Did Vladimir Putin Call Off Invasion in Fear of This British Lady’s Tank Commanding Skills?

Could be.

The moderately elevated Russian concentration of forces opposite of Ukraine remains in place, but further escalation seems to have been averted so far.

There could be two reasons for this. One is that President Joe Biden, the head of the American Empire, has told Putin that he will look into addressing Russia’s concerns and get back to him.

The other possibility is that the Kremlin took one look at Liz Truss’ tank commanding skills and decided the Russian military didn’t stand a chance.

Visiting Estonia and the eight hundred British troops there Truss took the opportunity to ride a British Challenger II tank.

This was likened to an episode in 1986 when Margaret Thatcher rode a Challenger I in West Germany. However, at the time, Thatcher was a Prime Minister and as such was the army’s boss. The photo-op may have been a little cringy, but it was just Thatcher mingling with a bureaucracy she had jurisdiction over.

Truss meanwhile is the Foreign Secretary in charge of the British Foreign Office alone. She is not in the chain of command and has no authority over the military.

Some would even say that having precisely your chief diplomat ride around in a tank is especially tacky.

This leads us to believe the only reason Truss was allowed to do such a thing is because she is secretly an insanely skilled tank commander.

London diplomat by day
Eastern Front tank commander by night

Perhaps the real reason we have not seen an escalation is that the Russians feared a Truss-led spoiling attack from Estonia if they started any funny business in the south. It’s a story as old as time. An evil dictator with a massive army launches an invasion only to be defeated by a middle-aged lady in a heavy cavalry charge. I think there’s a Sabaton song just about that.

The Russian strategic dilemma

Wisely Putin held back the armies of Mordor.

Putin can only wish his chief diplomat was an equally accomplished tank commander. Instead, Sergey Lavrov’s expertise encompasses diplomacy alone.

Sergey Lavrov has never been photographed riding a tank. Lame.

In fact, Truss’ intersectional expertise stretches out into the sea. There is reason to believe she is also an expert reserve Admiral:

That should keep the Chinese deterred as well!

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guest (@guest)
1 month ago

The universal (english) soldier, army, navy, airforce. I guess Tom Cruizer’s Mission movie was a documentary

Mr Reynard
Mr Reynard
1 month ago

Hmm.. Seeing lots of pictures of so called, doogooder, concerned caring liberal lefty Feminazis women are as attractive as a horses arse ??? e.g. just one of them..
comment image

1 month ago

The brain dead BITCH posing on the tank (wth that diagonal tank gun and British flag above her head) has a message for Vlad P.” Mine is bigger than yours, so bring over those scones and tea” Vlad to > Bitch “I’m coming , I’ll be there with the scones and tea in five minutes” War of the Scones and the Braindead”

Raptar Driver
Raptar Driver
1 month ago

I can see that working.
As a former soldier if I saw such a thing I would be rolling on the ground in laughter too much to be fighting.

Trusted Member
EstibenDelMar (@estibendelmar)
1 month ago

i like sabaton too! heard of it first at Russian Insider. Pitty it stop publishing.