Covidian Fanatics Calling for the Unvaxxed to Be Denied Hospital Beds Means They Have Lost the Argument

If that's all you have, you don't have much

Covidian fanatics calling for potentially “overwhelmed” hospitals to give priority to vaccinated patients is a very, very good thing.

Firstly it shows these people wish us ill and that there can be no coexistence between us. We should thank them for their forthrightness.

Secondly, it means that they have lost the argument.

Recall that initially vaccination was pushed as the socially-responsible civic duty because it would build up herd immunity, that was said we would achieve when 70 percent were vaccinated (then moved to 80 percent).

Then it became clear that vaccination was useless in that respect, and did not contribute to herd immunity, as the vaccinated became infected as readily as the unvaccinated. So much about that.

Then it briefly became that one who did not vaccinate was selfish because albeit the vaccinated were infected as readily, perhaps the unvaccinated were more infectious.

That is falling apart as well. It has surprisingly turned out that despite the presence of vaccine-induced antibodies the vaccinated have the same average viral load over the course of an infection as the unvaccinated. So much about that argument.

So what argument is the virus cult that would exert dominance over the entire society and take possession of our bodies left with? There is none.

Oh but wait, what if the hospitals in a hypothetical future wave became flooded with the dumb unvaxxed? In that case, The Bezos Times tells us, the doctors should continue to treat the vaccinated as normal and give the unvaccinated only the care they can still spare after that.

As a pro-vaccination argument that is pathetically weak.

We have gone from “vaccinate in order to build up herd immunity and save the frail around you” to “vaccinate because if you don’t then in a future potential catastrophic wave you may not get treatment”.

All I have to say to that is where do I sign up?

Leave me out of the crazy vaccine passport schemes, and the “health” sector taxes, and I gladly renounce the right to ever set foot within a mile of a hospital.

Of course, it is a hare-brained idea that hospitals could ever get overwhelmed because of COVID. Despite the gaslighting by the COVID derangement cult and the insanely lazy health care unions, it is a fact hospitals were never overwhelmed or in danger of such.

The emergency hospitals everyone was building in early on in 2020 went unused and thanks to the criminal cancelation of non-COVID appointments the conventional hospitals were at a historic-low 70% occupancy.

If they did not get overwhelmed during the first wave — when nobody was vaccinated and nobody had natural immunity — why would that ever be a danger again?

Besides, it is not clear to me why someone would voluntarily enter a hospital especially if they suspected they had COVID? Since there is no specific treatment, what exactly can they do for you? Serve you chicken soup? Shove a tube down your lungs and shoot you full of dope so you can die without bothering them too much? Prevent you from seeing your family so you can die holding onto a rubber glove filled with warm water?

I’m afraid that after 2020 very many people, especially of the unvaxxed variety, would no longer be caught dead in a hospital.

‘Dear’ Covid derangement fanatics. The unvaccinated flooding your precious hospitals should be the least of your concerns. You’re welcome to them, but we would appreciate our money back. Fund your inhumane work-shirking death traps on your own dime.

  1. Kathandkim says

    Herd immunity is not achieved through these treatments, what is this idiot talking about.
    A vaccine gives immunity, not these cocktails of crap, the only claim they can make for them is that they make the stay in hospital less painful perhaps. They do not give immunity and they do not reduce the spread. So even on his own terms, he is talking crap, he knows he is talking crap.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Your immune system gives immunity.
      No vaccine does squat.
      That virus a causes disease is only a theory. One that I believe is incorrect.

    2. Supreme Leader Joe Biden says

      The vaccine are not working as they thought, they are still getting COVID and over time the vaccine wears off, hence the call for boosters. Seems all it does it give them a lighter case of COVID. otherwise why would vaccinated need to worry about the unvaccinated if it truly lead to herd immunity?

  2. ken says

    As before, none of the hospitals are overwhelmed and this cov lunatic (Ruth Marcus) is stark raving mad. There are some hospitals under staffed because they either fired staff or staff resigned because of covid lunacy. For this reason they have limited services and are calling that limited capacity. Everything about his shitshow they’re causing but blaming it of the fake virus.

    Also, it is the vaccinated with adverse reactions that are filling hospital beds and dying. Got this from a Nurses mouth. This is what they are calling the Delta, Mu or whatever.

    They will be terminated if they speak of this. Quack doctors murdering for dollars are treating with remdesivir for covid 19 regardless of what they may really have. Remdesivir has so many side effects I can’t list them all but kidney failures are common place.

    Be very, very VERY sure of your doctor and/or hospital before risking your life.

    As for heartbreaking (warm water glove) bs…. no,,,, it’s obscene abuse in the first degree. The really sick people are the doctors and hospital administrators killing for fedbux.

    Of course they reply I am only doing what I have been ordered to do…. Yeah,,, some Germans tried that at Nuremberg and were hung. Only took 75 years to forget all that. Today it’s anything goes.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      I wouldn’t worry Ken.. I’m sure that their names are in a black book & they should be told that ?? I just followed orders, isn’t an excuse to avoid hanging by neck? &

  3. Steve Kastl says

    Balance the budget by not paying Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, state and municipal pensions for the 50% of mRNA vaccinated who die. If 100,000,000 die the savings for our criminally run government are astronomical. Hire new people with no pension obligations because the older ones died. Also many job openings now due to everyone dying. A revitalized economy built on a mountain of coffins—similar to the mountains of skulls by Pol Pot. Many executions are needed for this mRNA atrocity.

  4. yuri says

    mean bitter uncivilized cretin—fake news journalists should be given priority by voodoo practitioners

  5. Rabbitnexus says

    All I can say is, when does the dying start? Sick of the MFers already.

  6. unvaccinated one says

    I thought, vaccinated people will NOT end up in the hospital? what the heck is going on? They said that vaccinated people will be protected from getting severe and not be in the hospital? why do they need to be prioritized? they are protected right?

  7. Supreme Leader Joe Biden says

     The mRNA vax is driving the emergence of more virulent variants through government mandated vax misuse in low-risk people and natural evolution. Variants come from resistance to vaccines or antibiotics, not from not taking vaccines. Don’t them them re-write medical facts too.

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