Early Progenitor Virus Variants Were Already Spreading Worldwide for Months Before Wuhan Detection

"Multiple coronavirus infections in China and the USA harbored the progenitor genetic fingerprint in January 2020 and later"

Global sequencing of hundreds of thousands of genomes of Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, SARS-CoV-2, has continued to reveal new genetic variants that are the key to unraveling its early evolutionary history and tracking its global spread over time.

Here, we present the heretofore cryptic mutational history and spatiotemporal dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 from an analysis of thousands of high-quality genomes. We report the likely most recent common ancestor of SARS-CoV-2, reconstructed through a novel application and advancement of computational methods initially developed to infer the mutational history of tumor cells in a patient.

This progenitor genome differs from genomes of the first coronaviruses sampled in China by three variants, implying that none of the earliest patients represent the index case or gave rise to all the human infections.

However, multiple coronavirus infections in China and the USA harbored the progenitor genetic fingerprint in January 2020 and later, suggesting that the progenitor was spreading worldwide months before and after the first reported cases of COVID-19 in China.

Mutations of the progenitor and its offshoots have produced many dominant coronavirus strains, which have spread episodically over time. Fingerprinting based on common mutations reveals that the same coronavirus lineage has dominated North America for most of the pandemic in 2020. There have been multiple replacements of predominant coronavirus strains in Europe and Asia and the continued presence of multiple high-frequency strains in Asia and North America. We have developed a continually updating dashboard of global evolution and spatiotemporal trends of SARS-CoV-2 spread: http://sars2evo.datamonkey.org/.

Link to the entire 26 page report.

Source: Oxford Academic

  1. edwardi says

    Could somebody please put this in plain English ? wtf ? A whole lotta data from which they draw No conclusions ? I guess they are saying the evidence indicates Wuhan was no epicenter of origination but just another hub in the spread.

    1. ken says

      Short version,,, they’re clueless.

      Long version…

      They have never isolated many of these so called viruses. Isolation defined as down to a single entity,,, get the genome,,, inject it in other to verify it is causing the disease you think it is.

      Actual isolation consists of:
      Using filters to filter out the big chunks
      Centrifuge the remaining, thus separating the fluids/ debris of different densities.
      Then look for the virus.
      I’m not sure any viruses have been found which is why,,,,,,

      ,,,,, they use the John Enders system of throwing a sample of sputum in a petri dish on monkey kidney cells. Douse them with antibiotics and antifungals, and deprive them of nutrition. Of course they die, (which the ‘scientists’ say proves a virus is present), and break up into particles. A gaggle of ‘scientists’ then choose a piece of the debris as their new isolated virus.

      Yep,,, that the science!

      They don’t even use a control group. Enders did this and discovered his technique was a complete failure. He even published it. So they got together and decided to never use a control group again. In the case of the fictional covid, they found some slop with 37 pairs of a sequence for who knows what. (Exosome?)They then fed it to one of their computers to drum up the other 30 thousand or so pairs needed. Garbage in,,, virus out!

      And for all that, Enders gets a Nobel and was called “The father of vaccines”. Nice! eh?

      So, the bottom line. They have never seen the alleged virus to get its actual genome without which no vaccine can be made and there is no way to determine any mutants.

      Of course,,, the mutants they’re describing are chosen by the same gaggle of ‘scientists’ and then designed by the same computer.

      Pretty cool con,,, no? With all the fake genomes, they come up with the fake vaccines, which is why they don’t work. If they do appear to work it because of the mental attitude. I have a vaccine, therefore I can’t get the disease. Works better than you might think!

      With the present DNA hack therapy they think they are smarter then nature and can get your body to make you immune. Of course the disease itself would do that for free. But, their new vaccine is not intended to prevent you from getting or transmitting any disease including the covid,,, and they openly state that.

      No, this injection has a much more nefarious purpose. It is intended to harm you,,, not the bug.

      1. Eddy says

        Quote, “It is intended to harm you,,, not the bug.” Unquote. If as you say, there is no “bug”, what “bug” are you then reffering too ?

  2. SteveK9 says

    Sorry, but the lie machine is running out of gas.

  3. Val says

    Nice picture of Exosomes, but they aren’t coronaviruses. We had the normal flu season, which contains variants EVERY year, plus the pandemic narrative and its solutions … which are the real cause of the death, chaos and disorder. Oxford Academic article is pure propaganda theater rotating around the century old defunct germ theory of disease, something that Pasteur himself recanted on his death bed, saying that terrain is indeed the main factor in physical diseases, and the nature of the biochemical environment affects that, which refers to the deliberate pollution of the environment and technological pollution imposed on the body in order to maintain a psychosocial control paradigm.

  4. John says

    Bullshit. More whackadoodle nonsense.

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