Denmark to Send Missiles to Ukraine to Sink Russian Warships

How come tiny Denmark is not afraid to help sink Russian warships?

“Fun” fact: an anti-ship cruise missile can be fired at targets inland as the Russians have done

Source: USNI News

The Danish Armed Forces are sending long-range anti-ship missiles to Ukraine, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told reporters on Monday. The range of Denmark’s coastal defense Harpoons could put Russian ships at risk in the Northern Black Sea, a naval analyst told USNI News.

“I’m especially grateful to Denmark, which announced today that it will provide a Harpoon launcher and missiles to help Ukraine defend its coast,” Austin said in prepared remarks at the Pentagon following a meeting with an international coalition and Ukraine defense officials.

While Austin did not specify the type of Harpoon, the Danish military’s coastal anti-ship missile batteries field RGM-84L-4 Harpoon Block IIs that are capable of not only hitting ships at sea, but also targets in port and on land with an upgrade from the Boeing Advanced Harpoon Weapon Control System.

Ukrainian forces have been requesting Harpoons as they seek to break the blockade of Odesa’s port and the ongoing harassment from sea-based missiles, USNI News understands.

“This blockade has cut off Ukraine’s access to the Black Sea, halting Ukrainian grain exports, choking the country’s main export industry and driving global food prices to record highs,” wrote Tayfun Ozberk for Naval News on Sunday.

Austin’s announcement follows a Reuters report last week that the White House has been working for weeks to get Ukraine not only Harpoons but also the Norwegian-made Naval Strike Missile.

  1. Craig says

    Let’s hope that Russia wins. They seem to be the only country against the NWO.

    1. Steve Kastl says

      Yes. If these missiles sink a Russian ship, they might sink one of our carrier fleets to tell us to back off. No one can blame the Russians no matter what thy do to defend themselves because the USA wants regime change in Russia like Libya or Iraq. Total chaos so our Talmudic criminals can loot the country again.

  2. GMC says

    Oh Right – Halting Ukraine’s grain shipments – LOl LOl LOl How about halting the Globalists grain shipments – Monsanto, Bayer, Carghill, DuPont, John Deere, and lets not forget to add their security guys – the US Navy – that seemed to cave in when it came to all those free floating Ukrainian mines that are now even found in Istanbul .

    Not one website has touched this cover-up so i just thought I’d inform the public about this ” Overlooked pc. of reality”.

    1. TZVI says

      Correct Odessa is not just blocked by Russian Navy, they mined the approach to the port and there are many scuttled ships…it would take quite a bit of time to re-open Odessa. Let alone the 21 Turkish Ships ( and 50 to 60 others) being kept as hostages…

  3. Cappac says

    Tit for tat…Russia has got to learn the game ASAP!

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