Czech President Says Russian Link to 2014 Ammo Dump Explosion Not Proven

Politicos now threatening to charge him with treason against Atlanticist narratives

The Czech president, who is privy to top secret documents of the Czech secret services, cast serious doubt on the involvement of Petrov and Boshirov in ammunition explosions in Vrbětice in 2014. The president said he has not seen concrete evidence of Russian involvement.

Czech prime minister Andrej Babiš had said that there was “irrefutable evidence” to charge the Russian nationals, following investigations by the Czech counterintelligence service.

But the pro-Russian President contradicted his government’s stance in a televised address on Sunday.

“We are working with two versions of the investigation; the first is that the explosion occurred after manipulation by unspecialised personnel,” Zeman said.

“And the second, that there was foreign espionage intervention. I seriously consider both versions possible,” he added.

The head of state also warned against “any form of hysteria” and called on the Czech Republic to wait for the results of an official probe.

However, despite this lack of evidence, the Czech Republic expelled 18 Russian diplomats, barred Russia from participating in competition for construction of nuclear reactors, rejected the Sputnik V vaccine, and the Czech senate even accused Russia of state terrorism. Well, I think the government was under pressure from Murica not to allow the Russians to build nuclear reactors, and to reject the Russian vaccine, and they needed an excuse, hence the reaction.

The question is, how should Russia react such fraudulent accusations and outburst of Russophobic hysteria? And in the past few days I have seen several ideas floating around…

1. Stop Buying Czech. As far as I’m concerned, the Czechs, much like the rest of Eastern Europe, do not export indispensable products. Alcoholic drinks such as beer can easily be foregone. A number of Czech beer brands are already brewed in Russia, so the Russians will still have Czech beer. Now, the best Czech beer is always in restaurants on a tap, and I can basically count those restaurants on the palm of my hand. Same goes for cars, Skoda is assembled in Russia.

2. Close the embassy. Given that the Czech embassy has already been paralysed by the expulsion of its staff in Russian retaliatory measures, and idea to close the embassies of East European countries has been floated. Schengen area does not need a Czech diplomatic mission. Currently, the duties of the Czech embassy has been taken over by the Germans, and it could remain this way until the Czechs come to their senses.

3. Rename the Metro stations of Prazhskaya and Kiyevskaya. The Metro stations in Moscow that bear the names of East European capitals should instead bear the names of the WWII generals that liberated them from Nazi occupation given that the memory of these generals has been shat upon by provincial authorities in those countries. Hence the station bearing the name of Prague should bear the name of Ivan Konev and the one bearing the name of Kiev should be renamed in the honour of Nikolai Vatutin.

[Czechia already punished itself by calling off nuclear power plant refurbishments far more than what Russia could ever do to it.]

Czech Senate to look into charging President Zeman with treason over remarks on Vrbetice

The Senate (upper chamber) of the Czech Parliament will look into charging President Milos Zeman with treason over the remarks he made Sunday in his televised address to the nation regarding the Vrbetice incident, Czech media reported Monday citing Senate Speaker Milos Vystrcil.

According to the Senate, the head of state declassified information on the investigation that was not supposed to be disclosed.

“We will work on the option to file a constitutional complaint over suspicion of treason [allegedly committed by the president],” Vystrcil said. “Right now, we must gather the required information and hear the experts [on constitutional law] over the emerged situation.”

The speaker disclosed that the Republic had already begun gathering signatures under a petition to the Senate demanding that the constitutional complaint to charge Zeman with treason be filed. According to the petition’s authors, Zeman promoted interests of a foreign state at the expense of national interests. [Hilarious. Atlanticists talking about ‘national interest’.]

On Sunday, Zeman stated that, besides the foreign sabotage version, the investigation also reviews the version of munitions mishandling, which led to spontaneous detonation. The president speculated that the entire ongoing scandal may be a game of intelligence agencies.

On April 17, Czech authorities claimed that Moscow was involved in the 2014 incident, which killed two, and expelled 18 Russian embassy employees, calling them intelligence officers. The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed its decisive protest and expelled 20 Czech embassy employees in a reciprocal move.

Source: TASS

  1. Jerry Hood says

    Satanic zionazi CIA embassy ordered to speak and label the Russians! Mr.Zeman, want you end up as JFK???

  2. Ron says

    Truth always wins in the end. Good defeats Evil.
    All these lies is the collective desperation from hundreds of corrupt politicians. Do you think for one moment Russia does not have a “todo list of money changer deals. “Name dropper nukes.”
    Why invade when you can simply publish the of names of politicians doing deals and back stabbing their fellow politicians. The comments about fat women in primary coloured man suites will be a much listen to experience.
    A billion folks will be “Rushing,” to down load the audio.
    Its a coming……

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