Dugin: Having Pulled the Gun Russia Must Shoot or Lose

Dugin applies "street-fighting" lessons to...the fate of millions

The Russia-NATO talks have taken the confrontation to a new level. Russia is firmly insisting on a formal refusal to accept the post-Soviet countries into NATO; the West persists in its position, offering in exchange something unnecessary and unimportant, or at least of secondary importance…

Moscow’s position in this case — and this is a new and important element — is not reactive and not passive, but offensive.

NATO has been actively pressuring us for 30 years, including during the whole of Putin’s 20-year period. But only now is Russia ripe to challenge this for real.

In big politics, only force decides everything. “For real” means “by force”.

Moscow is taking a serious swing. And now it is impossible to take a step back, otherwise what was the swing for? We know from gangster movies and from the business of the 90s, and even from street fights, that to pull out a gun (knife, machine gun) and not shoot is almost suicide. Whoever goes for aggravation must realize that if he doesn’t, he will. We are exactly at this point now.

The unipolar world is complete. Contrary to the desperation of Biden and world elites to make one last attempt to save globalism and American hegemony – and this is the meaning of Biden’s campaign slogan (Bild BackBetter – “Rebuild Everything Again and Better”, i.e. “Back to the unipolar 90s”), or Klaus Schwab’s thesis at the Davos forum (Great Reset) – historical time is not reversible: Russia and China already represent two independent poles, solidarity on the major world problems. This means that multipolarity is established here and now.

In history, however, the change of the global world order, alas, is often carried out through wars. Without them, those who lose in no way agree to recognize voluntarily the obvious change. It is a kind of reality check…

Apparently, we still have to do what we should have been done – and wasn’t – in 2014. Yes, the starting conditions are much worse, but better late than never. Nobody counts on “never” anymore. The Russia-NATO meeting showed that clearly. Both sides are ready to escalate, and now to give in means to lose irreversibly. The Kremlin clearly does not intend to do this. But the West simply cannot. That would not just be a loss of face, but an admission of defeat.

As usual, the Russians took a long time to get going, so now they must rush ahead.

Source: Nezigar Telegram channel

What else may we learn from these fountains of wisdom?
  1. Jerry Hood says

    It is a highest time to nuke the corrupted degenerated West with its zionazi ” elite” and their dumb goyim! Russia is the Dragon= USAtan Slayer, and the zionazi USrael won’t survive the massive Russian hit! And if necessary, China will finish the job of the Russians! No mercy to them!!!

    1. ken says

      Jerry,,, I don’t know where your at but nukes know no borders. The radiation will circle the entire northern hemisphere and will eventually go to the southern hemisphere as well.

      When you speak of a degenerate West, what it really is,,, is degenerate governments. Since I am in the US I can assure you our government is completely rogue and in no way represents the People but,,, as readily seen with the virus, can be ‘led’ into annihilating themselves with an injection,,, so getting them to agree to a war will be easy. Same for Russia which does in fact have warranted security complaints.

      The only thing nukes will do is kill most life on earth. If they want to duke it out,,, fine,,, but keep it conventional. People in the US have proven they are not concerned about their children by giving them experimental meds,,, so sending them off to be killed in a war won’t likely bother them,,, at least for awhile.

      Let’s hope they fine a solution.

      This is why I say the best government is no government.

      Note: that downvote is not from me,,, I rarely downvote.

      1. Jerry Hood says

        All degeneration stated in your zioNazi USrael, now since 1960′ s in zionazi hands! While you dumbed down goyim populace slept! All you were interested in was allmighty Dollar, party life and sex! Now you see where you got! You are all like your fuck up government filled with khazars! And you were dragging Europe on the same path of degeneration and destruction! By the way, you are so dumb, you don’t even notice that we are at the END OF ANNO MAGNUS, facing big,cosmic Apocalypse! So WW3 will make it easier for you and your soulless retards!!! WW3 is absolutely decided in masonic lodges and necessary! Russia will slay you USAtan, within 1 hour!!! Christian Russia is the designed St.Geroge- the Dragon/ USAtan slayer,see centre of their 2 headed eagle! And on your great seal and flag,the masons left the same date of your destruction! It is in the US Skyscrapers calendar,and in 911 zionist oficial Database! 11xtimes the same date is not an accident! After black Olmecs= Jaguars and the red Indian serpent cultures, it is time to destroy the white trash colonists from Europe! The next colonists of North Ama-ruca will be the yellow Chinese!!!

