Demented Guardian Says Trump’s Greenland Ambition Proves He’s Putin’s Puppet

Apparently the Kremlin is desperate for the US to radically expand its foothold in the Arctic

US President Donald Trump has been rightly mocked in the past week for his alleged desire to buy Greenland from Denmark. What on earth put this crazy idea into Trump’s head, people rightly asked. Fortunately, we now have an answer, courtesy of The Guardian’s US columnist Richard Wolffe – Russia put him up to it!

I see that until recently Wolffe was ‘vice president and executive editor of’, which explains a lot – MSNBC having been the no. 1 cheerleader in the Russiagate scandal in the US. The Trump-Russia story long since jumped the shark, but somehow it keeps finding extra sharks to leap over. Let’s take a look at what Wolffe has to say.

Greenland doesn’t just bubble into Trump’s mind randomly … But it is very much on Russia’s radar. Earlier this year, Russia revamped its arctic circle military base on tiny Kotelny Island, which sits close to the shipping routes that are opening up as the polar region warms catastrophically.

There are unknown quantities of oil, gas and rare earth minerals in the arctic, and the region’s powers – Denmark among them – can either green light a global free-for-all or restrain the usual human plunder of one of the last pristine frontiers on the planet. You can guess where Russia sits on this spectrum of environmental concerns in the middle of our climate crisis.

It is one of the sickest Trump jokes that his half-baked idea of buying Greenland should be seen as American machismo when it is yet another sign of Putin’s puppet American presidency at work.

‘Lazy journalism’ was the response of a distinguished British guest I showed this article to at breakfast today. It was very typical British understatement. There’s no argument here, no flow of logic from facts to conclusion, just an assertion entirely disconnected from everything which has gone before.

Why Russia’s Arctic interests should prompt it to persuade Trump to try to buy Greenland isn’t explained. In reality, the last thing Russia would want, in an era of US-Russian tension, is an expanded American presence in an area of great and growing important to the Russian economy. The idea that Trump wanting to buy Greenland is proof that he’s a Russian ‘puppet’ is beyond bizarre.

By now, of course, it’s no surprise that the editors at outlets like The Guardian seem to have lost all sense of responsibility when it comes to the case of Trump-Russia, and are happy to publish any type of drivel. But Wolffe’s article makes the mind boggle at the lack of intellectual competence required to gain top executive positions at MSNBC.

Perhaps the only explanation for it lies in the realm of pop psychology. For according to psychological research, debunking conspiracy theories doesn’t stop people believing in them; in fact, believers who are shown that their theories are wrong  end up on average believing in them even more fervently.

This article illustrates the point: the Trump-Russia connection has become an article of faith, a religious belief so absolutely true that all facts have to be bended to fit it, while all the evidence to the contrary serves only to reinforce the faith even further. Russiagate may be nonsense, but if this article is anything to go by, it has turned the brains of a large section of the political left into mulch.

Source: Irrussianality

  1. JustPassingThrough says

    the guardian should know all about being a puppet, being a MI5 lapdog for quite a while now.

  2. CHUCKMAN says

    “The idea that Trump wanting to buy Greenland is proof that he’s a Russian ‘puppet’ is beyond bizarre.”

    Indeed, but any critically-minded person who has read The Guardian with any frequency knows the paper is itself beyond bizarre.

    Its prejudices are simply immense and literally bulge out its eye sockets.

    There are many examples I could cite, but my favorite is one I commented on extensively.

    The topic was what I called The Guardian holding a Hate Russia Day.

    You’ll find it here:

  3. Mary E says

    How totally out of the realm of reality is that? Russia wishing the US would make a huge footprint in the Arctic! Of course, Russia doesn’t want the US anywhere it is (even though it is surrounded as much as possible by NATO troops)…and the only reason now for the US to be thinking of making moves toward the Arctic is because Russia and China have been building facilities there in preparation for extracting oil, among other natural resources….the US is like a pigeon following the other birds to the food! The shameful and shocking thing is that the US economy is tanking so the funds for any quest like that comes out of the pockets of the citizens…Washington is busily hollowing out its own country to compete with the rest of the world! How totally pathetic.

  4. John C Carleton says

    Wrong, Putin and Trump are both Nityiotyahoo’s puppets.

    1. tomonthebay says

      And there is the anti-semitism on full display.

    2. Mary E says


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