Empire’s Regime-Change Tool, NED, Endorses BLM Protests, Calls for ‘Racial Justice’ and to ‘Improve Our Democracy’

All that we need now is Nuland passing out cookies in the Times Square (but we have Harris and Whitmer)

The brutal killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis has provoked an outpouring of anger and rage that the United States has not seen since the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. more than fifty years ago. Our democracy is being tested as never before in the memory of most living Americans. We will not overcome this crisis and begin to heal our pided nation unless the four police officers responsible for the killing of George Floyd are prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and unless America commits itself fully to the principles of racial justice and equality for all citizens.

The NED’s mission of supporting people around the world who are fighting for democracy is based upon the same values of freedom and human equality that inspired the movement for civil rights that ended the Jim Crow system of legalized racial segregation and discrimination in the United States. Those values are rooted in the American creed, and it was by appealing to them that the civil rights movement achieved its historic breakthrough. But much more needs to be done to carry forward the struggle to end racism. By doing so, we will be more united and stronger as a country.

Injustices that are deeply rooted in history and society are hard to eradicate, here at home as well as abroad. The struggle for justice is continuous, and it is our hope that the outrage unleashed by the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and others on too long a list, will generate new political will, across our partisan pides, to reform and improve our democracy. Such a movement is needed not just for the sake of our own country, but for the benefit of brave people on the frontlines of democratic struggles around the world who share our commitment to human freedom and equality under the rule of law.

We must vigorously safeguard, here in the United States and everywhere, the rights of peaceful protest, freedom of assembly, and freedom of expression. These rights are integral to the health and success of democratic societies. Protesters and dissenting voices have the right to be safe when they march peacefully and to have their voices heard. These principles, which are fundamental to NED, are universal. Realizing them, especially in the face of entrenched injustices, will require that all inpiduals bring these values into to their homes, communities, and workplaces.

May the present crisis lead to the realization of the ideals that animate our democracy, and may this give hope to those in other countries who share our commitment to freedom and human dignity.

Source: NED

  1. ke4ram says

    I’ll be damned if I see one Black in that picture. I am tiring of watching self hating Whites speak for me. I (as a White) have caused no one harm in my lifetime nor do I see White supremacy. Everywhere I look I see the opposite. Affirmative action,,, Grades padded if a minority,,, Wanted Ads explicitly saying No Whites,,, Quotas that eliminate White males in higher education. How can there be White supremacy if Whites are attacked when seeking employment, education etc.

    The NED is a front for the Deep State. Across the world it foments civil unrest and color coups.

    1. cechas vodobenikov says

      equality of outcome vs equality of opportunity demonstrates that liberals r racist; this demeans minorities and angers Asians/many whites that perform better in entrance exams, etc—competence nor merit matters—fake diversity (employing and accepting in universities the incompetent matters most)

    2. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      Is that you, Kenneth?

  2. LS says

    This ‘protesting’ is mob rule and veiled insurrection. It should not be tolerated. I hope they further restrict ‘protesting’ in Russia in response to what we see the left doing in the US. At least some good could come from this.

  3. LS says

    All systems are more-or-less oligarchies. It is not in the public’s interest to pretend otherwise. It should be illegal to go around spreading ‘democracy’ propaganda like this pack of lies from the NED. And the NED should be disbanded immediately.

  4. LS says

    Another pack of lies told by the left.

    I hope Russia further regulates ‘protesting’ in response. I think it should just be made illegal across the board, at this point.

    And I hope the Chinese round up all the Hong Kong organizers and execute them for treason–and anyone who complains about it.

    1. Digby says

      So then, what are your thoughts on freedom of speech?

    2. Digby says

      So does that mean you don’t believe in freedom of speech?

    3. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      Why aren’t you posting in your native language?

      1. Digby says

        What native language?

  5. Undecider says

    NED = CIA front

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      “The National Endowment for Democracy is a U.S. non-governmental and non-profit organization that was founded in 1983 with the stated goal of promoting democracy abroad.”
      Why would any American be interested in promoting democracy when all of the founding fathers uniformly scorned it?

      1. Robert Bruce says

        NGOs are how they work their “magic”. A great front for the CIA, posing as do gooders, but setting up rebellions against any national government that wants to be sovereign. A perfect example is
        Ukraine. I bet those folks living in Kiev wish Yanukovich was still around.

        1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

          The CIA was created by an executive order, not an act of Congress.
          It was those very do gooders that introduced crack cocaine into Los Angeles, and buy Afghan opium poppies to make it in Columbia today.

  6. cechas vodobenikov says

    NED is one of many devices employed by amerikan imperialism…..As Zinoviev wrote 2 decades ago, “world domination manifests itself as an intellectual or if you prefer a cultural diktat. this is why the amerikans have so zealously tried to bring down the intellectual and cultural common denominator of the entire world down to their own level. try to convince an amerikan that their values will destroy Russia—you will not be able.”
    obvious—the values amerikans have is money worship
    while the US govt tries to spread their 3 chord manure, few like it—and it is no accident that Hollywood trash is found in movie houses in other nations

    1. Josep says

      while the US govt tries to spread their 3 chord manure, few like it—and it is no accident that Hollywood trash is found in movie houses in other nations

      Here in the US, it manifests itself when very few non-American films make it to USian cinemas, while at the same time lots of American films are released in cinemas in other countries. This means Americans will miss out on the lifestyles of other countries, while other countries’ denizens have the American way of life forced down their throats. It’s rather one-sided if you ask me. It’s so unfair!

  7. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

    Why is NED not identified by name in the entire article?

  8. cechas vodobenikov says

    protest is only feared by fascists—-protests must be distinguished –the meaningless vandalism and looting in the USA is not protest; it is under socialized poorly parented peoples displaying their poor manners. Actual protest regards a radical ideology and regards freedom and justice—the explicit creation of programs/policies that are designed to remedy oppression and social defects…a committed militant people can achieve this…increase fuel taxes to benefit the wealthy were reverse by the Yellow vests in France; recent protests in Chile following the billionaire Pinero’s huge increase in transport fees is another example.
    Vandalism does not protest the murder of Floyd—it suggests to many that police brutality is justified

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