Dmitry Medvedev Issues Call to Bring War to Unvaccinated Vermin

It's for the children!

Russia’s senior leadership openly advocates for “significantly infringing on the rights of the unvaccinated”

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All 85 federal subjects of Russia now have health-preserving compulsory vaccination for certain segments of society; 75 regions currently require QR code-based health IDs for basic activities—a policy that has already saved tens of millions of lives.

Vaccination in Russia is still 100% voluntary, but if you haven’t gotten the jab yet, you are a threat to society and the government needs to garnish your wages in order to safeguard public health. This is actually what Dmitry Medvedev—esteemed ex-prime minister/president and current deputy chairman of Russia’s security council—has skillfully argued in long and very enlightening essay:

To encourage people to get vaccinated, employers use a reward system: time off, one-time payments, a convenient individual schedule and work format. The same methods “work” on a national scale, when people with a vaccination certificate get unhindered access to public events and public places, can travel, work or study in person without restrictions, and not remotely.


“Reverse” methods are also possible—to significantly infringe on the rights of the unvaccinated. This refers to the transfer to remote work, suspension from work with people, and a decrease in payments due to the fact that COVID dissidents pose a threat to society. Such methods, as already mentioned, are already actively used in many countries. Of course, this creates a certain segregation on the basis of vaccination. However, such measures are quite effective, and most of them meet with understanding and support. After all, unvaccinated people harm not only themselves, but also those around them, especially children, who are not yet vaccinated in most countries. Therefore, improving legislation in this area is a challenge to which our state has yet to find an answer. And, frankly, such a response will have to depend on the level of threat to public safety posed by the pandemic. In certain situations, public safety and social well-being of the entire population becomes more important than respecting the rights and freedoms of an individual citizen. The protection of the majority is a fundamental principle of democracy. Whether someone likes it or not …

There’s a lot to unpack here. First, kudos to Medvedev for needling the elephant in the room: the unvaxxed are murdering children—often on purpose and for fun. Probably you’ve already seen the disgusting TikTok videos on the Dark Web showing unjabbed vermin scurrying around Moscow, fatally infecting infants as they laugh and laugh and laugh? These “people” are freaks.

We also must applaud Medvedev for protecting the minority of Russians who have been vaccinated (many of them after being coerced and threatened) from the majority who remain unvaxxed—the 55%+ of Russians who “pose a threat to society.” The Russian government is committed to protecting “the majority,” which is why Medvedev is advocating for treating the majority as second-class subhumans. This is a fundamental principle of democracy!

Think of the children!

We also love the idea of segregating the majority of Russians from society—and we agree with Medvedev, this policy will undoubtedly be met with understanding and support.

Thankfully, Medvedev’s Make Russia Great Again platform seems to have support within the government.

Yuri Kokov, deputy secretary of Russia’s security council, recently suggested that anyone who doesn’t like compulsory voluntary vaccination is very likely some sort of Islamic State suicide bomber:

Terrorist organizations are actively working on social networks to “discredit the actions of local authorities in the fight against the pandemic, to create a mood of confusion and uncertainty among the population,” Kokov said.

Medvedev also has allies within Russia’s famously competent and resourceful legislature.

Last week, State Duma Deputy Anatoly Wasserman urged security officials to crack down on “anti-vaccination” extremists, adding that those who refuse voluntary vaccination “will have to accept that their rights will be legally limited.”

Before joining the Duma, Wasserman was an evil wizard from Lord of the Rings

Wasserman’s Duma colleague, LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, has proposed criminal punishment for those who oppose voluntary vaccination against COVID:

“If someone takes a stand against vaccination – up to criminal punishment!” – said Zhirinovsky.

According to the politician, a violation of the sanitary and epidemiological rules should be punished for violation of the sanitary and epidemiological rules, which inadvertently led or could lead to a massive illness of people.

Zhirinovsky also called for an increase in the self-isolation regime [of the elderly] and criticized those who bought tourist vouchers for a non-working week. In addition, in his opinion, the army can be used to fight the pandemic…

This is the same guy who has allegedly injected himself with 6—yes, s-i-x — COVID vaccines (so far).

