Emperor of the World, Bill Gates, Says There Won’t Be Any Public Gatherings for Next 18 Months. Who Died and Made Him King?

When exactly did this dweeb become our king?

He also loves to tell us to wash our hands. You know, like we’re retarded or something

Bill Gates laying down the law:


This little rent-seeking shitberg, rich from a government-granted and government-enforced bogus “intellectual property” monopoly privilege is having delusions of grandeur fueled by the attention he is flooded by a brown-nosing media.

Sorry to burst your bubble Billy, but just because you got to pick the WHO head doesn’t make you the Emperor of the World quite yet.

  1. j miller says

    I guess maybe Gates is planning on paying EVERYONE’S rent, food costs and medical care costs out of his pocket change?

    1. XRGRSF says

      No, the people who Gates works for are planning on taking everything for pennies on the dollar after the defaults. The COVID-19 scam is just a typical money/power grab, but on a global scale.

  2. Josep says

    Possibly OT:
    When was the last time the US government showed any backbone regarding Microsoft’s monopolistic business practices?

    If I’m not mistaken, it was in 1998 when the Department of Justice sued Microsoft for anti-competitive behavior (e.g. tying Internet Explorer into Windows 98). One proposal was to split Microsoft into smaller companies, but this never went through. Rumor has it that Microsoft voted for George W. Bush as president so he could have the DOJ drop the case. In mid to late 2001, the lawsuit came to an end when the DOJ chose to go for a lighter punishment and agreed with Microsoft to settle the case. Almost every major OEM not named Apple continues to bundle a copy of Windows in its desktops and laptops.

    The ineptitude of the US government not only poses a danger to its own 300 million citizens, but also to 6.7 billion others in the rest of the whole planet.

    On another note, what’s (the cartoonist) Ben Garrison’s opinions on antitrust law?

  3. Albert says

    Not emperor quite yet! But he is becoming quite sure…Look at the world that is expecting a “saviour” like this! I recommend to read “The lord of the world” for those who have a lot of prejugees about christianism but for those who have not it is better to read Rev. 13. Antichrist is coming…

  4. Joseph Chiara says

    One more scheme to steal the election… Gates is a pig and fraud of a human being.

  5. L. Sammondson says

    Sad that this fake news website exists – presumably to serve the ego of it’s editor (his other “media vehicle” proclaims “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” as a permanent sub-heading!

    Conspiracy nonsense suggesting Gates “staged”, “exaggerated”, or manipulated the COVID-19 shutdown measures to increase his personal stakes in the WHO are pathetic; the man has massive holdings in retail, small foodstuffs, construction etc. There is no legal, or practical advantage to this “opinion”, people needing conspiracy narratives to bolster their sense of self-worth are either embarrassing, or occasionally carry out dangerous forms of ‘activism’ supported by no-one.

    Quoting Roosh V? More edgy (trash) material – he was banned from numerous countries for trying to attract media attention over a pro-rape stance; he literally gave a list of “upsides” to a social system where rape was legal, while not functionally endorsing this. Needless to say the only attention he got was negative.

  6. Ankh Maat Hotep says

    Bill (serial killer) Gates…

  7. Bob avlon says

    The gates foundation did a mock virus erruption called 201 only 2 months before it broke out. What a coincidence.

  8. Brion Adair says

    Of course Governments are going to listen to this sleazy autocratic conman because he’s got them all in his pocket thanks to Neoliberal policies that steal from the poor and give to the rich and useless like Bill Gates who’s probably never done an honest day’s of work in his miserable life.

    1. WesternCovid Vaccine says

      You can’t make a Pen without mistakes and you point fingers who actually create something 😉

      1. Brion Adair says

        News Flash moron. Bill Gates never created anything himself. The Windoze virus was created by others. He just patented it and made a mint on that crappy excuse for an Operating System.

        1. WesternCovid Vaccine says

          And what you did ?

