Czechia Supposedly Had a Mask Lesson to Teach the World. Now It Leads the World in Deaths per Capita

Okay lesson learned, just not the one they wanted us to

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July 2020:

March 2021:

For whatever reason, the first COVID wave spared Eastern Europe almost entirely. Rather than admit this was something we didn’t really understand why it was so, parts of the media decided to assign the cause to the hocus pocus of face diapers.

Which begs the question, why didn’t the cute germ incubators save the day again when the second wave hit in the fall and Eastern Europe begun its climb to fill out the ranks of the worst-hit countries in the world?

In fact Czechia has gone to such extreme in its muzzle worship it is mandating double masking, but not even this is helping. The mask god has abandoned it.

USA Today:

Czech Republic has lifesaving COVID-19 lesson for America: Wear a face mask

There is no question that the Czech Republic’s remarkable progress on COVID-19 was the result of requiring an entire society to wear face masks.

Anyone interested in a real world case study on the extraordinary effectiveness of face masks in suppressing the spread of the coronavirus need look no farther than Prague. In this capital city of 1.3 million, among the first in Europe to decree mandatory universal mask-wearing almost four months ago, life has now returned to normal.

All of Prague’s shops, restaurants, schools and offices are open, and the government has lifted the last remaining restrictions on large public gatherings. Commerce is flourishing. Face mask-wearing has all but disappeared.

The city recently celebrated what many here see as the end of the pandemic with a giant open-air dinner for 2,000 people clustered around a 515-meter-long table spanning the historic Charles Bridge — with no masks and no social-distancing.

How did Prague achieve this success? And what does it mean for countries like the United States still struggling to bring down surging infection numbers?

At the beginning of April, I wrote an op-ed for USA TODAY describing how, as an American living in Prague, I was astonished to observe the remarkable transformation of this country, virtually overnight, into Europe’s premier model of social discipline in wearing homemade face masks.

Leadership came from top

Czech leaders, including the prime minister, interior minister and health minister, set a proper example by wearing masks, appeared on television to urge the nation to make this collective sacrifice. The government widely circulated a persuasive video articulating the philosophy of “my mask protects you, your mask protects me.”

People responded positively. Masks quickly became a symbol of shared commitment to the battle against the pandemic. Through March, April and most of May, only a small minority, perhaps 10-15%, could be seen without face coverings in the streets of Prague.

Within two weeks of the government’s mandatory face mask order in mid-March, the daily number of new coronavirus cases dropped throughout the Czech Republic. In Prague, which had been the initial epicenter of the country’s virus outbreak, daily new infections fell into the double digits (and often the single digits) in April.

Despite two localized outbreaks in an eastern province in recent weeks that raised the national numbers, the infection rate in Prague has remained statistically negligible, averaging only 16 new cases per day since the beginning of April.

In retrospect, there is no question that this remarkable accomplishment was almost entirely the result of requiring an entire society to wear face masks. None of the other emergency measures adopted by the Czech government at the outset of the crisis — stay-at-home orders, business lockdowns, border closures and recommendations that citizens practice social distancing — had anywhere near the impact of the face mask requirement.

Within the first few weeks, it became apparent that the streets and parks were once again full of people and that Czechs, who are among Europe’s most enthusiastic social beer drinkers, were actually not very good at physical distancing.

Even the coronavirus testing and contact tracing efforts here were lackluster. Tests have been readily available to anyone who felt sick or feared exposure, but the government never pushed for widespread testing of asymptomatic people. The Czech Republic ranks only about 50th among world countries in testing per million. And the system for rigorously tracing the contacts of those who had tested positive never really got off the ground.

From a public policy perspective, it is clear that Czech leaders placed all of their hopes and trust in a gamble that mandatory face mask-wearing would be the “magic bullet” in the fight against COVID-19, and they seem to have been right. Today, the Czech Republic, home to about 11 million people, has one of the lowest per capita death rates in Europe. The U.S. per-capita death rate from this disease is 12 times higher.

Prague faces challenges ahead.  The reopening of borders to tourists and the end of the mask requirement could lead to new outbreaks. By removing all remaining restrictions, Czech leaders could be leaving the country vulnerable to a second wave.  But so far, this city is thriving in its post-pandemic euphoria.

3 lessons for Americans

Our experience in Prague offers three important lessons for Americans.

First, embracing a serious, no-nonsense attitude toward universal face mask-wearing can end the coronavirus nightmare quickly and make all the difference in getting lives and livelihoods back to normal.

Second, rejecting face masks for political reasons, contrary to public health imperatives, is stupid.

