Cringe Fauci Film Flopped So Badly That Tickets Sales Data Is Being Withheld

"The report speculates that the fact viewers had to show proof of vaccination before being allowed to see the film may have reduced sales"

Accusations are flying that industry insiders are trying to hide the fact that the new ‘Fauci’ film has proven to be a complete flop after no ticket sales data appeared on major movie sites weeks after its release.

As part of the fawning establishment effort to deify Dr. Anthony Fauci as some kind of savior despite his intimate involvement with gain of function research at the Wuhan lab, National Geographic Documentary Films released the film two weeks ago.

However, despite the documentary being released in major cities such as New York, San Francisco, D.C., and New Orleans on September 10, the likes of, Boxoffice Pro,, and have published no information about ticket sales or earnings data.

After reached out to National Geographic and Magnolia Pictures in an attempt to obtain the information, they were ignored.

“Shawn Robbins, chief analyst with Boxoffice Pro, says it’s “incredibly uncommon” for a major studio release to withhold its box office earnings,” according to the report. “Some did just that at the height of the pandemic, but most resumed their transparency as theaters opened nationwide earlier this year.”

Robbins suggested that the film’s distributors may not have the resources to provide accurate data, although given the pomp and ceremony that preceded its release, one would have expected them to be shouting from the rooftops if there were any indication it had been a big success.

The report speculates that the fact viewers had to show proof of vaccination before being allowed to see the film may have reduced sales, which would be somewhat ironic given the nature of the documentary.

As Zero Hedge points out, the film has been largely trashed by reviewers on Amazon, where it has a 2.2 rating out of 10, while around 80% of the reviews rate it as a 1 star.

The general tone of the reviews is that the documentary is little more than establishment propaganda.

Here’s one example;

Hilarious how this movie uses George Bush, and Susan Rice, to ascribe credibility for Dr. Fauci ?? Bush’s false “Weapons of Mass Destruction” Iraq War, and Susan Rice’s “Benghazi” debacle speak for themselves.

The movie does indeed humanize Fauci with stories about his family. He said they are being harassed because of his work. So what do they do? They put their images and information in the movie….??

Then along comes Bono’s interview. I’m still trying to figure out what a singer really has to do with any of this.

It has interesting interviews, but is a very one sided movie. It’s mostly politicos trying to dig out poor ole Dr. Fauci from the avalanche of his massive PR nightmare. He’s 80 years old, maybe just maybe it’s time to relax and retire.

Source: Summit News

  1. ken says

    It’s not about money….

    Fraudci,,, the highest paid ”””’public servant”””’ in the USA.

    AZT killed more than AIDS. AZT was AIDS.

    Well, doesn’t surprise me…. Any country that deifies a rapist hood dead from a fentanyl overdose would have no problem deifying a genocidal maniac.

    1. jack says

      can you explain what you meant by that?

      1. Kieran says

        rapist hood on fentanyl George Floyd
        genocidal maniac Dr. Fauci

    2. Helga Weber says


  2. Steve Kastl says

    As a retired physician, Fauci should be arrested as a domestic terrorist. When Fauci aids and abets in killing millions of Americans, what should be done with him? With all the governors making people commit suicide by vaccine to keep their jobs? Major deaths are coming and there will not be enough coffins to keep up with the dead bodies lying in the streets. Execute everyone involved with the mRNA vaccine at every level. Execute everyone who made money on this fake mRNA vaccine.

  3. yuri says

    foolchi made Pfizer 900 million $ in 3 months

  4. Juan says

    Featuring previously in “HIVsterics”, and the recent blockbuster, “COVIDsterics”…


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