Dear Novak, Might Now Be Time to Stop Amplifying WEF?

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot

According to its website, The Novak Djokovic Foundation is helping to open kindergartens in Serbia. It is doing so, if not in cooperation with Davos and WEF, then at least while keeping an eye on what they are saying on education and echoing them approvingly.

I don’t have any reason to think there is any nefarious element to these kindergartens, but Novak working with them at the very least raises the WEF’s profile further and helps legitimize it.

From the Novak Foundation Davos 2021 report (not clear if they just read the WEF readouts, or if they were among the 1700 attendees):

At the same time, WEF promotes the Draconian “public health” tyranny that saw Novak spend the Julian-calendar Christmas under lock and key and had him nearly miss the Australia Open Grand Slam. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

It would probably be in the best interest of Djokovic to stop aiding his enemies.

On the other hand, the page detailing the Foundation’s interest in Davos ideas that was still accessible Monday, no longer seems to be.

If this means that Novak has soured on WEF and will be henceforth going it alone, that is good news.

BTW, many are calling Djokovic heroic, and he definitely did a valuable thing for all of us and is worthy of all support, but if he is a hero, he is only one of the most reluctant kind.

He went out of his way to avoid getting caught in politicization and becoming an “anti-vaxx” (medical freedom) symbol. He went out of his way to not run afoul of the mRNA Taliban to the point that he wouldn’t even disclose his “vaccination” status. — But they just couldn’t let it be, and kept coming at him anyway, forcing him to finally defend himself.

  1. Ultrafart the Brave says

    “…if he is a hero, he is only one of the most reluctant kind … he wouldn’t even disclose his “vaccination” status.”

    When the Corona Chan Gestapo bail you up and demand to see your “papers”, anyone who tells them to go and get stuffed is a hero IMO.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Ultrafart the Brave I have a condition, not to be vaccinated …
      Which a minority has that condition as well ??
      Condition is known as “Intelligence”

    2. Nalom says

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    3. silver9blue says

      Nearly all want to tell them to get stuffed. That’s a freedom right. No vaccine don’t go on trains or buses. Your freedom is then walk to work, easy. These anti vaxers like him want it both ways.

  2. Jerry Hood says

    Australia= crazy anglojudaised colony of DNA morons with mostly crimminal backround…

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “Australia= crazy anglojudaised colony of DNA morons with mostly crimminal backround…”

      As Michael Jackson (bless his innocent heart) might say if he were still here, “That’s ignorant!”.

      Please drop yourself into the middle of this crowd and repeat your accusation…

      Australia has the highest proportion of foreign born citizens among all Western nations – and they’re not actually “mostly crimminal backround” to quote a self-projecting DNA moron (ie, you).

      And as for the popular mythos of Australia being a “penal colony”, the truth is that the present-day Australian nation began as a collection of free and penal colonies, in much the same way as (for example) the USA (although that little morsel seems to be scrubbed from the kiddies’ history lessons on both sides of the Pacific).

      The idea of Australians being descended from rebellious vagabonds seems to have entrenched itself into the Australian cultural psyche, worn as something like a badge of honour and reinforcing the egalitarian flavour of Australian society – so it’s perhaps understandable that the legend has gained traction.

      The same consideration applies to the American notion of being the “land of the free and the home of the brave”, building on the stories of brave pioneers fighting the local savages and bringing civilisation to the wilderness (dare we broach the truth?) and then brave patriots prevailing against the military might of Mother England (although it was just a small minority of the American population that rallied together with the support of both France and Russia to accomplish this astounding feat). Perhaps these cultural dogmas have something to do with the American public’s numb acceptance of bombing so many defenceless nations into “freedom and democracy” around the world – that well-worn paradigm of bringing civilisation to the wilderness.

      Incidentally, it was precisely the loss of England’s American penal colonies that precipitated the creation of new penal colonies in Australia, alongside the free colonies more or less simultaneously established there. So many petty thieves, and nowhere to keep them.

      Whatever history Australia and the USA might have in common (and they are intimately related) it now seems that Australia has taken the lead with Klaus’ transhuman kingdom, and the USA is now following in her unfortunate footsteps…

      1. ken says

        There you go,,, bringing up ‘real’ history!

        Yes England got rid of her unwanted (unvaxxed in today’s lingo) elements and competing religious elements,,, banished to the new world. As it turns out those two elements, freedom of religion and freedom of the individual is how a small group was able to take on (with a little luck) an over extended and over confident empire.

    2. Adam says

      Jerry H, are you talking about yourself, and do you know any Australians or just the Creeps presented through the Media?

  3. Adam says

    It looks like the “JOKER Djokovic” has outplayed himself. This time with his head up his arse. By whose rules is he playing? I have a feeling this game is not yet over, and the “Joker” may have the final laugh.

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