Dad Protests the Non-Essentialing of Clothes by Showing Up at Store in Underwear

And is turned away for some reason?

A dad attempted to shop at a Welsh supermarket wearing just his boxer shorts and a facemask in protest at Wales’ ban on selling ‘non-essential’ items in supermarkets.

Chris Noden, 38, was stopped by security staff as he tried to push his trolley into the Tesco store in Newport, Gwent.

Furious wife Dawn, 33, filmed him as he tried to access the store, demanding: ‘Clothes are non essential – let him in.’

Dawn tells the workers: ‘Clothes are deemed now non-essential. Your stores policy says clothes are non essential.

‘Let him in to buy some clothes.

‘This is beyond a joke. There are children out there growing that need clothes.’

But a security guards says: ‘He’s not appropriately dressed. Go and take it up with the government.’

‘You can’t come in dressed like that.’

When the staff say they won’t let him in, Dawn repeats: ‘So clothes are essential to day-to-day life?’

The worker replies: ‘Of course they are.’

The couple were turned away but Dawn later posted the video online saying: ‘Please note that no lockdown rules were broken, nobody was put at risk, this non-essentials list is beyond a joke! Clothes aren’t essential are they Mr Drakefold.

‘Chocolate, sugar, alcohol and tobacco all classed as essential items?’

A Tesco spokesperson said in response to the incident: ‘Under new restrictions set out by the Welsh Government, we are currently unable to sell “non-essential” items in our stores.

‘Our colleagues have worked hard to put these measures in place and we ask that customers please respect these restrictions.’

Dawn said she posted the message in response to mum Chelsea Jones telling how she was unable to buy new pyjamas for her hospitalised daughter whose old clothes had got covered in blood.

Chelsea said: ‘Please someone tell me how it’s not essential that I pop to the closest supermarket to the hospital (which is 5 minutes away) to get my daughter new underwear and pyjamas as hers are soaked in blood.’

Chelsea was forced to make a 40 mile round trip home from the hospital in Cardiff to Llwynypia, Rhondda, to get replacements.

Wales was plunged into a draconian ‘firebreak’ lockdown at 6pm on Friday and it is expected to wreck the Welsh economy.

Source: The Daily Mail

  1. ke4ram says

    These “authorities” are likely elected. You have allowed them to run rampant over your rights not once but two or three times. First time your fault,,, Second time my fault.

    What in tarnation do you expect!

  2. Aurum Cimex says

    Remember the government cares about you and so does Tesco. LOL.

  3. Rowdy-Yates says

    You can’t come in dressed like that.’
    Okay I will take off my briefs. Yes clothes are not essential

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