Did Russia Force March “British Good Samaritan Aid Boss” to His Death?

Let's say yes

Worse than Baatan

Gotta love The Daily Mail:

This is some kind of brilliant.

What do you call someone who’s literally getting paid to fabricate dirt so a gang of the richest countries in the world has the pretext to bomb one of the poorest? Obviously “Good Samaritan” and “aid boss”.

Likeliest cause of death? Obviously forced marched to suicide by mean Russian tweets. Because if there’s one thing former British army officers and Knights of the Empire can’t whitstand is a Russian tweet.

Daily Mail editors…I take my hat off to you.

  1. Peter Jennings says

    We commenters around the world are on it. We will ensure that whenever Le Mesurier’s name comes up on any forum, that forum and everyone on it will be reminded of the crimes of this charlatan. He is a traitor to the British people as he only serves those who pay him and is responsible for fraudulently disposing of millions upon millions of pounds from the public purse to give to terrorists when Britain is struggling to look after its own..

    He has the first Order of Bullshit Empire medal. Suits him, or used to.

  2. Ronnie&MargaretInDementia says

    No such thing as a former MI6 officer, once you’re in, it’s for life, something the Russians well know.

  3. cap960 says

    A well deserved death…his victimS can finally Rest In Peace.

  4. silver7 says

    I like the good samartitan line. White helmets have been seen alongside with AlQaida on many occasions. on meds just for being called a spy which is pretty mild.

  5. Paul Fletcher says

    If he was “murdered” by a state actor I would be looking at MI6, CIA or Mossad to shut up a man who knew to much of their dirty tricks, rather than Russia.

  6. Ottmar Straub says

    Hipocrisy got invented in Great Britain – it is part of “politics”

  7. Mikhail Garchenko says

    …as usual, THE “question” is “…CUI BONO..?” 😉

  8. Barbar says

    Russians told him not to fly off the handle, so he flew off the balcony instead.

    Oh well, at least now he’s finally got that stiff upper lip the Britz lay claim to …

  9. Séamus Ó Néill says

    You reap what you sow, and then the real payback begins, plenty of time in eternity for Karma !

  10. Aurum Cimex says


  11. JustPassingThrough says

    “can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.” h.t.

    ahhh, i guess he did, didn’t he.

    one more dirtbag, gone.

  12. CHUCKMAN says

    “Gotta love The Daily Mail”

    Indeed, but this kind of stuff does show the level of contempt with which our disinformation sources regard us.

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