Croatian President Says Will Veto Inviting Finland and Sweden at NATO Summit

Says if PM and MPs overrule him they're traitors to Croatia

“I will, as the President representing Croatia at NATO Summit, veto the invitation. That is what I can do. It’s up to the Premier to say what his position will be. If he says he is in favor unconditionally, without solving the Croatian problem, then that is treason.”

Editor’s note: Foreigners run Bosnia and Herzegovina and foreigners have subverted the peace settlement to disenfranchised Croats there. So now that foreigners need Croatia for something why wouldn’t Croatia set a price for that? The price being what foreigners should have done anyway.

As the head of state Milanović can’t actually veto Finland and Sweden indefinitely but his logic is impeccable.


Machine translated from Croatian.

Zoran Milanovic made a statement in Vukovar.

He referred to the statements of [Dmitry] Medvedev, who said that the Ukrainians would take revenge on Milanovic.

“I am not on the side of Russia, I do not know Medvedev nor do I want to put myself in the position that I am now putting myself between Medvedev and some lunatics in Ukraine or lunatics in Russia. This is not my world, I am on the side of Croatia. I try to get as much as possible for the Croatian people. They are treating us like imbeciles, like a third-rate nation, and all this is supported by [the Prime Minister] Plenković, just to settle scores with me, that is the most terrible thing,” said Milanović.

“I am not his enemy or rival. We are just another dimension. He does his job, he does it horribly, thievingly, he is at the head of a gang convicted of crime and isn’t stopping. They trample anyone who is not on their side,” he said. Milanovic.

Veto on Finland’s entry into NATO

As for Finland’s entry into NATO, he said he would veto it. He said that Plenković must declare how he will stand on the unexpected question of Finland’s entry into NATO.

“It is an unexpected question, it came to us like spring rain. Nobody expected it. [It is expected] Croatia should now click its heels like an obedient little Hitler Youth. No, we are not Hitler Jugend, nor are we Tito’s Pioneers, we are a modern country that thinks for itself,” the president said.

“If Cyprus can veto sanctions against Lukashenko until the problem with Turkey over gas exploitation is resolved, how could Croatia not do this? So it will be resolved,” he said.

“At the NATO summit, I will veto the invitation, if it is at that level,” Milanovic said.

“Then the government will have to say that they are absolutely and unconditionally — without the Croatian problem having been solved — for those countries to be invited to NATO,” he said. “Then that is treason. And then I will persecute like a devil the sinful soul of every MP who is in favor of ratification before the election law in BiH is changed and the oppression of Croats is stopped,” he said.

“We have one side that is treasonous, people with personal motives plus they hate me. They will have to explain that to the public. That will be the pressure on Croatia, those who have been bought,” Milanovic said.

“We have a treasonous government”

“We have a treasonous government, they are betraying the Croats in BiH, and those people are demanding very little, only the basics, a state where national rights are respected,” Milanovic said.

“BiH is expected to ignore the fact that there are Croats, Serbs and Bosniaks so that Bosniaks can outvote Croats. We have prepared for this, we will drown them intellectually, they will not break me. They are playing on the card of a treasonous government. I do not want to be likeable to Brussels. I couldn’t care less, they are nobodies there,” Milanovic said.

“Look at how many times diplomacy abstained or was vetoed when there were attacks on Orban. I do not agree with Orban, but that is persecution. Here I am on Orban’s side on a matter of principle, not politically. But these weenies of ours who are with Orban politically abstained each time, and now they are working against Croats,” Milanovic said. [Milanović who is on the left is alluding to the fact that Croatia’s right-wing are such weenies they won’t even stand up for Orban against the EU even when they supposedly agree with him.]

“Now the little chaff will call me an extremist. Croats know who I am. I am not competing for a position in Brussels, I could have done it in 2014. I had an offer on the table, I did not do it, I was embarrassed to go for a salary of 20,000 euros”, He said.

“People always have a stain that the washing machine of the future will never wash away, as Davor Gobac sings. These are such stains that it does not go down and there is no place for honest people who have authority, ” he said.

“These days are very important, I do not give up my position, I know that most Croats support it. I am fighting with peaceful means, these are our vital rights, those are half a million Croats in BiH.”

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    Great guy. If I were him, I think i’d be watching my back and hiring a food-taster right about now.

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