DeSantis Cancels All COVID-Related Fines Issued by Local Governments

If the county told you to pay a fine, DeSantis says you don't have to

Florida cabinet votes for remission of all COVID-19 fines

During today’s Executive Clemency Meeting, Governor Ron DeSantis said he wanted to address COVID-19-related fines: “As we’ve seen, there’ve been unprecedented restrictions imposed on people, particularly at the local government level, on both individuals and businesses. I am moving for a remission of all the outstanding fines on individuals and businesses, in light of the fact that many of these restrictions, I think, have shown to be ineffective, and I think they’ve unfairly penalized people. I hereby move for a remission of all such fines.”

The motion passed 3-1, with Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried in dissent. The other two voting members are Attorney General Ashley Moody and Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis.

Source: Alachua Chronicle

  1. ken says

    He knows it’s all bs. He is doing what the Orange Fail should have done.

    The powers that wannabee know it’s all bs. The medical industrial complex knows it’s bs. Your doctor knows it’s bs. The hospitals know it’s bs.

    The reason he is doing this ‘little by little’ is because of the diapered morons that do not want to research the bs and just believe anything their told.

    1. Martin says

      Human brain is easy to teach, but once programmed, memory is safe heaven in the brain. Everything “new and contradictory” is unsafe and bad. And intruding your old imagination of it. Not rejecting a new view is revealing that you believed in bullshit.

    2. Mark says

      The reason he is doing it little by little is the same reason relaxations are slowly starting to happen worldwide – you’re supposed to weep with gratitude to have a little of the freedom back that was yours by right. Confessing that the whole thing was a massive overreaction at best and idiocy unleashed at worst might provoke such a chaotic backlash that law enforcement could not contain it. Best to ease off in dribbles; can you imagine the reaction of small businesses who were ruined after a lifetime’s work, for nothing?

  2. yuri says

    obvious GOP less fascist than dim-ogogue drunk “party” of slippy celebrity prostitutes and very dim ruling class bi-gender-den senile lubed dildos

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