DC for First Time Advertises It Has Troops Permanently Deployed to Territory It Recognizes as Part of China

Since 1979 the US proclaims there is one China with the government in Beijing

Editor’s note: 2020 was the first time the US publicly acknowledged it had some troops in Taiwan. Now they are comfortable publicly acknowledging that that has remained the case ever since, and that that deployment is therefore continuous and open-ended. US troops on Taiwan are not a new development but the willingness to advertise the presence and to advertise its permanent state is.

The U.S. has had troops in Taiwan training local forces to better defend themselves in case of attack by China for at least a year, according to a U.S. defense official, a development likely to further antagonize ties between Washington and Beijing.

The official, who asked not to be identified, confirmed an earlier report by the Wall Street Journal that more than two dozen American service members, including special forces, have been in Taiwan for more than a year. Some of the training has been with local maritime forces on small-boat training, according to the Journal.

U.S. and Taiwan have had a close military relationship for decades, mostly defined by the sale of billions of dollars worth of high-technology weaponry, including armed drones and F-16 jets. And while the presence of small numbers of U.S. forces on the island isn’t unprecedented, it hasn’t been publicized in the past.

“Activities such as this — for training purposes — have been going on for years,” said Bonnie Glaser, director of the Asia Program at the German Marshall Fund of the U.S. “In the past, these activities have been kept under wraps. If they are now being made public deliberately, that’s new, and it will undoubtedly provoke a reaction from China.”

Xi-Biden Meeting

The news comes just a day after the White House announced a virtual meeting between President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping before the end of the year. That announcement came after six hours of meetings Wednesday between White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and a senior Chinese foreign policy adviser, Yang Jiechi, in Zurich.

Source: Bloomberg

  1. yuri says

    $$$$$spend and waste—hasten the demise of the empire

  2. ken says

    MacArthur got fired for cozying up to the Nationalists. At that time they could have been armed and Communist China might not have lasted long.

    So US gov waits 70 years until the chicoms have nukes and a nice modern military courtesy the US offshored industry while many in the US military are trying to figure what gender they are, on diet pills and being threatened imprisonment for not taking the clotshot.

    Interesting times.

    1. Ron says

      Ken, the Communist China propaganda programming is false narrative meant to distract. If you look deeper, the propaganda is not true. It comes down to this basic fact. The political system of a country is NOT really the issue. The controlling Elite just want to control everyone using their system of finance which is debt based. That is (((they))) don’t want alternatives. China is running Industrial Capitalism; same as US colonies in 1700’s and Germany post WW1. This form of Capitalism frees a country from the parasitic “private finance capital”. It grows a country and raises the living standard for ALL. The USA is running Finance Capitalism. The result are obvious. The wealth in the US is direct towards the top 10%. Everyone else is in debt slavery. This new “cold war” is another attempt for Finance Capitalism to defeat Industrial Capitalism.

      1. XSFRGR says

        Although your post is somewhat difficult to read you are exactly correct. While the U$ has a debt/usury economic model the Chinese economic system is National Socialist, with certain modifications, as posited by Gottfried Feder in volume 2 of Mein Kampf. Russia is also effectively a National Socialist economy as are several other major nations economies. The National Socialist economic model works extremely well for the people, but really puts the screws to the (((Banksters))). For your reading interest see: Gottfried Feder, Breaking Interest Slavery.

  3. XSFRGR says

    If China decides to recover Taiwan the island will last about 30 days if China goes slow while minimizing casualties, and allowing the Taiwanese to come to their senses. If China decides to get it over with Taiwan will last about 3 days. Either way the U$ will do nothing (nor should it).

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Main rules to abide !
      Never poke the Bear & the Dragon !

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