Crimea Authorites Claim They Are Buying Mobile Refrigerators to Store the Bodies of Bazillions Dying From Virus of Doom

Hilarious April 2020 propaganda coming out from Russia

I’ll bet you a dollar that Simferopol morgues have been underfunded for years and were in a crappy condition long before covid

The Ministry of Health of Crimea intends to purchase modular refrigerators for morgues in Simferopol , which cannot cope with the load due to an increase in mortality, said the interim minister of health of the republic, Konstantin Skorupsky.

“The option of purchasing modular refrigeration equipment is being worked out in order to unburden existing morgues and store the bodies of the deceased in more or less proper condition,” he said at a briefing.

Skorupsky expressed hope that in the near future the forensic medical examination department will be allocated appropriate funds

Recently, residents of Simferopol, faced with the loss of loved ones, complain about long queues at the morgue and poor storage conditions for the bodies of the deceased. According to the acting minister, the load on morgues and pathology departments has increased dramatically due to the increase in mortality among patients with COVID-19 .

Over the past day, 655 people infected with coronavirus were identified in Crimea – the indicator updates highs daily since October 2. In total, there are more than 92 thousand infected people in the republic. 12 people died in a day, and the total number of victims of the pandemic is already approaching three thousand.

Source: RIA Novosti

Editor’s note: The morgue truck stuff came up just before checkpoints went up around Sevastopol on October 31 where police would check the arrivals’ vaccination QR codes and create a city-sized vaccine gulag. The checkpoints then came down just two days later because the authorities are idiots and could not predict in advance the very easy-to-predict consequences that they were going to have.

  1. ken says

    One would think they could dream up something new….. Full hospitals and bodies filling refrigerated trucks is old hat. Next I guess will be mass graves.

    Oh and will the lockdown be only for 2 weks?

    Come on! The Ruskies are actually buying this horse hockey!

    Well,,,, there goes the last bastion of sanity….

    1. Mr Reynard says

      We in Melbourne have no money for Mobile Refrigerated Morgue ?
      But we have opening for persons willing to push carts ..
      Big demand for those persons ?

      1. GMC says

        There is alot to say about the guy pushing that cart – he had the plague and recovered – that s why he is able to work next to the corpses. Medical history shows herd immunity – works.

      2. Malatok says

        have cart will travel

        Bring out yer dead…..

    2. Malatok says

      drop dead already loser hustler

  2. GMC says

    Yep, Russia is spending billions on infrastructure that hasn t been maintained for at least 30+ years. The author is “dead on” when it comes to this. I helped to bury a friend a couple years ago and the cost was 400 bucks. There are a huge amount of old Soviet pensioners here and the cemeteries here are always Very Very busy and are expanding at a rate that really wakes one up to the fact that – your time is coming. And this was before the BioWeapons labs were in Ukraine = Covid.

    Add the fact that the population in Crimea has sky rocketed in the past 7 years – there is even more need for more Senior Services. Russia started hundreds of renovations and has done a good job of rebuilding but the old Ukie infrastructure was looking like photos of Detroit – housing, schools, hospitals, muni buildings, all the roads, all the utilities, bridges, you name it, everything needed major repairs.It will be ongoing for a long time. Now, just imagine how much infrastructure work the US will need.

  3. Adam says

    I like that Box on wheels. To sell their product I suggest they re – Brand it “Putin’s Vacation Caravan”and get every Russian politician to spend their vacation in one. It might just be a seller for those looking for a permanent vacation from life.

  4. Malatok says

    YOU are the virus, their covaid$ death squirt the cure.
    Help your owners and get squirted already.

    All aboard the refrigerated sheep boxes for the final taxi ride. Ras Putin is finally showing his true colors. Shame that the neocohen scum have taken Russia…again.

    Even pigs smell death the nearer they get to the slaughterhouse…not sheeple however.
    Your kakistocracy only wants what’s best for
    you…..nudge..nudge…wink…sputter…. cackle……get the $quirt
    Professor Mattias Desmet on EweTueb “How can so many still buy into the narrative”

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