Erdogan Gets His Putin Meeting, but It’s He Who’ll Have to Go to Russia

Erdogan's idea of making Putin come to him to talk Syria doesn't pan out

Putin isn’t even meeting the jihadi godfather halfway in Russia’s sunny Sochi, Erdogan has to walk all the way to the wintery Moscow Kremlin

March 5 will indeed see a Putin-Erdogan summit, just not in the parameters Erdogan had in mind when he was announcing it to the world. Putin will not be flying in to Istanbul to summit with Erdogan backed by Merkel and Macron who had both called for the Syrian army to stop battling al-Qaeda on its territory (Macron had also bombed Syria with Trump). Instead, it will be Erdogan who will be walking to Putin, and going so on his own.

Given the serious situation in Syria the meeting is welcome and good news, perhaps some good can come from it, if only another temporary freeze. That said I’m not sure the Russian side places much hope in its success, they’re certainly not the driving force behind it, and they’re not acting as if they have much riding on it. Unlike the last time Putin isn’t even meeting Erdogan halfway in Sochi on the Black Sea riviera (lately Russia’s unofficial diplomatic capital).

But if should some deal nonetheless be reached its content will be influenced greatly by the situation on the ground. That is why the fighting has now only intensified. There is active, bitter fighting on two separate sectors of the front, with both a jihadi and government counter-strokes in motion, and with heavy involvement by the Turks. It’s probably some of the most intense fighting of the last two years of the war, and with the Turks serving as the artillery, air force and armored corps for the AQ-led Islamists certainly the most evenly-matched.

  1. cechas vodobenikov says

    the turkey trolls r disappearing —even the CIA/Israeli trolls on south front have largely sought refuge in their trailer parks

  2. John Rourke says

    next time there is a coup in Turkey..there might be no one left to help.

  3. JustPassingThrough says

    he blew it.
    his BS has run out.
    RU and IR are no longer in his camp.
    neither is the EU,US or nato.
    what an idiot.
    as the turkish body count goes up, he will keep getting weaker.
    the syrians are not going to take any prisoners.
    atajerk erdegone a dust mote in history.
    the constipated caliph of constantinople is out of steam.
    bye, bye

  4. Julio Cesar Perez says

    Erdogan, the terrorist sultan with his ISIS allies, ALQAEDA and others, after killing Syrian soldiers in Syria, destroying military equipment, bombing their cities and declaring, that the Syrian city of Idlib now belonged to Turkey. Taking advantage of a unilateral truce from Russia, leaving its allies in Syria and Iran unprotected. Now he declares that he wants a ceasefire and that will agree with Russia. What madness of this paranoid criminal, who has destroyed Syria for 9 years, now the Russians have to tell him that there is no problem with the ceasefire and that he can keep his armed posts inside Syria. Historically, it would be one of the greatest stupidities of all time, to accept his follies. Now he has to pay for his crimes, leave Syria immediately and pay for his crimes in Syria.

  5. jm74 says

    Erdogan had no intentions of removing the terrorists nor to install peace in Syria and he played along with the game with the impression that the Sochi agreements will be upheld. The current actions by Erdogan must have confirmed Putin’s suspicion of another betrayal; doubt that Putin has ever forgiven the previous betrayal.

  6. Jesus says

    Erdoğan has to give up on his ambitions of keeping any portion of Idlib, otherwise it’s the same song and dance. Turkey has shown a propensity of not keeping it’s promises.

    1. Grand Nagus Zek says

      turks probably think promises are a form of baklava or kebab even LOL

    2. Canosin says

      the Turkish goatfuckers are the same scumbags, traitors and liars as the Zionists in israhell……never ever trust them…..

  7. Mikhail Garchenko says

    I will share Mr. Martyanov´s comments about this matter. I considere it very interesting.

    1. Per says

      he gave good advice on the situation, i agree.

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