Embarrassing: Vaccinated Americans Are Still Afraid to Live. The Unvaccinated Are Far More Likely to Be Out and About

Cowards (cultists) will be cowards (cultists)


Vaccinated Americans are increasingly going out this spring—but not as much as their unvaccinated counterparts.

Vaccinated consumers were less likely to go out to restaurants, salons and entertainment venues than those who don’t plan to get the vaccine, April spending and survey data from market-research firm Cardify.ai show.

The vaccinated are “proceeding with cautious optimism,” said Derrick Fung, chief executive of Cardify. “They’re still not really comfortable doing [life.] live entertainment where there’s crowds of people.”

People who aren’t vaccinated, on the other hand, tend to be more risk tolerant and are already living a relatively normal life, Mr. Fung added. “As places open up, they’re the ones leading the charge.”

Spending at entertainment venues was up 20% among consumers who don’t plan to get the vaccine in April compared with January 2020. It was up just 10% among vaccinated people during that same period, according to Cardify.

Across the country, foot traffic—a proxy for spending—at many providers of in-person services such as airports, hotels and theaters is still below pre-pandemic levels. But it is up from the winter, and has climbed more rapidly in states with Covid-19 vaccination rates below 45% as of May 3 than in states with higher rates, according to an analysis by data company Earnest Research.

Cardify surveyed about 1,600 consumers who use mobile rewards platform Drop to determine whether they were vaccinated with at least one dose or not and then analyzed anonymized credit-and-debit card transactions by vaccination status.

The spending and foot-traffic data suggest higher vaccination rates haven’t been the primary driver behind the early stages of the economic recovery, which began in earnest this spring. This dynamic will likely change in the coming months as more people are vaccinated, Covid-19 cases drop and public-health guidance evolves, analysts say.

Debra Brathwaite, age 69, of Dayton, Ohio, used to regularly dine out. When the [mind] virus hit last spring, she hunkered down at home for months to be cautious.

Dr. Brathwaite [is a mind disease sufferer, she] said she is now fully vaccinated and more comfortable going out. She recently ate inside a restaurant for the first time in about a year, enjoying fried red snapper with macaroni and cheese and collard greens alongside a group of vaccinated friends.

Still, she is holding off on going to any musical productions any time soon—the last one she attended was in New York, the month before the pandemic shut down large parts of the U.S. economy.

“I’m still nervous around too many people, especially people who want to flaunt the rules  [of our brain-diseased cult],” she said. “I don’t want to get into any altercations. And so I think I’ll wait until people come to their senses.”

Dr. Brathwaite isn’t sure she will return to pre-pandemic norms by the end of this year, especially if flights are packed and she has to spend a lot of time in airports. She said she is hopeful about next year, though. She put down a deposit on a Panama City, Fla., beach house for a jazz festival next spring.

The average number of newly reported U.S. Covid-19 cases has been falling for nearly a month as [the flu season ends] more of the population became fully vaccinated.

Nearly all the states with higher vaccination rates—and slower rebounds of in-person spending—are states that voted for President Biden in the 2020 election, according to Earnest. There are multiple differences between states that voted for Mr. Biden and states that voted for former President Donald Trump. Some could help explain the divergent spending patterns.


For instance, blue states had tighter business restrictions throughout the pandemic. Further, some blue states in the Northeast were hit hard early with Covid-19, which could have pushed residents in those areas to adopt online shopping habits, said Zach Amsel, data analytics director at Earnest. Online spending continues to account for a higher share of overall spending in more-vaccinated blue states than in red states, Earnest figures indicate.

Visits to airports, hotels and theaters in less vaccinated states had recovered in April to 71.2% of pre-pandemic levels versus 52.7% in more vaccinated states, Earnest data show. Gym visits had bounced back to 87.3% of pre-pandemic levels in less vaccinated states versus 68.5% in more vaccinated states.

Vaccinated people are shelling out more for in-person services than they did earlier in the pandemic, and in some categories, such as restaurants, moving closer to the spending patterns of unvaccinated consumers, according to Cardify.

Vaccinated consumers’ restaurant spending was up about 10% in April 2021 compared with January 2020. As recently as February of this year, their restaurant spending was down 40% from January 2020, Cardify data show.

Mr. Fung from Cardify expects spending among vaccinated people to hit full force by the summer, as public-health guidance shifts and people become more comfortable resuming everyday activities.

Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidelines earlier this month, many businesses such as Walmart Inc., Costco Wholesale Corp. and Trader Joe’s have announced they are easing face-mask guidance for vaccinated individuals.

Stronger spending will help power a broader economic surge this year. Economists expect economic growth to pick up further in the second quarter and remain steady in the second half of the year. Many expect output to grow between 6% and 7% in 2021.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

  1. memyseldansI says

    Miss Brathwstte looks very healthy indeed

  2. Oilman says

    They want vaccinated people to fear unvaccinated ones and most are buying it. How stupid do you need to be? Apparently, a hell of a lot!

