Crushing US Sanctions to Take Effect on Syria This Week

Regime-change war was defeated so here is Empire's revenge

New US sanctions on Syria are set to take effect Wednesday as the Arab nation is already struggling to rebuild from the nine-year civil war that shattered the country. US sanctions are already impeding the reconstruction effort, and some fear the new measures will only make a bad situation worse for Syrian civilians.

US and EU sanctions on Syria have already frozen the assets of the state and hundreds of companies and individuals. The sanctions also prohibit Americans from exporting anything to Syria and bar US citizens from investing in the country.

The new sanctions will give the US the power to freeze the assets of any individual, regardless of nationality, for doing business in Syria.

The new sanctions will also target people dealing with Russian and Iranian entities in Syria.

The looming sanctions have already caused many to pull out of investments in Syria, which is mostly to blame for the recent collapse of Syria’s currency.

Lebanon, Jordan, and other regional neighbors are discouraged from joining the reconstruction effort since it can cause targeting by the US.

US lawmakers are expected to announce who the new sanctions will be targeting on Wednesday. The sanctions are permitted under the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act, which was incorporated into the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act.

Even Washington’s Kurdish allies in northeast Syria are worried about the new sanctions. An official from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) spoke with Voice of America about the Caesar Act and warned it could impede their ability to fight ISIS. “As Caesar sanctions are about to go into effect, the status of northeastern Syria must be taken into consideration especially when these sanctions might affect the battle to fight IS,” the SDF official said.

A group of Syrian-Americans demonstrated against the new sanctions in Allentown, Pennsylvania on Sunday. “When you try to destroy the economy of a country, it affects the people,” said Bashar Hajal, of Allentown. “It’s a contradiction if the main purpose of the Caesar Act is to protect civilians. It’s our homeland. And seeing it collapse like this is just devastating. We cannot stand by.”


  1. jm74 says

    Meanwhile utter silence from the other two ‘super powers’! US violations against the UN Charter, International law should warrant a hearing at the UN but just like Libya, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan those ‘super powers’ are mute.

  2. Mary E says

    The US has no reason to kill off Syrians by using cruel and horrifying tactics like the awful sanctions..
    except for the fact that Israel would like Syria ‘put away’ and not be in their tear through the Middle East! The United States has enough internal problems to fix – their economy is down the toilet but
    they spend $ Millions on ruining other countries’ economies….they are monsters with an agenda to rule the world…but it just isn’t going to happen if China and Russia step in to foil their crimes in progress…

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      When the petrodollar goes down, China and Russia will do well with their gold-backed currencies.

      1. bob says

        Russia hasn’t got anything to do well with

        Its a tin pot waste land,soon all its oil and gas infrastructure will start to sink into the cold slush that was once rock hard permafrost,so they won’t even have that to earn anything from


        1. Von says

          Still mad that your deranged declining pathetic mafia state can be turned into a big parking lot by that country? Pathetic American retard.

  3. ArcAngel says

    Death Cult USA strikes again.
    Spreading death, destruction misery and mayhem across the planet.
    Doing the anti-Christ’s work.

    1. bob says

      Assad destroyed his own country,he and Putin should have thought about that

      Oh and i see Putin never took any of the millions of refugees did he!

      I hope the pair of them rot in hell,not only have they devastated Syria but they’ve essentially exported Syrian citizens who they cynically believe others should now pay for

      I’d slam the Putin regime as well,although Putin’s running a criminal oligarchy,so it’ll not be long before it starts to go wrong in Russia

      1. plamenpetkov says

        as your supervisor I MUST inform you that you still have 999 posts to go before you get paid. So you better start posting faster.

      2. Von says

        Putin didn’t cause those refugees, that’s the work of the sadistic criminaliteit US-regime.

  4. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

    American sanctions mean little to the Syrian economy which is more attached to Russia.
    When Turkey bought the S-400 missile system from Russia, it made itself a pariah in NATO.

    1. Mary E says

      I certainly hope you are right!!!! Russia and China are the countries to attach themselves to, for sure!!!

      1. bob says

        Are you mad!

        Maybe China,but Russia is a basket case,its nothing but a vast criminal enterprise,really it is,but i know you’d rather believe the kremlin kool aid wouldn’t you

        1. plamenpetkov says

          speakign of basket cases, in USA the fed will now directly buy companies’ bonds while throwing billions at the banks to keep the charade going for a bit longer while USA’s famous middle class goes down in flames.

        2. Von says

          Said someone from the biggest terrorist state the USA, declining Mafia state run by gangsters and psychopatic criminals.

          1. bob says


            1. Richard Aahs says

              You have been misinformed.

            2. Von says

              Go and kneel for BLM retarted zombie American.

      2. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

        Iran would work for anyone wishing to befriend them since Iran is in a mutual defence pact with both.

        1. bob says

          Iran wouldn’t do anything

          They’d impose a theocratic dictatorship on anyone daft enough to be taken in by them

          They’re just a bunch of thieves,dressed up as some sort of socialist revolutionary thing

    2. Anne says

      One can but hope, for the Syrians sake. Indeed, for all of the Mid East/North Africa sakes (minus Occupied Palestine).

      1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

        Things will get interesting when Syria moves to take back the part of the Gaza strip the Israelis stole from them.

        1. bob says

          Yup be because thats the point that Syria will no longer exist,well it’s almost dead now,its nothing more than a zombie state,better let it die

  5. cechas vodobenikov says

    amerikans are barbaric people

    1. Anti_Govt_Rebel says

      I am sympathetic to that belief, but i think this decision to sanction Syria is not coming from the American people. It’s coming only from Trump, and Washington’s evil, deep state actors. The government and “the people” are two very separate things.

