rich for Erdogan considering Turks have already stopped buying as soon as Washington told them they would be threatened as well. Ankara continues the policy of blasting the sanctions for domestic purposes but being careful not to actually run afoul of them. There is probably still some clandestine trade going on considering Iran has decades of experience in getting around sanctions, for example by branding it as Iraqi oil, but the total volume of that can’t be anywhere near what Turkey was buying before.

Turkey Has Folded to US Pressure, Is No Longer Importing Any Iranian Oil

Returning from the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan told reporters Friday that it remains “impossible” for Turkey to halt its oil and gas purchases from Iran in conformity to US sanctions. He affirmed commitment to continuing to buy oil and gas from Iran despite US threats, with no plans to halt or even reduce imports in the future.

He said further he was “not afraid” of possible US sanctions over continued dealings with Tehran, Reuters reported. This as the Trump administration has gone after Chinese shipping companies this week over alleged sanctions busting activity related to Iranian oil imports to China and other east Asian ports.

No doubt Erdogan has to be taking note of the lengths to which Washington is prepared to go, which included rattling the global shipping industry this week by sanctioning Chinese firms China Concord Petroleum Co., Kunlun Shipping Co., Pegasus 88 Ltd., and COSCO Shipping Tanker (Dalian) Seaman & Ship Management Co, in its long-haul campaign to see Iranian oil exports go to “zero”.

Turkey has long been exclusively reliant on imports to meet the growing energy needs of its 80 million citizens.

Turkish media sources note that even the country’s electrical grid is heavily tied to natural gas imports, as “almost 40 percent of its electricity is produced in gas-fired plants.”

As Ahval News details further:

Under the terms of long-term supply contracts signed by Ankara and Tehran before the new round of sanctions, Turkey was set to buy 9.5 billion cubic meters of gas over the period up to 2026.

Ankara has from the very beginning of Trump pulling out of the 2015 nuclear deal and imposing sanctions remained defiant [Only in rhetoric!], which Turkish officials have consistently framed as a matter of economic survival.

Turkey’s Economy Minister said from the start of the first round of Washington’s Iran sanctions following the JCPOA pullout that US dictates on Iran “are not binding for us” and further that “we will only follow our own national interests.”

Source: Zero Hedge

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David Bedford
David Bedford
11 months ago

Now that so keep has stopped smuggling Syrian oil from Isis they have to get it from somewhere.