Dutch Police Attack Peaceful Protesters With Horses, Dogs & Water Canons, Shove a Woman in the Path of Oncoming Van

Zero outrage in the regime press. Some white ladies matter more than others.

Associated Press:

Before the police ended the protest, several people carried a homemade banner emblazoned with the text in Dutch “Love & Freedom: No Dictatorship.” Many others held yellow umbrellas, which people taking part in anti-lockdown protests in recent weeks have often carried.

Another demonstrator carted a makeshift set of stocks with a photo of Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s head stuck in the middle and a sign saying: “If you love the Netherlands, vote them out.”

I’m not citing the rest of the piece because all it is doing is justifying police violence. Indeed it has been impossible to find a piece on the protest that is not siding with the crackdown. How very different from the reaction to the police violence at the London White Ladies Matter.

Some white ladies matter more than others.

White ladies shoved into the path of a charging police van carrying stick-wielding goons at an anti-lockdown gathering don’t matter very much at all. In fact, the regime press will busy itself explaining, qualifying, and justifying the police (regime attack dog?) assault — to the extent it will even report on it.

But don’t worry, next week official Netherlands will still help destroy the next Syria/Libya/Yugoslavia for being a big meanie to its own people.

  1. Joe_Below says

    The COVID nonsense will be a bridge too far for the New World Order.

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Novus Ordo Seclorum dated the zionazi lodges on 2033, see the Rat-child 1$ bill, the US great seal,US modern galactic flag, the US Skyscrapers calendar with tied to it the oficial,zionist msm released 911 Database! 11x times the same date for NWO, 2033!!!

  2. Jerry Hood says

    Covid “19” is the 2nd horseman of zionist Apocalypse, after 911, each more and more deadly,with more and more lost human rights! In 2023 will hit us 3rd horse, STARVATION, blamed on Covid destroyed global economy, bad weater and bad harvests! With all human rights gone! In 2025, the reptilian subhuman ” elite” plans Armagedon war of Depopulation of the world, to them ” ideal” 500 million survivors, se their apocalyptic Georgia Guidestones!!!

    1. Jerry Hood says

      In 2033, welcome to Novus Ordo Seclorum= Jew World Odor/ Order…

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