‘Dan, You’re Not Our Daddy’

"What precisely are we proud of? Being allowed to leave our homes after 9pm?"

Dan Andrews has done so many backflips in the past two weeks that he’s become delirious.

How else does one explain the premier casting himself as Victoria’s daddy in a series of cringe-worthy comments and social media posts?

After abandoning most of what he spouted for 16 months the premier took to Twitter on Friday and posted a patronising diatribe so vomit-inducing that one needed a Covid test after reading it.

“I’m trying not to sound like some kind of soppy dad here, but I am proud, bloody proud of this state,” posted premier Andrews.

“Be proud of everything we’ve done to get here, of all we’ve achieved.”

Pardon me? Does he think he’s our daddy? And, what precisely are we proud of? Being allowed to leave our homes after 9pm?

Perhaps in his mind we’re well behaved children who’ve learnt our lesson after being sent to our rooms without dessert.

It’s a little rich for the leader whose disproportionate response caused so much unnecessary pain and loss to praise his long suffering captives.

Frankly, there’s nothing more sickening, paternalistic and dishonest than the “we did it, Victoria” rhetoric whether it comes from Andrews or his rusted on supporters.

The truth is we did nothing but endure a world record lockdown thanks to the ineptitude of a thoroughly hopeless government. We had no choice.

As Gideon Haigh wrote so beautifully on the weekend “Andrews’ pivot from tedious admonition to old-fashioned political oiliness” is just the latest nauseating episode from Dear Leader.

“He’s so proud, so thankful, so grateful, so sickening,” wrote Haigh.

“Seriously, what’s he got to be grateful for? We did as we were told, to avoid draconian fines for noncompliance. You might as well thank us for obeying the law of gravity.”

As predicted in this column some weeks ago Sydney’s reopening intensified the pressure on Andrews significantly and the premier has reacted by walking away from his own roadmap a mere month after its release.

The man responsible for the most destructive Covid-19 response in the country with the highest death rate, the longest lockdown and the greatest societal and economic harm including record state debt has no cause to celebrate.

“Soppy dad” Dan should be apologising to Victorians, not seeking their gratitude.

Source: Herald Sun

  1. Leisure Larry says

    Who gives jackdiddly about Australia (or England or Canada)?
    They disarmed — they no longer exist.
    They have chosen to be Palestinians.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Yupp.. Unfortunately you’re right …

    2. Mark says

      Uh huh, that makes all the difference, doesn’t it? Who’s got the most powerful military in the world? Isn’t it that nation that recently surrendered to a few thousand ragtag militants after a decade of trying to force their submission? The same one that gave up on trying to conquer a Southeast Asian country that is smaller than the state of Montana? That powerhouse? Yeah, I thought so. Things will certainly turn around for them, though, now that they have a transgender Admiral.


      Look out, enemies!!

    3. Earthrise says

      We are all Palestinian anyway. All we gave up were our semi-autos, still quite a bit of firepower around. We don’t defeat our governments by attacking their strength anyway. We have enough to launch a resistance if need be. I am more concerned about our citizens wearing masks outside for no reason. The self-regulating citizen is far more dangerous to our freedom than the lack of semi-autos.

  2. ken says

    He’s a nutcase. What else do you expect and yes, you did have a choice and yes it would have involved reciprocal violence on your part but you decided to go along with it.

    Exactly why it is that people say no violence when the state is assaulting them, kicking the shit out of them and shooting them with rubber bullets I have no clue.

    Hope it all works out but now that the gov knows you’ll wimp out they could turn on you in a New York second.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Ken Gauleiter Dan’s main ambition is to apply Pol Pot action & even out do it ?
      Look in to his eyes ?

  3. Steve Ginn says

    Victorians should recall what happened to a certain Italian dictator who met his fate at the end of a rope attached to a lamp post! Neither Labor nor the Coalition are worth pissing on because of what they have done! Now is the time for Independent parties to shine!

  4. Tod Foulk says

    they rolled over and look what happened people! 

  5. Annr says


  6. Adam says

    Daniel Andrews, the Delusional Braindead Fuck Communist has destroyed the Victorian economy, stolen peoples’ rights, arrested, imprisoned, and assaulted many (with his Fascist Police State thugs) ruined their health, and imprisoned them with “His” Lockdowns. This Braindead Mendacious slimeball has the audacity to thank Victorians for putting up with his insanity/criminality. This psychopath (COVID IDIOT) needs to be arrested, carted away, and Locked down in a psychiatric facility ASP to prevent him from totally destroying the people of Victoria.

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