Empire Screwing Over the Syrian Kurds Is Bad, Using Them as Pretext to Stay Is Worse

However they deserved a fair warning rather than to be served to Erdogan on a silver platter

US isn’t even leaving, it’s just opening a hatch for the Turks to move in

The United States should withdraw its military from Syria quickly. But that does not mean clearing a path for Turkey to attack the Syrian Kurds. The United States does not owe the Kurds indefinite protection, but they do deserve fair warning of U.S. withdrawal.

U.S. forces should have left Syria already. With the Islamic State caliphate destroyed and local forces eager to attack its remnants, there was no justification for the U.S. forces to stay. And there was grave risk of the U.S. troops — whose presence Congress never authorized — being pulled into a major war or sparking terrorism rather than suppressing it.

Turkey’s threat to attack Syrian Democratic Forces complicated U.S. withdrawal. But there was a rough solution: Let the Kurds negotiate with Damascus to restore their status quo ante. They lose autonomy but keep a militia, while Syrian regime forces police the border against remnants of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. That would have kept ISIS down, Turkey out, and the Kurds in reasonable shape.

Instead, U.S. officials discouraged the Kurds from that course, giving them a false sense of endless protection.

And Washington saddled the small U.S. military force in Syria with impossible aims: Evict Iran, reconstruct to prevent extremism and keep pressure on Syrian dictator Bashar Assad by aligning with the Kurds, while also pacifying Turkey, somehow. U.S. policy ignored the ugly reality that the Assad regime will win. Helping create a durable peace requires dealing with it.

President Donald Trump’s failure in Syria was not his goal of leaving; it was failing to implement a full withdrawal.

Even now, the U.S. forces there are just moving out of Turkey’s way, not exiting.

At this point, there is no pretty way out. But a decent one would set a certain date for U.S. withdrawal, giving the Kurds time to prepare and then implement it swiftly. No foreign interest should be confused with our own and used to keep U.S. forces in Syria forever.

Source: USA Today

  1. CHUCKMAN says

    I love that word “should.”

    It implies “duty” or “obligation.”

    But those are concepts completely unknown to the brutal managers of empire.

  2. Vish says

    Psyops masquerading as news is all that one can expect from the American Fake News Media, as they carefully avoid the gorilla-in-the-living-room issue regarding Syria and the Kurds: America and its crime partners like the bloodthirsty British have been arming and financing “moderate” jihadists and similar “pro-democracy rebels” in Syria in order to balkanize and rape that nation.

    Now, America is backstabbing the Kurds, whom it cultivated as one proxy insurgent group to wage this Anglo-American imperial war against Syria.

    Such is the nature of the Anglo Evil Empire and its Machiavellian values.

    Treachery is America’s middle name. And deception is its first name.

    1. Richard Hollembeak says

      Plenty of lies and deceit coming out of DC ,who can trust anything coming out of any mouth from DC ?

  3. John C Carleton says

    Israhell should order their USA/DC minions out of Syuria.

    The Non Semitic Turkmen/slavic Khaszarian Russian Expats and Spawn thereof, should leave the occupied Land of the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian.

  4. John C Carleton says

    The Russian Expats &spawns thereof should order their UDSA bits# to get out of Syria, then the Non Semitic Khazarian Russians should get out off Occupied Palestine.

  5. Séamus Ó Néill says

    The author of this piece of inane propaganda seemingly believes that America is somehow a force for good….an absolute contradiction of verifiable facts ! The US has absolutely no right to be anywhere other than where it’s invited and that certainly doesn’t include Syria. The US, along with Saudi and Israel are the creators and paymasters of ISIS. The world is quickly awakening to this triumvirate of satanic evil, and believe me , there will be a price to pay for their psychopathic genocide in the ME.

  6. riorick17 says

    These guys tried to overthrow their own country, why all the tears ?

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