Third, courageous and clear-eyed government leadership from the top is vital in setting the tone for a disciplined, society-wide approach to covering mouths and noses for the common good.

Sadly, viewed from this side of the Atlantic, America has a long way to go.

  1. yuri says

    USA Today living in yesterday

  2. Voz 0db says

    What is culling modern moron slaves – especially old ones – is the “state of emergency” and all the rest of the TOOLS jesters are deploying in order to OBEY the ORDERS of the SRF & Billionaires.

    All the rest is just entertainment…

  3. Voz 0db says

    In the case of this particular Plantation, since the morons are today performing more PCR than previously, and at the same time deploying the KILLER JAB… they can only have more deaths.

    Just enjoy the show!

  4. ken says

    I guess if one wants to believe the rigged stats derived from phony tests,,, tests that are easily manipulated, deaths that are exaggerated to the point of ridiculous then nothing will change your mind. It’s no longer science,,, it’s religion.

    A test that by merely changing the run cycles can cause a positive or a negative. The fact they’re running 40+ cycles when even Fauci states anything over 35 is garbage. A test that was never envisioned to be used as a diagnosis by its inventor.

    Deaths from other causes labeled covid simply because they tested positive within 28 days of death. Even deaths from the ‘vaccine’ are counted as covid. My beloved Morky passed away last night… probably would have tested positive.

    Meanwhile the average yearly death stats in nations stay the same and in the US actually declined.

    The data have been so abused that it is impossible to find anything meaningful.

    Then look at what it appears people want. Schools with kids walking around masked, giant plexiglass separations, 6 foot distancing from another human, no playing, no sports, no dances, no fun. The same when they become adults.

    All over a alleged disease that 99.87% under 70 / 99.4% over 70 recover. It’s obvious that the government stats on deaths and infected do not correlate with the recovery stats.

    Why would anyone ‘want’ to live in the manner these psychopaths suggest?

    1. Voz 0db says

      About PCR I’ve made this matrix in April 2020 to show that just the criteria one determines for each PCR kit is enough to have a “positive” or “negative”!

  5. Rob says

    Only a person with a death wish would take any of these poisons for a common cold as Dr Sherri Tenpenny calls it a “well designed killing tool”:

    Faith trumps fear:

    1. Lorenzo says

      Unfortunately Dr. Tenpenny’s youtube video has been deleted for violating the rules of youtube. It told the truth.
      To see how social media is controlling the message, given their investments in vaccines and the fact that one of the founders of Faceplant helped finance Event 201, the tabletop exercise in NYC last October that planned this plandemic, watch Dr David Martin explain it in the simplest of terms here:

  6. Joe_Below says

    I’ve never worn a face mask or exercised any social distancing. Never been sick. Malarkey!

    1. Voz 0db says

      “COVID-19” is just a new label to replace the following labels: cold, flu and pneumonia.

      That’s why these scoundrels are saying that “we had no FLU”! Of course we don’t have… They are labeling everything that sneezes… wait sneezes doesn’t count on this FRAUD & SCAM, they are labeling everything that coughs as “COVID-19” no wonder flu is gone!

  7. ron says

    The reason Americans are dying is because of their poor diet and lifestyle. The US is the second most obese country in the World. If anyone reading this has been to the Czech Republic, they know trying to find an “obese GMO infected person” is like trying to win the lottery. Diet and lifestyle is what determines your health (i.e. immune systems capacity to ward off pathogens). This Scam-demic which is first about population “compliance/obedience” is another hoax the sheep are too indoctrinated to see through.

    1. yuri says

      recent report claims that nations w 50+% obesity have nearly 10 times Covid attributed deaths than nations w little obesity

      1. Voz 0db says

        Forget “COVID” label… Obesity kills more than cold, flu and pneumonia! Saying that an obese degenerate animal died due to a cold/flu/pneumonia is just a poor joke.

    2. Voz 0db says

      Clearly that analysis is a conspiracy theory!!!

  8. Voz 0db says

    Face diapers… Work really well!!!

  9. Mr Reynard says

    Seen on a blog, ,that wearing a mask 12 hours a day, increases your risk of lung cancer ten fold of an average smoker …..

  10. XSFRGR says

    Show your submission by wearing a kinder, gentler slave collar, and remember that Big Brother loves you.

  11. Waldorf says

    In Greece, the government introduced quite a harsh lockdown in March 2020, then praised itself for the low official death toll from Covid. In reality it had a low toll in the first wave just like Czechia – as the article notes the first wave largely spared Eastern Europe, for whatever reason. Then in the autumn cases and deaths went up, probably for seasonal reasons, and in spite of a mask mandate.

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