Epstein Prison Guards Thought ‘Suicide Watch’ Meant Watching Him Commit Suicide

Epstein predictably found hanged

Unusually for a liability for Clintons he did not kill himself with two shotgun shots to the back of his head

Jeffrey Epstein has been suicided in a Manhattan Correctional Center in Manhattan at roughly 7:30. After a failed suicide attempt just weeks ago, prison guards said that they thought “suicide watch” meant they were supposed to watch him commit suicide.

“We don’t typically experience cases like these,” Jerry Jabba of the Correctional Suicide Watch team said. “I just thought he was going to finish the job and we were just there to make sure he did.”

Manhattan federal prosecutors last month charged Mr. Epstein, 66, with sex trafficking of girls as young as 14, and details of his behavior have been emerging for years.

The suicide was predicted by Hillary Clinton who tweeted that she was shocked and saddened at Epstein’s upcoming suicide last month.

Mr. Epstein, a financier with opulent homes, a private jet and access to elite circles, had been dogged for decades by accusations that he had paid dozens of girls for sexual acts in Florida.

Source: Genesius Time

UPDATE: Reports now saying Epstein was taken off suicide watch for his hanging.

  1. cap960 says

    Next in line, Assange. Dead men don’t talk!

    1. CHUCKMAN says

      I would tend to agree with you.

      After all, Hillary actually said in the recent past, “Can’t we just drone him or something?”

      But Assange actually, I think, knows nothing except the identity of the person giving him the DNC material.

      He isn’t a threat the same way Epstein was with insider knowledge of a whole number of really important people and, likely, Mossad.


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