Hitchens & Tegnell Deep Fry Covid Lockdown Loonies in Virtual Cambridge Union Debate

The intellectual steamrolling of the century


Cambridge should be ashamed. They shut down the livestream chat after everyone started cheering for Hitchens (viewers also pointed out that the pro-lockdown Imperial College lady was reading straight from her computer, and doing a poor job of it, too). It wasn’t really a debate. But the pro-sanity side won without a doubt.


Yes, it’s happening! Sweden’s

Thursday, 23rd of April 6PM BST. That’s in roughly eight hours. DON’T MISS IT. It will be livestreamed here.

  1. ke4ram says

    It doesn’t require a gaggle of PhD’s to debate a situation that is morally wrong. Bottom line: Governments, (especially US State governors) do not have the authority to shut down all or most all commerce, causing massive disruptions, and job loss for any reason especially one as stupid as to slow the spread of a virus which will only enable a second wave. Worse, law enforcement is enforcing these illegal dictates.
    The original idea was to slow it down to ensure hospital space,,, the hospitals are mostly at 50% or less today and actually firing workers. Many wanting elective surgery cannot get it. Frightening a population of a virus that hasn’t even been proven to exist, Scamming the numbers as high as possible also indicates there are other agendas at work. Most anyone dying is now marked Covid 19. Even jiggering the numbers up to 50,000, (USA) still haven’t reached the 2017-2018 flu deaths of 81,000, (USA).

    In the end I’ll wager governments will kill more folks by this illegal shutdown then the virus will.

  2. watcher12 says

    Keep in mind that about 50% of all folk eligible to vote in the corporate elctions of the US and USA do not vote at all! My take is – they are sitting back and keeping their powder dry.

  3. Saggysack says

    I cannot reconcile how folk can “debate” about a threat that has an infection fatality rate of 0.3! This is flu.

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