Delta Variant Found to Be Twice as Virulent and Blah Blah Blah Whatever Who Cares at This Point

It’s still the coronavirus, but now you’re totally going to catch it for real this time. They are super double serious.

Scientists now warn that the COVID-19 Delta Variant is, like, more contagious and also, like… other stuff about it. Some of them have brought up masks again. I’m sure you’re rapt with attention about all this.

“It’s really concerning,” said some scientist named… I dunno. Who cares what his name is. Anyway, he went on for a while, but it all boiled down to… it’s still the coronavirus, but now you’re totally going to catch it for real this time. They are super double serious.

So if you’re, like, one of those Karens who loved worrying about this sort of thing, now you have new reasons for that while everyone else goes back to normal. You can yell at people, “You have to be more concerned about the Delta Variant! The Delta Variant!” and everyone can just kind of nod at you and then ignore you as usual.

Anyway, they say the vaccines are still effective against it, so I don’t even know why we’re still talking about this. Seen any good TV shows lately?

Source: The Babylon Bee

  1. ken says

    Love the Bee

    I waited all last year for someone,,, anyone I knew to come down with this deadly plague. Alas,,,no one, not a soul. Everyone running around like rats on a burning ship screaming “we’re all gonna die”

    Saw a video yesterday of zombies standing in line for the kill shot. Apparently the safe and effective shot took one out. The paramedics had him on a stretcher,,, he was visibly shaking. The zombies in line just stood there completely unmoved by the scene. None left the line. They just stood there staring expressionless straight ahead like cattle in a chute waiting for the hammer.

    This is happening everywhere. Question for zombies,,, How many previous safe and effective vaccines required an ambulance and paramedics standing by? Oh well,,, common sense no longer seems to rule the day.

    Well we’re over 6000 dead in the USA from that safe and effective witches brew. Again they are lying, big time, over in the EU. Was over 12,000 in May,,, now down to 6-7000. And only God knows how many injured and lives ruined.

    Now it’s the delta strain. Like everything else with this psyop its all horse hockey. You cannot have a mutant if there is no original. And again they lie. Assume the disease exists. All variants of any alleged virus always get less virulent. Not this one, according to the medical nazis.

    And the new lockdowns. All they mention is the cases, the Cases, the CASES! By now most ‘intelligent and informed’ folks understand that the PCR cannot determine infection. This said by the inventor of the PCR, Kary Mullis. It does not look for any specific virus, only looks for genetic sequences. The sequence of original covid and its variants were/are manufactured by a computer.

    Even IF the virus and its mutant ninja’s were real,,, who cares about cases if no one is sick and dying. Of course they are massively relabeling other causes of death as covid. in some mortuaries if you allow the covid label the State will pay for the funeral! Do you think they would have to resort to these kind of actions over a real plague!

    Only the vaxxine is killing. – vaxxine misspelled as the shot is not a vaccine- Since this entire adventure is aimed at reducing population I would guess it also sterilizes as well. Already over 80% of pregnant women have aborted after taking the kill shot. Now anyone that dies is marked up as non vaxxinated to scare the borderline folks. Afterwards if not stopped they will bodily drag those still not anointed to the needle.

    It’s either fight for your freedom to choose, or die a zombie….

  2. GMC says

    Crimea , the authorities say- has a serious problem with many new cases of the virus. Yet, they haven’t figured out that there are a dozen US/Nato bioweapon labs in Ukraine – with the borders wide open . Pushing a vaccine is one thing, , but not doing something about this type of problem with the labs is friggin stupid and to me – it’s dereliction of duty as a General, a Colonel and the Crimean administration.
    If you don’t think that the Black Sea isn’t being poisoned, along with the marine life – from Nato – then you’re really stupid . 300+ dolphins dead this year already. Thanks A E.

  3. kkk says

    Zionist mafia runs the show

  4. Mark says

    Umm….according to knowledgeable and respected virologists, never ever in the history of viruses has a mutation or variant been more toxic than the original. More infectious, yes, absolutely. But less toxic. Less.

  5. Michael l Javick says

    No, i read that the current Jabs are NOT effective…was that the plan..all along?

  6. Mr Reynard says

    There are as many variant of Covidiocy, as there are genders ??
    Last count 743 Genders ? IMO soon Covidiocy will reach that target as well …

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