Czechs Finish Gas Pipeline That Connects Them to Nord Stream 2

The Czech Republic has put a new gas pipeline, which is connected to the EUGAL pipeline – a terrestrial extension of Nord Stream 2, into operation. This was reported by Deutsche Welle with reference to the statement of the Praga-based operating company Net4Gas.

The 150-kilometer pipeline begins on the Czech border with German Saxony and ends in the west of the country at a gas distribution center next to the border with German Bavaria.

Its construction began back in 2017 and its overall cost was 540 million euros. The EUGAL highway runs from the Baltic coast through Germany to the Czech Republic and on to Austria.

The German EUGAL it connects to

As we reported earlier, the Norwegian company DNV GL refused to certify the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline upon completion of its construction after new US sanctions on the project had been applied.

“DNV GL will cease all inspection activities of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline system in accordance with the sanctions and as long as these sanctions remain in effect. We are implementing a plan to phase out our support for the project,” the statement said.

Source: 112 Ukraine

The attitude of the Czechs towards Ukraine is an interesting one and an inconsistent one. Back in the 2014-2016 when the conflict in the Donbas was the hottest, the Czechs made weapons deliveries to Ukraine, enacted sanctions against Russia with the rest of the EU. and provided treatment to wounded Ukrainian soldiers. But when it comes to heat in their homes, the interests of Ukraine are successfully ignored.

A gas pipeline, the “Capacity4Gas” was turned online in the Czech Republic. The pipeline connects to the EUGAL, which is the terrestrial extension of the Nord Stream 2. Works on the remaining sea based pipeline, in Danish territorial waters should start on 15 January this year, and should the pipeline should be completed within two months.

The US government in a frantic effort to save the gas transit revenue for its puppet in Ukraine enacted further sanctions but I am not certain this will work. The Nord Stream two was already sanctioned to the max…

Now, don’t you find it ridiculous that lawmakers across the pond can legislate against infrastructure projects here in Europe? For this reason, it is imperative that Germany and Russia resist any American pressure. As for America’s puppets, the weak little wretched countries of the Baltics and Ukraine, they need to be cut off from any potential revenue from Russia. And this is the policy of the Kremlin. These obstacles between Mittleuropa and Greater Russia will be bypassed with new infrastructures.

My recommendation to them is: “Topple you governments, skewer the rich, and burn the US embassy!”

Source: Insomniac Ressurected

  1. Voz 0db says

    My recommendation to them is: “Topple you governments, skewer the rich, and burn the US embassy!”

    This is the BEST recommendation I’ve read for a long time!

    Unfortunately it seems that the european herds of moron slaves are still under the spell of the United States of Terrorism. Probably ONLY when the USofT starts to use drones and killing them with freedom bombs that they will, or might, wake-up.

  2. yuri says

    desperate empire revealing failure to compete…now must resort to sanctions, threats. expected in a plywood antifa/BLM/transgender crumbling empire

  3. Mark says

    Leos? Is that you?

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