Doctors Advise Against Intensive Sport After COVID Vaccination to Ward Against ‘Rare Cardiac Complications’

The injection required for your vaccine passport makes you 'healthier' and 'more resilient'

In the wake of three rare cardiac complications in young athletes who had recently been vaccinated against the coronavirus, doctors have strongly advised against intensive physical activity soon after receiving a vaccine dose.

The riders, all from the Acrog-Tormans Balen cycling club, were aged between 15 and 17 years old and developed chest pain during competitions or training a few days after being vaccinated.

“It is impossible to demonstrate a direct link between the vaccine and these heart problems. That is in progress,” cardiologist Guido Claessen (UZ Leuven) told De Morgen. 

All teenage boys were fit and healthy and none had experienced noticeable after-effects from the vaccine before engaging in intensive physical effort. No similar incidents have been reported among vaccinated riders in older age groups.

According to Kris Van der Mieren, a doctor at the Belgian Cycling Federation, the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products did put out a letter warning of the risks of inflammation of the heart as a result of the two mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna.

“It says that in very rare cases myocarditis and pericarditis (inflammations or swellings in the heart) can occur in the fourteen days after vaccination. And more often after a second dose and in young, athletic men,” he said.

‘Take it easy’

Doctors want to avoid creating panic among young athletes and have stressed that there is “no need to panic, but we recommend taking it easy for at least one week after receiving a vaccine dose.”

As a result of these alarming incidents, the Acrog-Tormans Balenteam has recently issued a new rule that prohibits riders from racing immediately after being vaccinated, regardless of how well they feel.

Professional athletes in other sports have been reluctant to get vaccinated, citing performance concerns.

In tennis, world number three Stefanos Tsitsipas announced that he would not get the vaccine unless the ATP, which governs men’s professional tennis competitions, made it mandatory.

However, despite a few rare cases of cardiac problems arising soon after vaccination, health experts are stressing that the benefits of getting vaccinated continue to outweigh the risks. [For whom?]

Source: The Brussels Times

  1. Andra Saltzberg says

    Well, Mr Tsitsipas, you’d ultimately be saving your life if you…and all those
    you can recruit…told the ATP to stick their clotshot where the sun doesn’t shine…
    now & forever.

  2. ken says

    Yeah,,, everything is ‘rare’ 40,000 deaths in 9 months— rare.

    “It is impossible to demonstrate a direct link between the vaccine and these heart problems. That is in progress,” cardiologist Guido Claessen (UZ Leuven) told De Morgen. “

    The new 21st century model. Bypass the animal studies which all past studies have failed and test your new Frankenstein drugs on humans especially children that are easily coerced into doing things.

    “Okay Jenny,,, This is good for you! Yummy!”

    If you have healthy 15 year olds, give him/her a drug and a week later they end up with heart problems where they had none before I’d say it’s a pretty good bet it is the drug. That doesn’t require a medical license. It requires care and concern for your patient which today’s medical nazis have very little of either.

    1. Voz 0db says

      I’ve made an even MORE obvious version of that… since the Herds are, well, MORONS!

  3. fresnoman4man says

    Who are these anonymous “experts” who are stressing the alleged “benefits” of being injected with a toxic amalgam of DNA altering experimental composite that seem to have an agenda to reduce the population down to what technocratic elites deem desirable for their new AI world? Never mind the “rare”” cases that induce cardiac problems in gullible athletes who get snagged on the shop worn propaganda hook of “safe and effective”.

  4. Tom says

    Our mayor Marco Borradori here in Lugano, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, died last week in his early sixties during a medium distance run, about a week after the second mRNA jab. He went jogging almost daily to prepare for the new York Marathon later this year. Perfectly healthy sports fanatic. Autopsy was performed, to rule out external force, as he was found dead on his running trail. Results were not published, but we heard it was myocarditis through the grape wine.

  5. Mark says

    How??? How can the benefits possibly outweigh the risks? I mean, considering that there are no benefits and there is considerable risk?

    There are no benefits because the injections are not vaccines. Vaccines give you immunity, so that you do not catch the disease against which you have been vaccinated; that’s why the process is called ‘immunization’. The Pfizer and Moderna jabs do not invest you with immunity, and their promise is that you will experience weaker symptoms. Since more than 80% of victims are asymptomatic or present with very mild symptoms, how is that a benefit which outweighs its risk?

    Despite the FDA’s rushed approval of the Pfizer vaxx, both mRNA ‘vaccines’ remain highly experimental – their clinical trials are far from complete, nobody knows what their effect will be over the long term as they have never been used on humans, and the double-blind process was a farce in which both manufacturers told their test subjects which of them had received the placebo, and offered to vaccinate them. Therefore all but about 10% of the Control Group has ceased to be, because those people got vaccinated. The trial process was a joke and it was always a foregone conclusion that they would be approved for emergency use.

    New studies suggest natural immunity acquired from recovery is superior to ‘vaccine immunity’, and much more enduring – the vaccines start to wear off after about 6 months. Perfect, if you are Pfizer or one of their investors – the proles will need a booster shot every six months. Cha-ching!!

    To top it all off, most of those who were assessed to be asymptomatic probably were never sick at all and did not have COVID. The PCR test, which public health lauds as ‘the gold standard’ is not a test at all, but an expander used as a research tool. It cannot tell the difference between live and dead virus, and its use results in a high number of false positives. Actual COVID ‘cases’ are probably far, far lower than the official numbers.

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