    2. XSFRGR says

      Russia has no reason to use nuclear weapons against the West unless Russia is attacked. The West is dying. In actuality the West is already dead; it’s now rotting. The rot is terminal, and can’t be stopped. All Russia needs to do is wait, and the multi-cultural cesspool of the West, especially the U$, will be gone in 2 generations or less. After the West breaks up there will be a White homeland in the Northwest of the American continent, and Russia shall be our ally, and protector. I’m old, far too old to see it happen, but I’ll go to my grave knowing that that it’s true.

      1. GMC says

        I think Russia is actually better off too. They are done with talkin , so they can concentrate on what needs to be done. They have the homefield advantage and can pick when and where or just sit back until the armies get thick in Ukraine – then dispose of them from the missiles, artillery etc. My home in my adult life was Alaska – and the real Ak. would side with Russia.

        I had to laugh at an article with Zelinsky telling his people – not to make a run on the banks and stop rat-holing food in case of the Russian invasion – lol The Ukies aren’t afraid of the Russian armies – they are afraid of all the foreign armies and mercenaries they see movin in ! Many Ukies know they will be used as shields.

  2. жанна says

    If someone decides to destroy Russia, then we have a legitimate right to respond.

    Yes, it will be a global catastrophe for humanity. It will be a global catastrophe for the world. But still, as a citizen of Russia and the head of the Russian state, I want to ask the question: “Why do we need such a world if there will be no Russia?”

    Putin: We will not threaten anyone, but we will ensure Russia’s security

    In fact, Putin did not say anything fundamentally new.

    1. cargo cultist says

       But still, as a citizen of Russia and the head of the Russian state, “

      You’re the head of the Russian state? are you hot?

  3. Pat says

    “The unipolar world is complete” assume you meant multi-polar

    Lets hope Russia wake up to reality in time, otherwise the empire will get slavs killing slavs while the empire has a good old laugh on the sidelines. Then AZ just kills off north stream and turns Europe into an even worse zombi land.

  4. Pablo says

    From my standpoint, it looks like Russia’s hand is being forced here. The USA is not a reliable OR trustworthy partner. In agreements or anything else. Mr. Putin is correct, imho to ask for firm, formal agreements concerning this issue from the US. And I don’t think Mr. Dugin needs to worry about the prospect of Russia taking “a step back”. I think Mr. utin and Mr. Lavrov are quite serious in their statements on this topic. Their commentary on the subject is, imho, FAR from mere posturing so as to fought a battle through Media channels. This is all REAL.

    1. Eddy says

      Why is everyone ignoring the elephant in the room, the E.U. ? How come it’s the U.S. who seems to be speaking on behalf of the E.U. though no one appointed them to act as such. How is this possible ? Where are the European leaders, don’t they have a say what happens to their countries, after all, Europe is where the war will be fought, and suffer terribly as a consequence, yet they don’t participate in any negotiations ??? NATO is NOT Europe, and has never been the voice of Europe either, so why is NATO getting a seat at these meetings ? Very strange goings on indeed.

  5. drb says

    Marko is too ideological for my taste, but occasionally he and/or Edward produce articles of the highest quality, top three in the whole internet. But Dugin is so ideological he gets seldom anything right. Selling oil in rubles, for example, is a much bigger gun.

  6. Raptar Driver says

    Like I predicted, Russia got it’s minor concession.
    It will get it’s security concerns in writing.
    Which of course is even less than a minor concession.
    Putin will declare victory and the encircling of Russia will continue.

  7. Marcus Maximus says

    What do you guys say about Putin being involved in all this in the article above and yet in his speech here:


    he appears to be more open and helpful to his constituents wanting to be like the West but yet with Covid draconian policies?
    And yet he also seems to be chums with Klaus Shawb and his goals and appears to agree with him??

  8. FredMc says

    I think the author is correct. I also think that Russia realized what it was doing with the ultimatum. This is a defining moment in our history.

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