DeSantis Crashes a Giant Music Festival to Torch Fauci and the Crowd Goes Absolutely Wild

As gubernatorial candidate and Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried spends the weekend putting out fires sparked by her last-minute “revisions” to her financial disclosures, Governor Ron DeSantis emerges out of smoke on a concert stage to receive star treatment in Panama City Beach from a crowd of over 20,000.

Video from this weekend’s Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam shows the governor emerging out of the smoke on the concert venue’s runway as “Crazy Train” blares and roughly 22,000 country music fans erupt into thunderous applause. He throws his arms in the air, encouraging the crowd even more, clearly enjoying the experience.

“Amazing,” a man backstage is heard on a video saying as DeSantis takes the stage, “that guy’s a rock star.”

DeSantis made a surprise appearance to the concert last night to welcome country music fans to Panama City Beach and thank them for attending what is believed to be the first major live music festival event since COVID. [But there have been plenty of other mass events such as races and stadium matches.]

The Panama City Beach 2021 Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam three-day event did not require masks and featured headliners Lynyrd Skynyrd, Brad Paisley and Luke Bryan. It was originally slated to occur last Labor Day weekend but was postponed because of the pandemic.

The festival is just the latest example of Florida’s determination to get life back to normal.

During DeSantis’ brief remarks he encouraged other states and countries to follow Florida’s lead and open back up and “let people live their lives.” The crowd roared when he said the reason Florida was hosting the event was because “Florida chose Freedom over Faucism.”

Following the concert, DeSantis tweeted, “Nothing says Florida is open like a night of live music at the @Pepsi @GulfCoastJam, the largest music festival since the pandemic began.”

But his appearance and the concert itself doesn’t come without criticism. In addition to many comments praising the governor, following the posts of the video and his remarks are a long stream of negative comments like, “Thanks @GovRoDeSantis and @pepsi, those who contract covid and die from it after the concert will appreciate the concert.”

And “So…you’re just basically endorsing a mass casualty event. Seriously, wtf is wrong with you?”

Source: The Capitolist

  1. ken says

    — [Excuse the caps,,, I am emphasizing, not hollering.] —

    “And “So…you’re just basically endorsing a mass casualty event. Seriously, wtf is wrong with you?”

    No,,, Seriously, wtf is wrong with YOU! The scam is so obvious a five year old could see it but not the WE BELIEVE FOOLS.

    The WE BELIEVE psycho’s actually PRAY for people to die hoping to satisfy their stupid acceptance of a fictional “killer disease” with a 99.87% survival rate with over 50% not even knowing they have the what is essentially a relabeled flu. No matta…. WE BELIEVE!

    These are the people that ‘BELIEVE’ a disease that has been around almost forever just ups and disappears for a season or two. Of course, curiously, another plague ‘covid’ takes its place. Yep,,, nothing strange about that! WE BELIEVE!

    Over 20,000 have died from the ‘experimental jab’ around the world they try to pass off as a vaccine. That’s more than ALL vaccines combined for years and years yet WE BELIEVE!

    It is the only vaccine I have ever heard of that the WHO, CDC and the manufacturers state openly it DOES NOT PREVENT the fictional disease not does it stop the transmission. But no matta….. WE BELIEVE!

    Yet the WE BELIEVE fools still BELIEVE it will save them from the dreaded disease while they come down with blood clots, Bells Palsy and a assortment of other exciting diseases. The government and medical nazis openly attempt hide all this but the we believe morons could care less. Whatever Fraudci says is fine with them!

    Remember they wished for deaths at the Bike Fest in South Dakota and was disappointed when thousands did not die. The same for a football game in Tampa,,, but they just keep on hoping.

    Never before in the history of Mankind have I read anything quite as stupid as what is going on today.

  2. GMC says

    He’s being primed for a shot at the presidency – he has all the right backers – Israel.

    1. Andra says

      As disquieting as that may be (Israel), he is showing the type of logical, free-thinking leadership that is essential in derailing the nwo onslaught of global fraudsters.

  3. Michael l Javick says

    Great Governor…wish we had one here in Pennsylvania (we have Commie Wuhan Wolfe btw)

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