Democrats Hold Big, Fancy Dinners While Telling America to Cancel Thanksgiving

Lori 'Lockdown' Lightfoot: “That crowd was gathered whether I was there or not.”

While leftist lawmakers and unelected bureaucrats are hard at work canceling Thanksgiving for Americans, congressional Democrats are holding big, fancy dinners on Capitol Hill to welcome new members ahead of the fall holiday.

“It’s very spaced,” though, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly told NBC correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell to justify the dinner. The dinner comes several months after the Democratic leader was caught getting an illegal haircut in San Francisco without a mask.

The congressional dinners fly in the face of Democrats urging Americans to stay home instead of visiting relatives for the holidays as coronavirus cases increase across the United States.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who declared war on Thanksgiving with sweeping restrictions limiting household gatherings, was also caught attending dinner with “a dozen attendees from several different households” just last week, according to the Daily Beast.

“I should have modeled better behavior and not joined the dinner,” Newsom said following news of the dinner taking place days after he banned California residents from hosting Thanksgiving.

Washington Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee has also demanded residents “re-think” their holiday plans, while Chicago’s Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot launches new restrictions ahead of the November holiday.

“While this is tough, and of course this whole year has been tough, we must tell you, you must cancel the normal Thanksgiving plans,” Lightfoot said Thursday, several days after attending crowded celebrations in her city after news organizations called the presidential race for Democrat Joe Biden.

To justify her promotion of the mass demonstrations while shutting down others such as protests on her own block, Lightfood said, “that crowd was gathered whether I was there or not.”

Lightfoot preceded Pelosi this year in receiving a quarantine hair treatment in April while her city was shut down, ordering a salon re-opened because she’s important after admonishing residents for wanting the same service.

“Getting your roots done is not essential,” Lightfoot said before getting her hair done. Her reason? She goes on television.

“I’m the public face of this city,” Lightfoot later explained. “I’m on national media, and I’m out in the public eye.”

Lightfoot wasn’t the only Democratic politician out celebrating in her own streets this weekend. In New York, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer paraded in the center of demonstrators shoulder-to-shoulder without a mask.

The mass outdoor celebrations, endlessly condemned by Democrats and the media when President Donald Trump was holding campaign rallies, were met with excitement and enthusiasm in the media rather than the bitter vilification they aimed at Republicans for the similar gatherings.

While Pelosi enjoys her Capitol Hill dinner, presumably with expensive ice cream while she continues to hold up another round of pandemic bailouts, countless other Democratic officials are almost certainly hosting private parties of their own. They’re just not getting caught.

Source: The Federalist

  1. ke4ram says

    Do as we say,,, not as we do! The motto of tyrants forever.

    Wolves guarding the sheep…

    1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

      From off-guardian:

      There is plenty of evidence (for election fraud), both circumstantial and direct, which breaks down into six basic categories:

      Precedent – It has happened before.

      Motive – Deep State/Military dislike of Trump’s policies is widely known.

      Foreknowledge – Establishment voices predicted this exact situation.

      Opportunity – The voting system is highly susceptible to fraud.

      Voting Irregularities – Known software “glitches” & irregularities in the reporting of the results.

      Cover-up – Dishonesty in the reporting of the situation.

  2. Charles Homer says

    Here is an interesting letter from a former highly-placed Pfizer insider regarding the company’s recent announcement about a COVID-19 vaccine:

    Since March 2020, we have all been part of a massive and unprecedented experiment on humanity, both socially and pharmaceutically.

    1. didactic1 says

      Himmler said it first. No fair!

  3. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

    They don’t believe in the “pandemic”. They don’t believe in people. They don’t believe in anything other than largesse for themselves.

    Stop believing in them. They don’t believe in you.

    1. didactic1 says

      The boards and major investors, equity capital, hedge funds etc in these companies. They and counterparts in defense industries won the artificial election. The election toy boards with colors and hyped hosts gasping out electoral votes were quite a show.

      Somewhere in Switzerland, Hamptons, Bermuda, Martha Vinyard, Turks Caicos, Marin, Bar Harbor and mega yauhts in Aegean and Maldives, the real winners were toasting memory of Jeffrey Epstein, who gave his life for the Group.

      1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

        I’m afraid that’s right. Almost NOTHING is done now and no decision taken, especially in the US, Canada, UK, and EU, without approval from international Big Money. I once saw a portion of the mega-yacht fleet anchored in a little bay just outside of Nice. My wife taught school in Nice for 20 years, or so, before she was my wife. We were driving along the coast outside of Nice, came around a bend and below us, anchored in a little bay were probably 6 or 7 huge yachts. I had her pull over because I just wanted to stare at them for a while. It looked like a small navy anchored in one place. I was amazed. They were gigantic – like small cruise ships. She said they were American, English, and the wealthiest French.

  4. Raptar Driver says

    The democratic party since the Clinton’s has become a criminal organization. It should be disbanded and the higher officials rounded up and put on trial!
    That being said I am no fan of the republicans.
    They are partners in crime.
    Once an official violates the constitution they should be immediately escorted out of office and put on trial. This is the highest law of the land, yet they flaunt it, circumvented it and shit all over it without consequence.

    1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says


      Well, now, hold on a minute. I think we can just let the gigantic theft, hundreds of thousands of needless deaths and murders, and the wreckage of an entire country slide…


  5. didactic1 says

    Public face of Sh cago. Oh yeah.

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