    2. thomas malthaus says

      The available options to a few conscientious Americans is to engage in BDS against Israel and Jewish-owned entities; plow available savings into gold, silver, lead, and food supplies; search for a more peaceful existence outside the US.

    3. Anne says

      Indeed. Particularly their political and corporate-imperialist classes. The rest don’t pay much, if any, attention.

      It has been demonstrated over and over again that economic sanctions equal Siege Warfare which equals devastation to the general population. And the USA and EU need to get over their apparently unshakable belief that They have the right to determine who and what political set up rules any country. They have NO right to determine anything to do with any other country. Instead they need to clean up and put right their own houses, most particularly the US and UK.

      Utterly barbarous, grotesque, and obscene these and all other economic sanctions. There needs to be an END to the pre-eminence and dominance of the $$$.

      1. bob says

        And Assad bombing and gasing his own people out of Syria is the height of civilised behaviour

        1. Al Carbone says
        2. Séamus Ó Néill says

          I’m assuming that it’s the lack of education and discernment that lets you make such inane pronouncements….if it’s anything else, then I’m sorry for your troubles !

          1. bob says

            Its actually something called facts and history backed by evidence

            Although i can tell by your tone you’d rather follow a pro kremlin ‘ narrative ‘

        3. cap960 says

          Where do you get this sort of info…do share. OPCW whistleblowers said America lied twice.

        4. David Bedford says

          Stop watching Clinton News Network and MSDNC and you might learn that the gassing was not done by Assad but by those ‘moderate’ rebels that Barack Obama was funnelling money and weapons to.

        5. Anne says

          Apparently you must believe that the blokes in the OPCW who revealed the fit up that went on to ensure that Assad got the blame (when it would have made the least sense) were lying through their teeth. Right. And you clearly have your finger on the pulse of who/whose government does what, where and when. Please.

          Assad isn’t saintly – but then which government is? And by comparison with Saudia’s (in country and against Yemen) or Occupied Palestine’s zionistas, Assad is a pretty laid back kinda guy.

          1. bob says

            Typical whataboutery answer

            Assad caused this mess,now deal with it

            Stop taking the Kremlin kool aid,and deal with the facts of history

            Stop your insane blather about other countries,which isn’t the issue,Syria is,and its a massive murderous cesspool, a failed state simply as

            Deal with it,and you’ll start to become a normal person,and not someone trapped by ethno fascist propaganda oozing out of the Kremlin

            Russia,just like Syria,has nothing to offer the world,its a place run by criminals and scum,trouble is don’t want to know

            Putin is mad,he’ll start a war,because he’s mad,old, and running a criminal mafia state,addicted to oil,he’s got a weak lopsided economy controlled by oligarchs who encourage right wing fascist

            Russia is another failing state,you’ll see this soon they’ll you’ll actually grow up

        6. Anne says

          Moreover, what has your statement to do with what I said. Oh – right: WE in the whited sepulcher west, always no matter how many people we slaughter with whatever weapons (napalm? agent orange? white phosphorus? TNT?), are always humanitarian. Please.

        7. Von says

          Stop watching CNN dumb American.

          1. bob says

            I’ve never watched it

            But if you prefer the kremlin propaganda to CNN then be my guest,but don’t be surprised when it goes wrong,not if,but when,then you’ll probably say Putin was an idiot for getting involved,which he was!

            1. Von says

              Putin is too much for you depraved US zombie retards. Still whining about gas attacks which were debunked long time ago dumb American retard. Washington is a lost cause, go and read or watch your daily dose of American propaganda.

    4. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      We inherited it from the British.

  6. bob says

    Syria is basket case

    Its been brought to this position because Assad and his inner circle robbed and looted the Syrian economy

    They imposed brutal neo liberalism upon Syria,creating a highly polarized society,which literally exploded into riots against the regime and poverty they’d created

    This is the true back story to Syria nothing to do with sanctions,basically no different than Iran

    It can’t and won’t be solved by the people who caused this,which is the Assad family

    Syria is dead,finished,why cry over it,the decent people have been driven out,refugees now,those that remain are hard core Assad regime loyalists, stealing the property of those driven out

    so who cares about them,as its clear they don’t care about millions of their fellow citizens,let them have Assad and celebrate their victory!

    1. plamenpetkov says

      as your supervisor I MUST inform you that you still have 999 posts to go before you get paid. So you better start posting faster, MUCH faster. and No more pee brakes for you!

      1. David Bedford says

        He’s got 999 problems and a bitch ain’t one.

    2. Von says

      Lol your incoherent rambling is a joke. Still mad that the US-thug criminals and their jihadist criminals didn’t conquer Syria. Another losing case from the depraved USA-regime..

      1. bob says

        There’s nothing to conquer,the place is a ruin,Assad can own it,he burned the place down

        Oh and those ” zombie Americans ” as you put it are still sat on top of much of Syrian oil and gas,and I’ve read that parts of Syria will no longer even use the Syrian Pound,as soon they’ll be like Wiemer Germany,you know pushing money about in a wheelbarrow,if they can find a wheelbarrow

        1. plamenpetkov says

          as your supervisor I MUST inform you that you still have 999 posts to go before you get paid. So you better start posting faster.

        2. Von says

          If i would be you i would worry about your joke country that’s going into shambles..We all know that you retarted country steals and occupies from weaker countries. I hope you speak Spanish American zombie, it is not looking good for you Americunts.

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