DeSantis: Parents Are Told Their Child Is Positive for RSV Rather Than COVID and They Are Relieved

RSV causes 60,000 deaths in children each year


“I can tell you if you look throughout the entire pandemic between 1.1 and 1.4% of COVID positive patients in Florida hospitals have been Pediatrics and right now it’s 1.3%, so you’ve not seen a change in the proportion of the young people who end up being admitted.”

“The one thing I think is different from last year to this year, with respect to Pediatrics is not as much COVID,” but RSV. We’ve had an RSV wave this year we did have very little last year. Florida, I think has peaked on that, but that actually RSVP for young kids I mean that’s much more of a concern than the COVID.”

“COVID, I view as a very minor risk,” DeSantis said. “RSV is a little more serious and it just shows certain things that are focused on versus not. I’ve had doctors tell me that parents have come in with kids who were sick that have gotten a negative COVID test and a positive RSV and the parents were relived at that.”

The governor said that data shows that fewer kids are getting sick with COVID-19 and they are more likely to get respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, than COVID-19.

What is RSV? It’s a virus that kills more children than any other (only malaria kills more but it is not a virus):

RSV is a virus that can cause serious respiratory infections (infections of the lungs and airways), such as pneumonia and bronchiolitis (inflammation of the airways). RSV infection occurs throughout life. In temperate countries like the UK, RSV occurs in epidemics each winter.

In infants, RSV is the main cause of bronchiolitis. Most cases of bronchiolitis are mild and can be managed at home, but about 3% of cases will need hospital care. Worldwide, RSV is the second largest cause of death in children under one year of age (second only to malaria). In 2017 the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that RSV causes around 33 million serious respiratory infections a year. This results in more than 3 million hospitalisations and nearly 60,000 deaths in children under 5 years of age every year. Nearly half of these hospitalisations and deaths are in children under 6 months of age.

In the winter months, bronchiolitis is responsible for around 1 in 6 of all UK paediatric admissions (hospital admissions of babies and children). It is estimated that over 30,000 babies and children under 5 are hospitalised every year in the UK because of RSV (see this research from Public Health England ). 6% of these will need admission to intensive care. Most of these hospital admissions occur in babies who are otherwise healthy. However, babies with certain conditions are more at risk of developing more severe disease after infection (for example, babies born with heart and lung disorders and premature babies). Infants who are hospitalised with severe RSV infection are at an increased risk of developing wheeze later in life. Numbers of hospital admissions due to RSV have increased in the last 20 years. RSV causes the deaths of around 30 babies a year in the UK.

In healthy adults RSV causes symptoms similar to those of a common cold. However, it can develop into severe disease in adults with a weakened immune system (such as bone marrow transplants) and in elderly people.

In New Zealand RSV skyrocketed in July straining the pediatric hospitals there which was said to be due to lockdown “immunity debt”:

New Zealand has reported nearly 1,000 RSV cases in the past five weeks, according to the Institute of Environmental Science and Research. The usual average is 1,743 over the full 29-week winter season. Australia is also experiencing a surge, with overcrowded Victoria hospitals also hit by unusually high rates of RSV.

“If you remove that exposure for a period then you will have a bigger cohort of unexposed children, and therefore – as you can see we have happening at the moment – it can sustain a much bigger outbreak when they are eventually exposed to the virus.”

Is the same story being repeated in the US? (But with the hospital strain blamed on COVID when the real culprit is lockdown-boosted RSV?)

  1. Art says

    RSV is a cold. Children get over 20 per year on average. No virus has ever been shown using the rigors of scientific method of isolation, purification and characterization followed by evidence per Koch’s Postulates of causes a specific disease. So whether RSV or Coronavirus these are fictitious sources of cause of illness.

    1. Dale says

      Yep, likely expulsion symptoms.

  2. ken says

    If memory serves,,, The RSV swab test is a FDA unapproved PCR. If the CDC is dropping the PCR test for their covid due to it being error prone and cannot distinguish between the covid and the flu then why would it work on RSV….

    I imagine they can do a antibody test but they’re pretty much a waste of time so how they determine this or any other virus seems pretty much guesswork.

    I’m beginning to think they invent a virus and tests for symptoms they see but can’t figure out. They give you some very expensive drugs. Your body detoxes and/or the immune system clears up whatever it was but they credit their drugs and you pay out your rear.

    But whatever they are we sure don’t need to stop life as we know it and do stupid rituals that are more cultism than helpful.

    And it needs to be said again and again,,, none of the hospitals were overwhelmed. Their were no refrigerated trucks. Their were no mountains of bodies. There were no mass burials. There were no mass cremations. All this was pure theater.

    Today the hospitals are demanding their employees take the kill shot. Many will quit and leave them understaffed and many of what’s left will likely be unqualified to change a bedpan.

    You need to seriously consider your options before entering one of these hell holes. If you’re unconscious it is highly probable they’ll sneak the injection in claiming the health of what’s left of their reduced staff,,, (more fed bux) or put you on a ventilator. (more fed bux)

    Keep in mind the doctors are following orders from the administrators whose bottom line is more fed bux. The old Hippocratic oath is now the oath of hypocrites.

    IMO,,, Most DO NOT have your best interests in mind.

  3. Jerry Hood says

    I don’t know, why we don’t call it as ” Fauci virus” and ” Fauci vaxx” or ” vaxes”…

    1. Kieran says

      Fauci lab virus to be precise

  4. Val says

    The video above was done in 2017 by the Oxford Oxford Vaccine Group. They reference a seasonal aspect to it in the UK, relative to infants. Today, with the current narrative, it can happen from wearing masks or from being near someone shedding spike proteins from an mRNA injection.

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