Disarming the Deplorables

"This is a dispute over an emblem and over the history of the country. The gun is a symbol of power, self-reliance and equality in the USA"

In racially segregated Monroe, North Carolina, in 1961, a crowd of some 2,000 people gathered to prevent a picket by the local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) chapter, which aimed to desegregate the local swimming pool. Robert F Williams, the head of the chapter, was forced off the road as he neared the pool, as another car backed into his. As the crowd advanced on his car, Williams pulled out a pistol and pointed it at a man moving towards him with a baseball bat. Williams then stepped out of the car and waved a carbine before the crowd, which went silent. Williams :

‘There was a very old man, an old white man out in the crowd, and he started screaming and crying like a baby, and he kept crying, and he said, “God damn, God damn, what is this God damn country coming to that the niggers have got guns, the niggers are armed and the police can’t even arrest them!” He kept crying and somebody led him away through the crowd.’

Nothing frightened Southern segregationists as much as the sight of armed African Americans. It was a powerful symbol as well as an actual threat to the Ku Klux Klan and others bent on frustrating the aspirations of black Americans.

But today, much of the media appear to be just as disturbed at the prospect of white guys with guns. The ‘assault weapon’ has become the avatar for the white militia man, just like the ‘Saturday night special’ (a cheap, small-calibre handgun) used to symbolise African-American rioters.

Open season on ‘white extremists’ has been declared. ‘White extremists’ means any person who appears in public with an assault weapon (essentially, a semi-automatic rifle with a pistol grip or other military-style parts). The disturbing scenes at the Capitol building in January have provoked a new phase in the battle against what Joe Biden has called ‘weapons of war’ – even though none of the Capitol invaders carried assault weapons. Now anyone defending gun rights – and even guns themselves – is branded a danger to democracy, and a racist.

The deplorables — the white niggers to the new technocratic order

‘More than ever, assault weapons are an undeniable threat to representative government’, charged the Chicago Sun Times earlier this month. Last week, a writer in the Washington Post wrote of the ‘extremism of the gun imperialists [which] is directed against democracy itself’ (my italics).

In the New York Times, in January, another writer spelt out what he saw as the connection between guns and the threat to democracy, saying people use ‘the implicit threat of [toting a gun] as a means of asserting the privilege of walking away from the table of representative democracy when the outcome doesn’t suit you. Possessing a gun doesn’t protect free speech, as gun-rights activists often claim. The gun is the speech.’ Commenting on a pro-Trump rally in 2020, the same writer also noted that the ‘military-style rifles paraded alongside banners for Donald Trump… suggested that one of America’s two major parties was, in effect, acquiring an armed adjunct, like Hezbollah or the old Sinn Fein’.

In the Atlantic last month, one writer said that ‘men with assault rifles slung over camouflaged shoulders are the avatar of lawlessness’. He continued: ‘We must ban assault rifles and open carry. Their legality is premised on ideas that are inimical to democracy itself.’ And this month, an article in the Boston Globe claimed ‘white identity politics’ is ‘at the heart of the gun-rights movement’.

Do they have a point? Certainly, the 6 January riot targeted a legitimate election result. But it had no connection with assault weapons. And assault weapons are no more deadly than are ordinary rifles. According to Statista, the number of people murdered with any rifle in 2019 – including assault weapons – was 364, which is far smaller than the number of Americans who drown in swimming pools or baths annually. Rifle deaths have remained at the same rate year on year, despite a constant increase in the supply of guns. This war on guns is not about saving lives.

As for the charges of racism, if anything it is the gun-control laws that these pundits call for that are racist. Racial disparities in convictions for existing gun laws are even more shocking than in other elements of criminal justice. In 2016, black people accounted for more than half of offenders convicted of firearms offences carrying mandatory minimum sentences.

Given that nearly half of all Americans live in a home with guns, and that most Americans deplored the violence at the Capitol, it is unfair to call gun owners hostile to democracy. They may be worried about it after last year’s Black Lives Matter riots. According to the Small Arms Survey, Americans rapidly increased their purchases of guns last year to 393million. Sales to black Americans – who were also frightened by the widespread rioting – rose by 58 per cent last year.

The majority of Americans do not want further gun controls. Instead, this is a dispute over an emblem and over the history of the country. The gun is a symbol of power, self-reliance and equality in the USA, which is why black leaders from Frederick Douglass to WEB DuBois to the Black Panthers praised black gun ownership. Those who attack guns and gun-owners indict this American tradition along with the American Constitution and the American Revolution. This is a country that formed itself and remained free because of widespread possession of guns.

The battle over gun controls looks set to become a major part of the culture war. Sixty years ago, segregationists hated the idea that blacks had some access to power – votes and weapons – and did their best to take them away in the name of defending democracy. Today’s elite wants to disarm the deplorables.

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  1. Sally Snyder says

    As shown in this article, the Democrats have proposed one key bill that will impact gun ownership in the United States:


    This is clearly aimed at controlling any type of movement by the right to usurp power from the left since the right-leaners are far more likely to own guns than their Democratic counterparts.

  2. ken says

    “Certainly, the 6 January riot targeted a legitimate election result.”

    This sly line is the main purpose of the article as it has nothing to add to the overall article. The gun issue was the hook and bait.

    If the election was legit, the courts,,, especially the Supremos,,, would have gladly heard the case. The Supremos defied their raisin d’etre when they said Texas and others had no standing. Justice Thomas dissented and for that he has been cancelled by the Left.

