Donald “Maximum Pressure” Trump Left Hanging as France-Brokered Call With Rouhani Fell Apart

Trump was sitting there holding a phone waiting for Macron to get Rouhani on the call

It’s been fairly well known that France has been trying to broker talks between the US and Iran, but last week, reports indicate those talks came very close to happening, only to fall apart at the last minute.

It got to the point that President Trump was sitting there holding a phone on Tuesday evening, with expectations of a three-way conference call with Rouhani and French President Macron, but Rouhani rejected the talks are nothing came of them.

Trying desperately to facilitate this, France went to the extent to install a whole secure line in Rouhani’s hotel suite in New York. French officials confirmed “technical arrangements,” but that the call did not take place.

US reports suggest Macron “blindsided” Rouhani with the proposed call at the last minute. Rouhani was said to have been informed by Trump’s speech at the UN General Assembly, attacking Iran’s “bloodlust,” and decided not to talk, believing Trump wouldn’t offer sanctions relief.

This may also be the source of conflicting reports on whether the US offered sanctions relief for talks or not, as Iran seemed to be under the impression this was on offer, and didn’t think the US would delver.


  1. Padre says

    Macron and Trump, what a trustworthy pair, tweet one thing in the morning fake news it in the evening!

  2. Mary E says

    That call would have only been an event that Trump could use in his presidential campaign, saying how much of a good negotiator he is….well he isn’t and good thing
    call didn’t go through…he would have blown it anyway.

    1. DarkEyes says

      Not quite right.
      Mr Trump’s conversation with the president of Ukraine has been leaked and naturally publisized with manipulated text by a “secret service person” (in active service you are IMO not allowed to that kind of act) who had not even read the fresh transcript of that conversation.

      He must be a nasty Democrat to help Pelosi and Schumer and to betray his current and acting boss, his president.

      And you agree with betrayal like in this case, I presume.

  3. CHUCKMAN says

    Macron is simply ineffective in almost everything he does.

    He’s a kind of a highly-polished French dilettante of a politician.

    Rouhani has made his reasonable conditions for talks public a number of times.

    “Take off the sanctions and holster your guns. You are the ones who tore up a working treaty.”

    Trump’s immense and empty ego cannot deal with that.

    It would literally mean everything he has done on this file is useless, which of course is exactly the case.

    Much like the whole now-embarrassing effort in encouraging Saudi Arabia to attack Yemen.

  4. JustPassingThrough says

    why should IR wish to talk to either of these clowns.
    D.T. has made his position quite clear.
    …and Macaroni and his EU cohorts are less than useless by any measure.

  5. JNDillard says

    This further undercuts the credibility of Macron and the US and further drives Iran into the camp of Russia and China. Great job, guys.

    1. CHUCKMAN says

      Macron had some credibility to undercut?

      I guess I missed it.

  6. John C Carleton says

    Iran has not attacked America.

    Why does the Trickster Trumpster want to murder in war crimes, little Iranian children and Grandmothers?

    Maybe because Iran does not give their oil to the RothsRats, or install a pedophilic Usury Ratschild “bank”, so the Rats can steal the wealth of Iran, as they have America?

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