    1. Voz 0db says

      If one is stupid enough to take the miracle JAB one believes in anything…

      1. Harold is at Sunday School says

        That is the sad TRUTH, but my dear, so many stupid people are out there! I avoid going to my favorite grocer during the week when vaxxing is going on near the pharmacy, learned to go on Sundays when the Vax nurse is not working, and EARLY so I won’t be seen. I dash in and out, masked and gloved and I take a list so I won’t dawdle.

    2. Mr Reynard says

      Actually, it us the unvaccinated who should fear the vaccinated

      1. Harold is at Sunday School says

        Right on. My dentist screamed at me that I hadn’t got my vax yet and when I said I was going in few days, she relaxed. The dear woman is vaxxed and the observations lately about personality changes is true. She is a different woman. But nobody yells at me. Needless to say, she’s lost me as a patient.


        1. Catherine Hazur says

          There are Dentists out there who are much more reasonable and less bullying. You can find one for sure. I did

  3. MrLiberty says

    Screw everyone who doesn’t believe in freedom and common sense. Plenty of information about how to stay healthy and safe WITHOUT “vaccines” or government tyranny. The sooner you get on board, the better off you will be.

    1. Eileen Kuch says

      MrLiberty, you’re absolutely right; simply screw everybody who doesn’t believe in freedom and common sense. There’s plenty of information about how to stay healthy and safe without “vaccines” or government tyranny .. The sooner you get on board, the better off you’ll be; so true.

  4. Ronnie says

    When governments and medical professionals lie through their teeth…..this is what happens.
    I no longer trust or believe anything they say.

  5. Raptar Driver says

    The Covidians are Mentally imbalanced individuals who have now found something to balance themselves? They wish to push that on everyone else, this is this the sign of a cult and mental illness.

  6. ken says

    “Dr. Brathwaite [is a mind disease sufferer, she]…


    “I’m still nervous around too many people, especially people who want to flaunt the rules [of our brain-diseased cult],” she said. “I don’t want to get into any altercations. And so I think I’ll wait until people come to their senses.”

    Dr. Barinwaste is correct. the cult needs to stay locked up.

    “She put down a deposit on a Panama City, Fla., beach house for a jazz festival next spring.”

    Oh yeah,,, I’m sure they’ll all be masked and social distanced!

    Better be careful… Florida is a free state and freedom once experienced is very contagious and has many symptoms, like happiness, fun, critical thought, etc.

  7. yuri says

    in a basement prison with masks, coke and porn freedom thrives
    prof of medicine Marty mackery at Johns Hopkins claims more than half in USA without vaccines have already achieved immunity to ft detrick communist virus….senile vegetable Biden and saint of of covid fascism—pope Fauci now recommend injection of liquid cheese for vaccine and permenant residence in Walmart garden section ….if Oprah say dr Phil therapy prevent covid antifa black lies matter find voodoo witchdoctor to cure anxiety

  8. Harold is at Sunday School says

    Dr. Kevorkian is the spitting image of Fauci. Kevorkian invented the execution by injection shot for Death Row prisoners. Look him up and see.

    The two old freaks look alike and their therapies are the same.

    1. Catherine Hazur says

      Hey, they could be cousins or brothers from related mothers. I was wondering who he reminded me of: you are exactly right!!!

      1. Jerry Hood says

        Kevorkian and Fauci are 2 satanic looking like jews!

  9. Tom says

    Wouldn’t dream of getting any injection and never afraid to go anywhere and without a mask. I am ignoring gestapo governess mandates too! The pandemic has become democrat lie number 1. 

  10. Archie1954 says

    This article says it all. Now we know the reason the virus has disseminated so quickly throughout the US.

  11. yuri says

    common sense is frequently wrong—sheep have common sense: they accept being used for wool and lamb chops
    critical thought better
    Japan—126 million population
    5 million vaccinated
    13,000 Covid linked deaths
    give the lemming a mask, a colostomy bag and a basement to hide in
    “the wolf cares not how many the sheep there may be”. Virgil

  12. Jerry Hood says

    Stupid american goyim jumped in this big jew pharma depopulation very fast and in big numbers! Goyim stays goyim.

  13. Jerry Hood says

    911 was done for Novus Ordo Seclorum in 2033! In 2032 ends current Precessional Year= Anno Magnus, the jew calendar follows as A.M.
    Covid 19 is jew 2nd horse of apocalypse after 911. In 2023 they plan Starvation, and in 2025 to 2028,Armageddon War,as buided by Georgia Guidestones,to ” ideal” 500 million survivors…

  14. Larry says

    Its VERY important to understand EPSTEIN GUILTY Trump’s ROLE in this so you dont make the SAME MISTAKES or support him as he MAKES MORE! CASES NOT DEATHS! EVENT 201 proves this was all a PLANNED FARCE! Understand that Epstein GUILTY Trumpy is a deep state FAKE like all others before him and gave Gates GAVI group a BILLION to FORCE a DNA ALTERING NOT-a-vaccine on YOU using the MILITARY in a ‘powerful way’ Gates controlled and funded Fauci AND Birx and they ALL should be EXECUTED. Trump PARTIED WITH Clintons, Gates and EPSTEIN and AS A DEMOCRAT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pV1U9s3vJ0

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