Dr. Fauci Reminds Everyone We Will Only Have to Wear Masks Until Humans Evolve Organic Face Coverings at Birth

WASHINGTON, DC— After causing an uproar for constantly extending how long masks will be required, Dr. Fauci has finally provided much some needed answers. In a recent interview, Dr. Fauci has once and for all explained that we will only need to wear cloth masks until humans evolve them.

“As soon as humans naturally evolve an organic nose and mouth covering at birth, then we can start dialing back on the mask mandates.” clarified Dr. Fauci. “This isn’t going to be some endless, arbitrary policy. We have clear, scientific measures informing us when masks are obsolete.”

“Well that is a huge relief!” said Cathy Pittman. “We just have to trust the science and everything will be better in no time! I was starting to think the masks were going to become permanent parts of our lives!”

In a statement, Dr. Fauci gave his estimate for when he thinks that the evolved facemasks might become a reality. “We’re working with a purely scientific, definitive timetable now. We just need exactly right at about 2-5 millionish years give or take to probably evolve facemasks for the most part.”

When pressed further, Dr. Fauci continued by saying, “I know that time will be here before you know it, but I don’t think life should start returning to normal until humans are born with at least 2 naturally occurring face masks. So just another quick 5 million years!”

Source: The Babylon Bee

Text may contain traces of satire.

  1. ken says

    Facemasks have but one purpose. It is a visual to them to see how many are willing to sacrifice their children, themselves, their minds and souls to this anti Christ system. It’s so evil I don’t know what else to call it. Right now it appears to be about 95%.

  2. bluebird says

    I agree with You Ken. I have always said 95% of the people are just stupid, they just can not think on their own. Parents don’t even care about their kids health. Making children wear masks is child abuse

  3. gary stuart says

    He’s insane.. Nature provides immune systems for a reason and we NEED O2 to survive.. The mask is the super spreader.. Ask him what anaerobic bacteria and viruses NEED… Moisture, CO2 and HEAT… That’s REAL SCIENCE!

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