          1. Padre says

            Perhaps he did nothing, but at least he’s not bragging like Billy boy!

            1. WesternCovid Vaccine says


          2. amoo di says

            i see your head deep involved and you can’t smell the coffee

          3. Brion Adair says

            English obviously isn’t you’re first language. It’s probably Hebrew or Yiddish.

            1. WesternCovid Vaccine says

              LOL English is only for people who apply for social benefits in UK 😉

  9. James Willy says

    Why is there not a bounty for this maniac? Why is he not dead already? Why does nobody go hunt this maggot down?

    1. Josep says

      Especially after what he (when he was leader of Microsoft) did to OS/2, DR-DOS, Netscape, etc.?

  10. Emmet Sweeney says

    The oligarchy and their New World Order are in the process of annihilating the world’s economy over something they know to be a hoax. I hope people will understand who did this to them when they end up broke and impoverished.

    1. CHUCKMAN says

      Please, keep some perspective.


      Over 1.2 million infections and nearly 70,000 deaths?

      And a disease we still do not completely understand, as in its transmission characteristics?

      See my comments at:


      1. XRGRSF says

        Chuck, I didn’t think of you as a shill………….until now.

      2. widhalm19 says

        Most likely, there are more than 100 million infections with SARS COVID-19. We are all in lockdown over a nasty cold virus. Just wait and see …..

      3. Emmet Sweeney says

        The virus is real, the attempt to portray it as a mass killer is a hoax. Like all seasonal colds and flu’s it is dangerous to the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, but to very few others. The 70,000 deaths you mention is a figure achieved by very liberal manipulation of statistics, as you should be aware of if you’ve read any of the articles on this website. Until now, anyone with AIDS who got pneumonia and died would have had AIDS listed as the cause of death. Now, anyone with AIDS who catches coronavirus and dies has (in many cases) coronavirus listed as the cause of death. This,as I’m sure you can see, is an outrageous misuse of statistics. The real horror of the situation is the destruction of millions of livelihoods over a seasonal virus that poses no real threat to the vast majority of the population,as well as the virtual enslavement of the vast majority of the population. If you don’t see that as a problem then we have nothing to talk about.

        1. CHUCKMAN says

          Of course, I understand your objections.

          But I ask: Who are the most capable and rational leaders we have in the world today?

          Without a doubt, Russia’s Putin and China’s Xi.

          And how are they handling these events in their countries?

  11. Genghis Gobi says

    Since when does Gates have a PhD in microbiology? I must have missed that part.

  12. Séamus Ó Néill says

    It’s precisely because of Gates and his ilk that viruses like Covid-19 are able to make their manufactured way onto the world stage….research into bio-warfare, their satanic depopulation agenda and the necessary, fortune making, vaccines to counteract such grotesque abominations on Planet Earth. He have been given a fortune, not earned, enabling him to mix with some of the most unsavoury misfits on this planet, he’s not a philanthropist, quite the opposite and as with the rest of the cranks that think depopulation is necessary, let them start the ball rolling…begin with themselves !

  13. CHUCKMAN says

    Money rules, and it always has.

    And Gates has an awfully big pile of the stuff.

    Thanks to American laws and a tax system designed to support plutocrats.

    Really there is nothing new here.

    America’s ugly foreign policies and wars are driven precisely by the folks with lots of money.

    Ordinary citizens have very little to say, ever.

    Look at what their choice for President is going to be later this year: between a foul-mouthed ignoramus and a lifelong party apparatchik .

    An inspiring example of democracy.

    1. Elizabeth Adair says

      It seems that way, that the rich and powerful will always be in charge and always continue to push us further down to get richer and more powerful.
      However, you can start by educating yourself on him and on good solutions to this Covid 19 situation and you can start contacting your local representatives and state representatives and congressional members and senators.
      If enough people did this is would create an effect.
      I believe one person speaking truth to power can create a ripple effect.


  14. Islander says

    That man must be destroyed before we are!

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