Zhirinovsky is possibly the most-vaccinated person in Russia, and he’s still alive and very sprightly! See? The jabs are safe.

Frankly, we don’t see any good counter-arguments to all of the above. The Russian government is working around the clock, 24/7, trying to keep everyone safe and healthy. Isn’t it time to punish the troublemakers and science doubters?

Russia has the safest, most proven COVID vaccine, funded by a JP Morgan-affiliated banker and created in the world’s most advanced laboratories. There’s literally no reason not to get double-jabbed and triple-boostered, unless you love NATO or something.

No more monkey business. It’s time to purge the unvaxxed filth, who are getting in the way of Russia’s Multi-Polar, Anti-Globalist Paradise.

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  1. Ilya G Poimandres says

    Personally I will segregate happily, start one of those Lithuania like shops outside our house in podmoskovie, with a clear sign – “no vaxxed allowed”.

    There, problem fixed.

    Let’s see whose economy works better!

  2. ken says

    The protection of the majority is a fundamental principle of democracy. Whether someone likes it or not …”

    Yes, Both Putin and Medvedev born born in the USSR are surely experts on democracy…. USSR style. Once a Red always a Red but really all governments are pretty much the same when the pavement hits the road.

    The Russian Orthodox Church has already said it’s a sin to refuse the killshot for the fake virus so they’re right

    “Those who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19 are committing a sin they will have to repent for the rest of their lives. That’s according to the Russian Orthodox Church, whose spokesman said rejecting a jab is selfish.” Metropolitan Hilarion as reported on RT July 5 2021.

    Like the rest of the world,,, Putin and Medvedev have bent over and parted their cheeks for Schwabs extra large communion cookie.

    Now can you see why I say the best government is no government. It’s enough trouble in life without having to put up with bullshit from these assholes.

    1. ken says

      When the rubber hits the road,,, bad day!

  3. edwardi says

    I am unpleasantly shocked/surprised that as of yet Russian authorities do not seem to have realized the Plandemic Plot, or that Effective Treatment and encouraging people who notice symptoms to as early as possible ( first several days are best ) seek Treatment is the only solution/course of action. It is more understandable that in ruthlessly Capitalist societies such as in the US and the so called West in general, people are financially reluctant to quickly report to hospitals or doctors as cash is king and those lacking it are dead men walking. But in Russia and the vicinity where Socialized type medical services prevail, there should be no impediment and people could easily be further supported by compensation for time lost from work, with early treatment it would only be for a few days. It has already been proven in numerous nations, India being a prime example, that early treatment of symptoms with Ivermectin is very effective at curing the patient and stopping the virus spread and there are several other equally effective repurposed drugs in addition to Hydroxychloroquine. Another equally effective preventive and curative regimen is using a Nebulizer to administer H202, commonly known as very inexpensive Hydrogen Peroxide. According to Dr. Thomas Levy in his brilliant book on subject Rapid Virus Recovery, food grade 35% H202 diluted in a saline solution to 1 or 3 % is not even needed, that over the counter 3% can be directly nebulized, and is very effective. So, I thought these Russians were supposed to be pragmatic people, aware of the threats from the Western circus world, long ago they should have quit buying into the vaccine to treat a virus Baloney and started working with it’s population to get healthier ( perfect opportunity to stress fitness) via supplementing essential vitamins to boost the natural immune ( to all things ) and advocating to that public for early reporting of symptoms and early treatments. Please wake up Vladimir, you are sleeping on the job on this subject. Respectfully. e.

    1. Robert I Bruce says

      Wake up, the man is in on it. Feigning opposition like Trump does, except Putin is a master, while Trump is a mere child.

      1. Leisure Larry says

        “If only Comrade Stalin knew!”

        [A common exclamation of those arrested during the purges.]

    2. ken says

      The mistake everyone is making is believing the virus is real… its never been purified to a single virus and thus there is no way the medical nazis can know the actual genome sequence. The genome sequence they use is ‘contrived’ translated means… made up by a computer. So if they do not have a ‘real’ sequence to work with no true vaccine can be made.

