‘Do You Want to Protect AQ or Defeat Them?’ — Watch Tulsi Be Great on Syria

Anyone comparable on the right?

Is there someone on the right which is this good on this issue? Rohrabacher has been voted out and Jones passed away. How are Paul and Massey?

  1. James Willy says

    Sounds like donny when he first decided to run. At least these puppets know what we the people want. Evidenced by the things they tell us like this fake tramp here does..

  2. thomas malthaus says

    The US has only the Uniparty. Tulsi may ultimately be a co-creator if our political bastardization is severed.

  3. CHUCKMAN says

    Lonely are the brave.

  4. TB Wong says

    The sad truth about USA today is that presidential candidates who speak the truth will never get get nominated and elected.

  5. Canosin says

    I would vote for her……intellectually she is light years ahead of all candidates…..incl. the Trumpet……unfortunately that’s also her Achilles heel……since the American average voters are too dull to comprehend what she is talking about…..

  6. Ulricht says

    There is nobody on the left right or piggy in the middle. Nobody with guts anywhere to be seen. She has her feet on the ground that girl.

  7. ke4ram says

    Sounds great. So did Candidate Trump. They know Americans are gullible.

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