    It’s very important to the Left that their president is considered legit by the entire nation. This will not occur for the reason stated above. They may have not liked Trump but Trumps election was up and up for the most part. They had to resort to massive fraud to get their man elected last year.

    Don’t think I am partisan,,, I haven’t voted in years, having given up on “representative government long ago. That form of government only works until the corporate con men of the world purchase and own said representatives and thus the government

    Mark Twain was right. “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us to do it”. But the powers that wannabee know the People ‘believe’ so intensely that they will ignore any and all evidence to the contrary. Even today, after the last farce of an election people are already talking about the 2024 election.

    Yes,,, like the fake virus,,, no matter the evidence to the contrary,,, they believe it’s real.

    1. Timmy75 says

      The fatal flaw in elections, is there is nothing there from which to choose but the least qualified for the job, the absolute bottom-of-the-barrel, nothing but politicians and ONLY politicians. Therefore, color me surprised by our current state of affairs.

  3. yuri says

    the nazis restricted gun rights—dims —a distinction with no difference

    1. Eileen Kuch says

      Surely, the Bolsheviks not only confiscated guns from the Russian/Ukrainian peoples, but massacred over a million of them.

    2. Former Liberal says

      That is a myth–except for Jews. Because my dad was multilingual, he was kept in the army after World War Two ended, for occupation duty in Germany. He used to talk about how the army would put out the word about German citizens had to turn in all of their private weapons, and all kinds of rifles and shotguns would turn up. Also, stop pounding on the Nazis! That was only twelve years of Germany’s history. Look at communism which disarmed its citizens and murdered up to 147 million people worldwide. Check out the University of Hawaii ‘s Dr.Rummel website. He documented this phenomenon. Remember also, this is what the demoncraps want for us.

  4. Stubidbeouch says

    “A legitimate election result”? The mantra of America’s lying media and fascist, fake government. This BS article has nothing to do with gun control. Just another attempt to shove a fake President and Vice President (AKA Biden/Harris) down America’s throat.


    Only Disarming will be when you are taken down and the body robbed

    1. Timmy75 says

      Well if disarming us is indeed what they have in mind, then they had better get busy, with not a moment to spare. For there is nothing more dangerous in this world than a man who once had, but no longer has, something to lose.

  6. BitinDawg says

    If you are an active american nationalist, your clever antagonist has a dossier on you. This war has long since been lost. THEY, are now in a new phase of implementing their gains. They have AI bots scanning the internet, they are using blockchain technology to record a record of your life. This is not a war that can be won with guns, albeit guns will have a role to play. Your enemy will plug your gun by debilitating you. Trying to compose in a way that will confound the AI bots, it ain’t working. This is a war that we have long since lost. You can go down as a patriot or as an enemy minion or as a coward, but we will all go down. This war has been going on for well over a century. It is no longer, if it ever was, winnable. The enemy has used our own misperceptions of a deity against us. It has been highly effective. The fat lady is singing even now. Auld lang syne. Violent resistance will be counterproductive. This is a time to emulate your enemy, use your mind. Mimic your enemy. Establish counter organizations to his organizations that secure your obeisance. IE, A-AIPAC = Anti-AIPAC, A-ADL, A-Canary Mission, etc. As God is my witness, he ain’t.

    1. Dan says

      The fat lady has not yet sung. The fat lady being the SUN. Solar cycle 25 ramps up at the same time that our magnetosphere is severely weakening. In about a year, we will begin to have constant blackouts. The cities will become unlivable.
      Read everything that you can find at Suspicious Observers.
      The violent weather is going to get MUCH worse. We already see a lot of destruction and crop damage.
      Crop loss.com
      Ice Age farmer
      Adapt 2030
      Gates and many others are adamant that we must severely reduce population. We are going into a complete economic collapse at the same time that we face the wrath of Mother Nature unleashed by intense solar storms.
      Covid and long-covid are already killing off the elderly. “They” want to severely reduce population BUT, still remain in control. NOT going t happen. Read;
      Joseph Tainter,, The Collapse of Complex Societies.
      Have a nice day


    Black guys with guns should make anyone nervous. Meanwhile up in Chicago…

    1. Timmy75 says

      “Blacks with guns”, at the end of the day, are actually of great benefit to society. For when a hood rat has access to fire arms, that which he shoots first is that which he hates most, which goes a long way toward explaining the black-on-black murder rates in our cities. What’s not to like about sociopaths putting an end to other sociopaths?

  8. Jerry Hood says

    Demon-rats and Commiefornia,Jew Yoke City with Fashington, Discrict of Crimminals and Fashington state with Commandante Obregon are the most settled colonies with the real= true DEPLORABLES!!!

  9. Timmy75 says

    The segregationists were onto something, something as plain as the nose-on-your-face, actually. We had the greatest public school system the world had ever known. They desegregated it, and just look at what we have now. Detroit was once considered “The Paris of the United States”, they desegregated it, and just look at what we have now. Observe the major cities in the US that presently have a black power structure, and just LOOK at what is there now.

    And lastly, just LOOK at the intellectually disingenuous white leftists, and their manufactured “white guilt”, the bulk of which couldn’t play connect-the-dots if you handed them a paint roller. Welcome to The Land of Make Believe… you believe because they MAKE you believe.

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