      It is amazing how most of us will agree that everything the medical nazis have said turned out as lies so why do people still believe in the virus…. I don’t know. The doctor tells them they have it so they believe it because our entire lives we held doctors up on a pedestal and believed everything they said.

      Today the hospitals are after the hefty bonuses from government paid for diagnosing covid. More money for ventilating and prescribing remdesivir, a killer drug in itself. It was pulled during a study on Ebola because it was killing too many. The drug is another FDA EUA drug.

      In the West hospitals will not deviate from using the drug as it is part of the ‘official’ treatment from the WHO and CDC along with the killer ventilator also part of the official treatment plan. Between the 30-40% remdesiver kill rate and the 70-90% kill rate of the ventilator most patients,,, probably > 95%,,, are assured of dying. Overdosing the sedative is also used in many British hospitals.

      Looking at the US VAERS system and the EU vaccine reporting system it is obvious this is an intended kill off. VAERS is reporting almost 18,000 deaths which everyone knows is only about 1-10% of the actual. That would mean between 180,000 and 1.8 million deaths so far. We will never know as the nazis are hiding the deaths in the covid category and other disease categories.

      There is no available Russian tracking system that I know of so it appears we will never know the real safety of the Russian vaxxes.

      Ivermectin is pretty good against pretty much any virus so it makes sense it would help cure whatever ailments the doctors claim are covid.

      As for Russia,,, it is now obvious Putin was holding out for something. Whatever it was, he got, and is now fully in and therefore cannot be trusted where the fake disease is concerned.

      1. Art says

        It’s a psychological operation to augment the concentration of control and wealth.

    3. Kieran says

      Edwardi, you’ve hit the nail on the head as far as lack of common sense being displayed by the Russians with regard to managing this……pandemic or whatever you want to call it. So far only the Indians and a few other nations have used from what resources they already have, to work out an affordable and credible treatment for the afflicted masses that works and is witnessed by the rest of the world who are now furious with their own governments and medical establishments for succumbing to vaccine lobbyists/mafia/gravy train and discarding, ridiculing, and cancelling all hands on treatments with reconditioned drugs like ivermectin and HCQ, steroids, anticlotting drugs which are cheap, affordable, and effective.

      so why is Russia following the West which have brazenly put profits before human life and unnecessarily complicated an easily treatable condition with lock down, vaccine, quarantine, mask mandates.. your guess is as good as mine

  4. Jerry Hood says

    Wasserman.Zhirinovsky , khazarian snake jews…

  5. Mr Reynard says

    Anatoly Wasserman !! Anatoly Wasserman !! Stop here ! That name’s telling me all ?

  6. Adam says

    The first people that should be vaccinated in Russia should be all the politicians. Starting with the Psychopath Dwarf Medvedev and the “Attack Dog” Zhirinovsky.

  7. GMC says

    On a brighter note, Russia has endorsed Sputnik lite as an authentic vax against the virus. This shot is really a very small dose and so far – no harmful reactions, but you will feel the Sputnik boost to your body, that everyone feels after the vax. I took it cause I moved over to a larger tourist town for awhile and wanted a little more protection( I had th virus last year) I sugest that if you have to take the jab, this is the one you want.

    The Gov. is pressuring the people, in order to get Sputnik endorsed on the World scene. Russian Gov. Is naturally part of the Globalist family – they have to be, in order to sell gaz, oil, nuclear energy sources, arms, medicine, agricultural products etc. etc. This is part of life in the 21 Century
    Actually, Medvedev was in charge of Crimea after the vote and he was the guy that got things moving in the infrastructure and immigration plans – so I read.

  8. Bobby says

    Just another Russian fool. He’s got to stop drinking cheap vodka.

  9. great reset says

    How many children does MOSSAD have Vladimir Putin raping on video?

  10. BlueyBlogger says

    Mr Medvedev has only a Second Grade reading level, therefore, he has NO business making such comments. A spoiled brat with a BIG mouth..!!!

    1. Raptar Driver says

      And he is a Jew.

  11. Raptar Driver says

    Isn’t he a Jew?

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