Empire and Satellites Commemorate WWII Sideshow, China and Former Soviets Not Invited (VIDEO)

Ironies abound but D-Day gatherings have always been NATO pep talks

RT did a good job of pointing out the irony of making sure Slovakia, Denmark, Belgium, New Zealand and Luxembourg are there but leaving out Russia and China. But it’s nothing anybody should get upset about. Remember Reagan and Bitburg? D-Day commemorations have always been about NATO and about current daily politics, not about WWII.

In Russia WWII is sacred and is more important than any trifle that could be happening today, in the West it is not. The Russians will invite the devil himself for a V-E parades as long as the devil was on their side against Hitler, the Americans never have.

The Americans have always tried to use the occasion to smooth over the weirdness of now having the Germans on their side against the Russians, starting with Reagan pushing for German soldiers to be thought of as much of victims of Hitler’s as anybody else. (In which he ironically adopted the line taken by East Germany some 35 years earlier.)

The only weird thing is that the Empire forgot to invite the pro-NATO Ukraine. Despite revisionism going on in Kiev today Ukrainians played a massive role in WWII overwhelmingly on the Allied side as part of the Soviets.

The anti-Soviet UPA was only a player in westernmost Ukraine and even here for every Galician who was in the UPA, SS Legion, or Schuma, two were in the Red Army (not that they had a choice).


Meanwhile in Sankt Petersburg:

  1. skinner15 says

    The greatest combined operation of WW2, as the NATO hacks call it, was sent to fight a dozen or so German divisions, consisting of reservists, old men, and some frontline combat troops getting R&R after fighting the Soviets.

    Meanwhile, the Germans maintained over a hundred divisions of their finest troops and equipment, to fight the Soviets, and slow them down enough so that the US could take over German conquests in Western Europe.

    Thats WW2 in a nutshell.

    1. Grand Nagus Zek says

      was more like 200 divisions in the east
      and the west wouldn’t have dared D-Day if they had to face those themselves


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