District of Colombia Won’t Ask Taliban Government Permission to Launch Airstrikes in Afghanistan

District of Colombia is the government of the world after all, with universal jurisdiction

The US has no plans to ask permission from the Taliban if it decides to bomb Afghanistan in the future, the Pentagon said on Friday.

Since the withdrawal, the US has maintained that it has “over the horizon capabilities” to carry out airstrikes in Afghanistan. But even though the Taliban is leading the new Afghan government, the Pentagon has no plans to coordinate with them on potential airstrikes.

“We retain all necessary authorities to execute over-the-horizon counterterrorism operations, and we remain confident in these capabilities moving forward,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told Military Times.

“Without speaking to specific rules of engagement surrounding airstrikes, there is currently no requirement to clear airspace with the Taliban, and we do not expect that any future over the horizon counterterrorism strikes would hinge on such a clearance,” he said.

The US has hinted at further intervention and airstrikes in Afghanistan under the guise of fighting ISIS-K. The Taliban have accepted air support from the US in the past against ISIS-K, but since the withdrawal was completed, the Taliban have said they don’t need foreign help to fight the terrorist group.

The last known US airstrike in Afghanistan took place on August 29th in Kabul, which killed 10 civilians, including seven children. The Pentagon initially claimed the strike targeted ISIS-K, but it was forced to admit that only civilians were killed in the bombing.

Source: Antiwar.com

  1. ken says

    The killings will continue,,, whether by bombs, missiles, needles or other means. It is what Man does best.

    1. Wayne Gabler says

      You spelled ‘NATO’ wrong, just sayin . . .

  2. jimbogoofball says

    Why don’t the Talibans have effective anti-aircraft weapons? And why do they refuse to use them. Surely the men must have manpads there after all the equipment they hustled from the stink finger. Why do these yankees fly there with impunity?

    1. richseeto says

      Good rhetorical question.

      Yanks think they can do whateverTF they want, just because they are the World’s no. 1 bully and no nation on earth has the means and the power to stop them.

      China is one of the very few who is holding it at bay but then look at the opprobrium she is getting from the lapdogs of the hegemon and some of the idiotic and unthinking countries of the world.

      1. Michael Arnold says

        Ah, you forget Russia. The ussa can never attack Russia, it would mean the ussa would be destroyed!

  3. richseeto says

    What fucking arrogance.

    If the US can bomb any sovereign nation at will, therefore in principle, other nations should also have the right to bomb the USA without permission as well.

    The proverbial Level Playing Field, after all, isn’t it that the US has been preaching to the world at large according to its Rules based Order?

    Or does it seems that both the concept of the Level Playing field and Rules based Order are exempt from the World Bully and Hegemon and any of the Western nations which has been touting them for yonks?

    1. Eddy says

      Quote, “both the concept of the Level Playing field and Rules based Order are exempt from the World Bully and Hegemon ” to answer your question, the U.S. and it’s Western lapdogs, are exempt from those rules, which DO NOT APPLY TO THEM, only to the nations/people they target. It’s always been that way, but it used to be hidden, nowadays, it’s well and truly out in the open, but nations still refuse to do anything about it.

      1. Rabbitnexus says

        They’re only exempt as long as they’re winning. When they lose, then we will see the order reversed.

  4. Rabbitnexus says

    Then dipshits, you WILL see retaliatory attacks inside the USA. This isn’t your phony CIA/Hollywood jihadis. They beat you already, you ran away. If you stay out they’ll ignore you, too busy fighting the next invaders usually. Opt instead for the US usual gutless sleazy back stabbing piracy and they will come after you. 

  5. Séamus says

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the psychopathic bully and its vasal lapdogs….both the US and UK are bankrupt and when (not if) the dollar crashes, the US will, almost instantly, become a third-world cesspit….its infrastructure is already there.

  6. yuri says

    necessary authorities? cockroach authority?
    ” a liberal is a power worshipper without any power”. Orwell

  7. Wayne Gabler says

    Good reason for the Taliban to lease a military airfield to China, the radar can detect high-flying bombers as well as smart artillery shells. At this point, Afghanistan should understand the headlines published in the US were written at the highest levels of the World Bank. They were also the architects of Operation:Cyclone in 1976 rather than the CIA was running the operation, all they did was supply the hardware and the endless pallets of money.
    Iran also has the hardware the Taliban need to do the task on their own. It should be used in eastern Syria against forces friendly to NATO first, that is also the group that directs the terrorist action that have taken place in Iran since 1979.

    A B-52 strike is aimed at destroying an entire village in some remote area. Ballistic munitions will be published as ‘car bombs’ or ‘IED’ when the security in place would have detected a bomb like that.

  8. Raptar Driver says

    Don’t they make an adorable couple?

  9. Leisure Larry says

    I’m trying to figure out what Bogotá has to do with any of this.

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